April 10, 2009


That was too funny! How do you come up with these stories? Your granddaughter must love to have you tell her stories.

very very cute! ella would love that basket too! you are too funny with all your peeps!

OMG Dana! This is right up there with the Dancing Santas! Too Funny!

I'm sure your little grandbaby is going to love her pink Easter treats!

Have a wonderful weekend and I feel the same way about you too!


Oh Dana,
You really need to write a children's book. You make me want to escape here and come see the look on the little girl's face when the lady gives her the Easter basket, or is the Easter Bunny going to give it to her? You're an excellent blogger or poster whatever I'm trying to say... I really should check in more often (Note to self!). Have an excellent time with your grand-baby, I bet that DVD is delightful! Blessed Easter to you and yours ;)

Ahhh, Dana, you tell the best stories! You should write children's books! ♥ Diane

This is the CUTEST post ever!! My husband and I used to live in Bethlehem, PA where peeps are most and I was obsessed with the Peep-Mobile...it's a VW bug that looks like a yellow peep chick. Coolest thing ever. I almsot wanted to eat it.

Have a blessed Easter, Dana!

This is great! I agree with the commment about the Dancing Santas. You are so creative with these crazy posts. What fun!! Did those peeps ever realize that maybe they might get eaten?? Happy Easter!

Oh Dana! I can't stop laughing!! One look at the pink peeps on the wreath and there I go again! I have tears rolling down my eyes...oh I'd better stop or I'll wake up Mr. Timelss Things hahahahhahahahha!!

¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*´¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ Happy Pink Saturday
and a Blessed Easter!
Deanna :D

What a DARLING story and photo shoot!! I hope the little girl enjoys her pink bunnies and basket! Happy Pink Saturday!


love the story and photo shoot. I expect you had so much fun doing that. Happy Easter


OMGosh Dana! That's an incredible story and I was hanging on every word. You are such a delight. I didn't have time for a pink post this week, but hope to be back in the Pink next week. ♥

LOL.. that is the cutest post I have seen today! Just adorable... Happy Easter!

Oh, good post, girl...
Have a wonderful Easter..

You should write children's books!
Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Easter!!!

A good Pink Saturday morning to you Dana, I wish some of those pink bunny pinkies would have come to my house. I would have rescued them....for about five seconds. Yum yum I love those sugary things. Consequently I didn't buy them this year. Instead I made cookies from Sheila's (the dear one) post. Much less sugar and so good. Your story, as always, is so much fun, with great pics and imagination. You are on the top of my list for Pink Saturday fun Dana. and many others too. BIG happy smile!

Your little grand girl will love her special basket for sure. It is sad that all of my grands are far away and getting older too. I miss the little ones.

Blessings to you and your family for Easter.

Hugs xoxo...Jeanne

Cute story! Hope you have a wonderful Pink Day and a wonderful Easter!


Oh, that was sweet! Happy Easter to you and the Stone Rabbit. Enjoy your family!

Happy Pink Saturday Dana and you and your family have a wonderful Easter day. xo Lynn

An adventure with PEEPS!

How adorable. Hope you all have a very Happy Easter.

What an adorable story and basket. Your sweet granddaughter is going to love that basket.

We LOVE Sesame Street at our house, although Ben is more a fan of Elmo than Abby Cadabby! LOL

Blessings to you from a transplanted Missourian living in Kansas,

This is adorable, as always. What a perfect find for your granddaughter. I remember when you created her Abby costume. The basket came out perfect. I hope that you have a wonderful Easter.

Dana - great story! And I knew that if anyone were going to do pink Peeps it would be you!!! I hope the little girl got enough Peeps to make her happy.

Have a wonderful weekend.

LOL Please don't let the little girl eat those dirty pink bunnies.

She's gonna love that basket!

Love the "peep" show!

Have a great Pink Saturday!

Dear Dana, Always and always I enjoy your darling Stone Rabbit stories! You have such an imagination! This story is adorable, and I know the little girl will love her basket!! Happy Easter!

Very fun!! Love the basket...the little girl will love it!!

Dana, cute as usual, Thank goodness the Stone Rabbit was there to round those little stinkers up. Your Granddaughter is in for quite a surprise with her Easter basket full of treasures. ~ Robyn

Another fun post!! I loved it! I hope the Easter bunny brings you lots of pink jelly beans!

Happy Easter, to you and your family, Dana!!!

Eggcellent Easter Humour - some little girl is going to be so pleased with her Easter basket. I have never heard of Peeps before; we don't get them in Australia and I haven't seen them in Guernsey. Happy Easter

What a great post - love the story of the escape! So clever! Happy Pink Saturday!

Heehee~ Too much fun!
Happy Easter Blessings~ LillySue

Love your story as always! Did you explain to the pink bunnies that granddaughter just might EAT them?

Very Cute!
Happy Pink Saturday!
Happy Easter!
Hugs, Lisa

Very cute story- and we love Peeps at our house:)

Linda C


You enjoy a lovley Easter too.

Jill xoo

Wishing you and your sweet little Granddaughter a fun and beautiful Easter : ) Happy Pink Saturday.

Happy Easter Dana!

I think your little grand daughter will love her basket!

Hugs, Pat

Yes, Donna's right. It is up there with the dancing Santa's! And how fun for the little grandgirl. You are so big hearted to treat ALL your stone pets with a basket of goodies and I'll bet you and the SR had a ball with the Peeps. Here's wishing you a wonderful Easter and I hope it's a springy WARM one. xoxo Nancy...who just LOVED this post!

Hi Dana :)

This post is in my top 5 favorites of yours! LOL I hope you, your sweet grandaughter and your whole family have a wonderful Easter :)


Dana, you crack me up. Your imagination is wonderful! That basket looks adorable and some little girl is gonna be mightly happy to get it on Easter morning!
Happy Easter to you and your family.

The picture of them opening the door had me spit laughing on my screen. I should have seen that coming with you in charge. I would adore following you around and taking picture of your neighbors faces when they see you hiding peeps all over and photographing them. I bet they all think you have gone over the edge and are now a fullfledge member of looneytown! HAPPY EASTER my nutso friend! You're the best.

What a great adventure for those peeps. The girl will be very happy when she sees that wonderful Easter basket.
Happy Easter.

Dana, That was a delightful Pink Bunny story! Happy Easter to you and yours.

VERY cute and someones going to be very happy with the basket. Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Easter too, Char

I hope you had a wonderful Easter. I also hope those peeps were still clean enough to eat after the post; they are my favs!

I think you had way to much fun!
happy pink, heidi

Awww, how fun! I thought for a minute there that the pink bunnies were going to get squooshed in the door, but they got out safely. Then I was sure that they were going to be gobbled up by the pink bunny or a neighbor dog, but everything turned out okay, and they got in the Easter baskets after all!

Bet the little girl was very excited with her basket and pink bunny peeps! I actually found chocolate mousse bunny peeps for my boys.


How sweet! It looks like Spring is getting close with dandelions and buds on your tree! Lucky gal!! The SR looks so cute with his little baskets and the pink bunnies! Those are so good when they're stale...YUM!!

Girl, you are the best! How lucky she is to have you as her grandmother.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter and a Happy Pink Saturday. I'm sad to say I didn't have any pink bunny Peeps. ;-)

Hello my very creative and fun-loving friend! Great Easter post...I agree these should be made into a children's book - hey, if Madonna can...


Great story, very funny!

Thanks for sharing.

Happy belated Pink Saturday! X Es X

OK, that was STINKIN' ADORABLE! LOVE it! And, the girl is still LOVING all of her treats from Nana and Bucky Buck! :o)

Love, DIL

Dana, this was just adorable! :-)



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