March 16, 2010


Happy St Patty's day to you! The Stone Rabbit looks awesome!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and TSR. I wish I had a green sequined bow tie just like that. Don't you know I would get a few looks at work? Ha!

This is no doubt an old rabbit Irish blessing!

Happy St. Patrick's day Stonbe rabbit!!

Oh Stone, you are one funny bunny!!!

Happy St. Patty to you too,

I'm sure glad I LOVE you, I don't WANT a turned ankle.

I LOVE you and Stone McRabbit! You always seem to know when I am thinking about you,too. Great idea you had about my pretty, pink, sparkley hat (wish I'd thought of it!)Thanks also for the nice compliment on my Flash Friday 55 and a Happy St. Paddy's Day to ya!


Ha ha ha, love it! Happy St Patrick's Day to you dear friend!

Susan and Bentley

Hi Dana, cute post. I haven't had a minute on my computer. This morning the 'sisters' are going to the Biltmore. I have four free tickets. Yipee!

Claudie and Julie left yesterday. We had a wonderful time with them. Claudie is a 'Bubblin Over' girl and so adorable. A tiny little thing and full if fun.

I am worn out with all this activity (spring cleaning and painting) but I feel great that I accomplished it all. I am so glad your show was a good one. It makes all the the time and effort worth the trouble.

Gotta get dressed for the Biltmore and time with my sisters. A special day,

Love, Jeanne

Ho ho! How you be feelin' today Stone Rabbit? You may be findin' ya need a "hare" of the dog! xoxo N


How spiffy TSR looks in his green sequined bow tie. I thought we'd see him with a mug of green beer, but then again he was probably the Designated Driver for his bunny friends.

Hi Dana = did you get my email? check your junk folder - to was to the swbell one i think. :)

Hope you all had a HAPPY St. Pat's! The Stone Rabbit looked very festive and I love the saying on the garden marker--so true!

Hugs. Pat

How cute! May he turn their ankles.lol

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