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June 23, 2010


Gosh Dana, your patio was super nice before the umbrella and wow, how cool (literally) is it to be out there now!!!! I am intrigued by your sun tea .... I am bad and use the store bought mix. I know, you can yell at me. :0) I'd love to make a great tasting tea by hand but none seem to taste good to me. Need a good recipe. The umbrella is a life saver...we have to have one or else the deck would be unusable until 4 pm.

Love the umbrella...sure makes life perfect.... now if it would just cool down a little now...Pay H

Oh girl why DID you wait so long to get that umbrella? Isn't it WONDERFUL to have that shade?!?! It is time for us to get another one. I actually found a really, REALLY cheap one at a store kind of like a Big Lot* several years ago. We have a long, covered back patio so we keep ours up on the pool deck and usually have it shading parts of the pool, so we can stay out of the sun even while lounging around in the pool.

You will certainly enjoy that space much longer now. I haven't made "sun" tea in so long. I need to do that!

I will be right over Dana!!

Kay Ellen

Hi Dana!
You don't have a link back to your email and couldn't find you to add to the blog list. It finally dawned on me to maybe check typepad and here you are. YAY!
When you are giving out your blog address, you need to say "The stone rabbit in typepad." :) Otherwise, we might not find you!
BUT I DID! SO YAY! And you are in the sorority - can you get the rush project done by tomorrow? I'll put you on the list, but if you can't get it done let me know. It'll be fine.
WELCOME! See you tomorrow!
Karen ~ Some days are diamonds
I wish I could help you with the button, but I don't know how typepad works. Who helped you with the first one? We'll find someone who can help you!!!

Oh gosh, I'm cracking up over your sun "pee"! What a lovely patio, and I'm so glad you got the umbrella so you can have more shade. Your lunch looks delicious! I have a deck, but can't use it. The joys of apartment living!! (not!) There are new neighbors and since the apartments are smoke free, inside, they sit outside right below my deck and smoke! Ugh! If I beat them up, very, very early, then I can sit out, but otherwise it's a bust.

I replied to your last comment on my blog, don't miss it. ♥

Dana, we have lived in our place 10 years now and I have yet to get an umbrella for the patio table. It's a priority for me this summer but I am so cheap (I mean frugal) I am waiting to find one at the yard sales. :) xo

Your patio is wonderful...even an umbrella, out here in West Texas, isn't enuf to allow us to even WANT to sit outside. My front porch is covered and I spend a lot of early morning time out there.
I came over to see if you did RUSH today for our sorority...mine is pretty pitiful and I am praying Karen doesn't kick my butt out of the sorority..bwaaaa..I am not creative but just HAD to belong!! :)
Happy Sistah...
xo bj

Hi Dana, love your umbrella but I am not sure about the sun 'pee.' HA! Your porch looks very nice with the potted flowers and the umbrella is a great idea. Shade makes a huge difference here in the mountains. How was the pee, I mean tea???

Now I am off to comment on your next post.
love, Jeanne

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