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July 13, 2010


Love these Dana! Your moss look great. Ours isn't doing so well. We put several different colors around the big tree in the front yard. I have my hopes up, it will come back next year. I used to have it come back every spring. Not been so lucky here, though.

Both containers are so quaint and pretty, Dana! The rose moss filled out beautifully in them.

Great Job! Love the moss...Pat H

Love the containers!! Sorry I have not been by much lately. The picture of the bird bath type stand just caught my eye!! I also very much enjoyed your pink slush post too. Too cute!! Great pictures you got of the kids playing with a fun story to go with it.

I love that enamel pan planter and the tea pot....and I also LOVE Rose Moss. I have it planted in three pots that come back each year. Mine is multi-colored and it is virtually maintenance free!

Hi Dana
WHAT a great idea. I love those containers and so do the plants. I may have to keep my eyes open for something like this too.
hope you are doing well.

Very sweet! Kudos to you for getting out hubby's tools and doing it yourself! I usually bug and bug my Hubby until he gets around to it! LOL.

The bird feeder is twice as cute as a planter. would you believe I have the exact same aluminum teapot deal - sitting outside waiting to be planted. You've inspired me - maybe I'll get it done now. xoxo Nancy
OOOHHH tools! Don't you feel so powerful? I always do!

Hello Dana, I love the charming (what ever it is)container with your moss roses. Brilliant idea and it is so attractive with the tea kettle setting next to it. You did a grand gardening project. Moss roses loving the sun is a great idea. Less trouble. The fushia hanging flower pots off my deck are ALWAYS thirsty. A real pain. I think I killed two of them. Me, the gardener. HA!

Thank you for your very welcome comment. I too love to hear from you always!!!

It is late and I am falling asleep here. Bill and CC are out on the couch. I have to get this gang to bed. Yawn!

Love you much Dana. xoxo.

Hello again! The reunion was in Winfield about an hour south of Witchita. We didn't have time to browse in Witchita. But we did drive around Winfield in between things. Had fun looking at the neat houses there. Still some brick streets there too. But it was sure hot while we were there. I heard it got even hotter after we left. So far we are planning our next for Florida in December after our newest grandbaby arrives. Supposed to be a girl. My daughter-in-love is due Nov 24th. I hope all the plans come together for that trip.

Dana, this is absolutely "darling". I have a couple of those left that were Mother's what a great way to have them out and being used.
This shop is my little corner of the world.. lol
Hope you survived all the lightening, thunder and rain last night.. hugs ~lynne~

Job well done Dana. And I don't blame TSR for getting out of the sun and finding a cool place in the shade. Funny...I refer to this plant as Moss Rose. I Googled both ways and get the same info...how funny is that?

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