March 16, 2011


I am on my second set of Corelle ware in 38 years. My first set was white with the little green daisies on it. I wanted after 22 years something a bit more updated...so I went really wild and bought the white with the green ivy on it! I still love it...in fact I used it for my St. Patty's table....so I totally get the Corelle ware! I probably could update mine soon again...but I don't know...doesn't seem that important! besides...what have they come out with with white and green???

Great post Dana! Happy St. Pat's Day to you! I have Corelle too and it's funny but since I started playing with the tablescapes I pick up odds and ends pieces of Corelle at thrift stores in other patterns and colors too! I'm all fancy like that:@) Best of luck with your USA Easter, I'll stay tuned!

9. It stacks so compactly it hardly takes up any room in the cupboard!
Your table looks great and the two different placemats with one theme look perfect. I'm so glad I stopped by because now I'll remember to get my lucky St. Patricks Day pin out!
Happy St. Patricks Day and I hope your insides don't turn green from all that green food coloring! :) Nancy

Great post Dana, and I must say TSR looks very handsome in his fancy green bow tie! You gotta love Corningware & Corelle. I too have a "Cornflowers" baking dish that was a wedding gift in 1969. I probably received my first place setting for four in the early 70's too as a gift and then later added more. Mine is the white with blue onion design. And I agree with Nancy, I love how they are compact and take up little space.
Have a very happy St. Patrick's Day tomorrow, and I bet that hubby won't even notice his placemat has been recycled, lol.

I love white corelle! I have some "vintage" corningware, too. I love the St. Patty's Day table. Festive and fun. I don't think it matters one bit about the matching. It is so much more interesting when it doesn't match!

I am going to be in KC for a bit tomorrow at the Princess Diana exhibit. Have you seen it yet?

I have been trying very hard to buy "American Made," also, Dan, and it isn't easy! Even food is coming from China..look at the label for garlic that comes in the little mesh bags...China. Pignoli Nuts? China! I loved the World New Tonight with Diane Sawyer last week that showed how to find American made goods. Here is an interactive map of where to find those goods:

Your place settings look very festive! Have a very happy St. Patrick's Day! Thanks for your well wishes for my daughter-in-law...we are still waiting! :)

♣ Pat ♣

I have a white set of Corelle I found at the thrift shop and I love it!! I use my vintage Pyrex and Corning ware all the time! Cute table settings also! Loving the green beer!

Top O the mornin to you Dana. Now I want to run right out and buy some St. Pat's day stuff. I am sorely lacking in that dept. If I didn't live 16 miles from the nearest dollar store I would do just that. However, with the price of gas, especially diesel, I will resist the temptation. I would have to drive the big ole truck. Seven dollars worth of gas is the cost for driving the truck to town. sigh!

I enjoyed your post so much this morning. I should eat green eggs and ham for breakfast this morning. HA! I will settle for fresh eggs from Carmen's hens instead. A sacrifice I know. I am always searching for anything made in the USA. I also had corning dishes forever. They were white with green flowers on the edges. I wish I had them now. I will try to come up with green for dinner. I love the photo of Frankie. Twiggy usually steals the show. The Stone Rabbit looks very spiffy in his bowtie. He is always such a good sport. Thanks for sharing your very fine festive table. Mismatched is very IN!!!

I am glad you are able to run again. It is so hard to be motivated huh? You better get on a good steady program for the 5K coming up. I have just started walking three miles a day with Leslie Sansone's indoor walking DVD. I am loving it!

Happy St. Patrick's Day my friend. What are you cooking?
Love you, Jeanne

PS: My tech rep spruced up my blog. See if you can tell.

Just look at you all spiffed up over there. Guess who is coming to dinner at your house?

Now, is that tray behind TSR the one I am lusting to have?

Happy St. Patrick's Day, dear Dana.

So cute!! Happy Saint Patrick's Day Dana!!


Hi Dana, LOVE LOVE YOUR POST TODAY!!!!!! I've been trying to buy more American Made good for you' Good luck on the Easter goddies....have a great weekend............

Martha Stewart watch out--Dana has taken the lead! Love your creative table settings!

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