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November 30, 2012


Your wreath is lovely, Dana, both in the daylight and at night! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend. Happy Pink Saturday!


Dana, I BELIEVE it looks Awesome! :)

I too, have not finished up with our porch. There are a couple of things out there but unfortunately there are also some dead mums and two old pumpkins as well! I needed one more day to get this one ready too!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Hey Dana! I hope you make a bizillion dollars at your sale this weekend. And I haven't done my decorating yet. Next week for sure!!! HPS

What a difference time makes. The wreath looks very nice either way.

Very pretty wreath...day and night! Great glow.

I love the wreath...especially "believe"! My porch is a work in progress as well! I once was told that the exterior of your home represents the interior...eek! I've got some work to do.

Hi Dana, No porch decorating for us. We will miss Christmas at home as we celebrate the season in Europe on our river cruise down the Rhine. Instead of decorating we are packing. It feels strange not to be getting ready for Christmas. We won't be having cookie day either. No time and no one to eat the cookies here. We are very excited about this trip. We will come home to Atlanta on Christmas Eve and my sister Diane who lives there, will have Christmas for us with her family. It will be a special Christmas with her family for a change. We will be home on the 26th. My sister Caralie is keeping Cheri'. We hate leaving her because she will freak. Poor thing.

I'm glad your last show is this weekend. I know it takes so much of your time. I hope it is a very successful show. I love your beautiful wreath with the word 'BELIEVE' and the lights. Did you make it? I just saw some pics of Christmas using lots of greens in a natural setting. I loved it. An idea for next year.

Have fun decorating your beautiful home and having fun times with your family. Your grands are so darling. I miss the times when ours were small.

Happy running and happy days to you and yours. I am still walking and losing inches. Yay!!! Gotta look great on our cruise and for our 50th anniversary next April. I bought a dress that is a bit too small. Inspiration to keep getting trimmer. HA!


Dana I really love the lights on your wreath. I am hoping to get most of my decorations done tomorrow! I still have shopping to do but not much! Hugs, Linda

Beautiful wreaths. Thanks for sharing them.

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So glad you have your helper. Beautiful wreath!

I do believe! The wreath looks pretty both day and night. What would you ever do without TSR? The two of you are quite the team.

Happy Pink Saturday, dear Dana. And, thank you for your patience.♥

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