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January 18, 2013


You did a GREAT job on the cake! They grow up so fast, don't they? Have a great weekend! I'll be thinking of you during my 5K tomorrow at 5:45 am at Disneyland! xo

Hi Dana - you did an incredible job on the turquoise - it came out just like Chef Costco's. That cake is soo cute as is the birthday boy. It sure doesn't seem like it's been a year ago since he was born. He just looks like he is such a cuddler! And you are such a stellar Nana to make cakes for your little ones. Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo Nancy

Happy Pink Saturday, Dana. Are you sure you're not ready for a new banner?

You are a super-duper grandma. The smash cake is perfect. The birthday boy is perfect. TSR and ham sandwiches are perfect. And, so are you.♥

Oh they grow up just too fast ! Your cake was just right. I remember our GRAND and his first one, so sweet.

Your cake decorating skills paid off. I think the cake tuned out great. He seems very pleased with it at least.

Both cakes were so cute and his smash cake turned out great! My Grandson had cupcakes at his 1st Birthday last year and it was so much fun. He will be two in April...can't wait~
hugs, Linda

That is adorable, Dana! I had a "smash cake" myself, a little over 54 years ago ~ LOL ♥
Happy Pink Saturday!

Adorable! I'm going to my grand niece's 3rd birthday tomorrow. Time flies!

Happy 1 year little fella! He is so adorable. I love your cake. The dots are perfect. lol Happy Pink Saturday. Grace xoox

Great job!!!Can't believe your little year old. Happy Pink Sat....Pat h

Hi Dana, Yep, it is late and I am wide awake. That's what happens when I sleep through a whole episode of Downton Abbey. YAY, we rec'd the first two seasons today. We went to the afternoon movie 'Lincoln' and met several of our friends there... not knowing they would be there too. Then went to supper with them and came home to the CD in the mail. I managed to stay awake for the first episode but didn't make it through the 2nd. 'Lincoln' was a fabulous movie to say the least. It was long but who cared. This movie felt real in every way. I was watching history in the most compelling sense that I was there.
don't miss it Dana.

I too have a hard time believing your little guy is one already. I think he might be a redhead. Smile. Your cake turned out gorgeous. I know you agonized over it but you 'done good.' Your family birthday parties are awesome. So much fun with a lot of effort and planning by you and your DIL. I am always impressed. I mean it!!!

This Wednesday our church has a church wide birthday celebration and I agreed to bake a birthday cake. Several people make cakes and we have a potluck supper. There are 12 tables set up for the 12 months of the year and I volunteered to decorate the October table. It is very festive and a fun evening. However, I have not baked a real cake in a coons age. I am determined to do this right. I wish you were here to help me.

I know you and Bonnie will have fun together. The hunt is always fun even if you don't buy anything. You never know when you might find a sleeper. I am going to the auction with Caralie on Monday. It is a fun sister night. She is the serious shopper and I always seem to find something to buy.

I better go to bed. I will be busy tomorrow. I have been trying to visit more.

Love, Jeanne

Your smash cake looks fabulous! Happy Birthday to your grandson.
Happy Pink Saturday!

You put a lot of love into that "smash cake". Costco can't do THAT.

Hi Dana,

I like the name Smash Cake. Although we've always had one for our one-year-birthday tikes, I never knew the name.

Your efforts paid off. It turned out nicely. I like that shade of blue.

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