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January 11, 2013


Nothing better than food prepared from scratch. I grew up it like that even thought I do not cook much anymore. I would certainly enjoy a big slice of your pie.

Yum! I've got some apples that just might make it into some kind of dessert this weekend!

HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!
Mrs. Sarah Coller

Okay, pie crust from scratch, now THAT is something right there ! Glad Mr. Stone Rabbit got his before it was all gone.

Hi Dana, hope you caught a nap today. I tried but too many interruptions. Sigh.

Wow, pie crust from scratch. I used to make it but the instant crust is so easy. I know your pie was awesome. You should post the recipe. Smile.

I am looking forward to making some valentines. I found a store downtown that has lots of really great paper and card making things. In fact, it has everything you can think of for being creative in so many ways. It is a mom and pop business and I am so happy I found it when I was doing our journals.

Our weather has been awful and in the 60's. Rain, fog but not real cold. Crazy. About the snow and road, we drove in high snow like that driving to Steamboat Springs to ski one year. It was 17 below zero. It was the first time we took our teen children to ski. They thought it was normal...NOT. The road was not as winding as this one. We saw snow like that when we were out west a couple of years ago. Not quite as tall but high enough to be amazing.

Have a wonderful weekend Dana. I hope you can run. You are making great progress. I am so proud of you for working so hard for your good health.

Bill said you should be able to comment but he has not tried it yet. I told him to test it out.

Tonight we are watching 'Iron Lady' on showtime.

Love you much.

Oh, Dana, that pie looks like perfection! We are finishing up a pumpkin pie that Hubby just had to have...he has to share at Thanksgiving and Christmas, so he has to have one for just us this weeek. Maybe that will fix if need for a pumpkin pie "fix".
I'm starting my Spring Cleaning early this year...destashing like crazy...right now it's still fun...wish we lived closer to each other...Nancy and I would drop in next time you pull one of those cranberry apple beauties out of the oven!

Hi Dana
YES this is a really yummi :)
and do not miss The



it is FUN :)
HÃ¥kan ( The Roseman)

scratch huh?!!!! I am very impressed! Bought some green granny smiths to make him an apple pie just this morning. Going to try a recipe I found on pinterest with a crunchy pecan topping...mmmmm. HPS Dana

Oh my so yummy!!!

Oh my gosh - that looks soooo yummy. Is it gluten free? In my dreams! I just now finished my '70s pages and they are a hot mess....just like the 70s! I need to mail them before I put more stuff on them and I need to clean this mess up that's all over my craft table aka my bed! xoxo Nancy

Is it wrong to want to have this for breakfast:-) It does have fruit in it after all!

Happy Pink Saturday,


Well, dang. Clearly I am too late. And, a slice of pie would be quite delicious right about now. You go, Dana.

Happy Pink Saturday. Time for a new banner?

Hi Dana, I'm glad you are figuring out your iphone. Or is it Ipad? I am confused. I am staying away from that mess. I need 'simplicity.' However, I really admire your accomplishment on electronics 'very much.' Lately my brain activity is all about my garden club. I am putting together a new and complete book of bylaws, membership lists etc. and my brain is on overload. It is about 25-30 pages...8x10's. Our club has over 50 members and 20 committees etc. We just were awarded $3,000 for the two gardens we are in charge of downtown and there are lots of projects we are undertaking for improvements. It boggles my mind enough. I have agreed to be the president again this year. I enjoy the garden club so much. Our club volunteers to clean up and the maintain the gardens on a regular basis. It is a huge job. We do have a bit of a rest over winter. Good thing because we need to recharge our energy for the rest of the year.
The gardens are pretty large and the pride of our town.

Boy, didn't I go on and on.

We are getting up to 6 inches of snow tonight. For us that is a lot. We are definitely not in a snow belt here. Behind my sister's home (my backyard neighbor)is one of the highest mountain ranges in our area. They are expecting at least a foot of snow. We are directly below them so we often get more snow then the town. It won't last because the ground is so warm from all the warm weather we have had.

I better feed Cheri' it is getting late.

Have a wonderful day.
Love, Jeanne

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