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March 01, 2013


DANA! Those bunnies are sooo fabulous. Why have you never put your work on here before. Can't imagine the time that goes into making those. Please take a picture of your booth when you get it set up at your sale.
I'm always awed by your running. You are one of a kind! Good luck training for your big upcoming event.
Hope your weather is improving - you guys really got blasted. We have an absolutely gorgeous day going today and no wind! A part of our fence blew loose on Tuesday and that night I called for Iris and she didn't come so I went outside and she was on the OUTSIDE of the fence and couldn't get "in" I guess she was out for maybe 4 hours and she was one scared pup! It was like Ashley coming home from the war - I've never seen her so excited.
Good luck on the upcoming sale. xoxoxoxo Nancy

Did you make those bunnies??? can I buy one? I would love a bunny that you and Stone Rabbit made. You are doing so well on those runs....I am proud of you. Me, I would just be in for the cupcake!

Hi Dana, your rabbits are sooooo cute! I would buy some for sure!!!!! I looked all over the place for some craft paper mache rabbits today for a project I dreamed up.....no deal. Couldn't find them anywhere. I thought it would be so easy. I love your banner! Happy Pink Saturday xoxoxo Your friend, Lynn

Dana, I think you bunnies will be a BIG hit at the sale! I love them!

Congrats on doing this run....and I'm glad you got a sweet treat at the end! Happy PS!



Fun pinks this week, Dana! Congrats on your run wins - looking very decorative draped in your Stone Rabbit. Now - about those felted rabbits - TOOOOO SWEET!!! I will have to spend some Etsy time with you - though I fear the cash flow is low at present. I'm pulling out my bunnies this weekend, too. Glad you got Grace's valentine - what a sweet piece! What is up with the post office that it took so long?? Hoping you get all your ducks and bunnies in a row for all your busy - I know that story . . .

Hi, Dana...great that you are running.
I am lovin' those pink cupcakes and cute bunnies...:)

Hi Dana,
Your bunnies are adorable. Congrats on your 5 K run! I was running 2 - 4 K a day! Working nights has slowed me down lately. I need to get back at it! Those pink cupcakes look delicious!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Hi Dana, my post is finally up. I had trouble with typepad and couldn't until late this morning. I linked and I am 79 or close. Yikes.

I know you are really busy this week. I hope it all goes well and you will accomplish everything you want to do. Or, at least close to what you want to do. HA! I am wishing you a great sale.

I love your pics of Twiggy and the Stone Rabbit with the cuppy cake and medals. I thought Twiggy was going to sneak a bite. Your medals for running have really been amazing. You sure have worked hard to earn them. It is so nice that you have a support group because that kind of encouragement is invaluable. The pic of the three of you is very cute. The 3 amigos. Kudos to each of you.

It is snowing outside right now. I am ready for Spring. It is supposed to warm up to 60 next week. My yard is waiting for attention and I am ready to get out there and get started.

You know I almost posted all of my valentines again as well. They are all so sweet and full of Journal sisters love. I am ready to start my tags. Marilyn, my cousin will be here the middle of March and I will enlist her advice. Smile.

Dinner in the crockpot is smelling good and Bill is ready to eat.

Good luck in your next run.
Love, Jeanne

Running and cupcakes - of course the two go together! Makes me think of the episode from Two Broke Girls when the one gal said "Ooo, a cupcake holder," for the water bottle holder on the treadmill.

Popped in from Pink Saturday.


Dana, I think you ought to sell some of your bunnies to us! I'm Ina bunny swap and this would be perfect to give. Please let me know if you'd consider this. I think it's wonderful that you and your friends are so committed to the running and fitness routine. :-) Sue

Silly Ipad can't auto correct correctly! Lol I' m IN a bunny swap.

I love your bunny, as always! I like the cupcakes too! Glad to know you're running! ;)

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