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January 03, 2014


Happy Pink Saturday, Dana, TSR and Twiggy. Dana, your tree looks beautiful, and I can see why you are reluctant to take it down. I wasn't really ready to take mine down either, but my husband was and he is too big a help to delay the chance.

Stay warm and safe.♥

It's a perfect tree and soo pretty. I love the kids opening their presents but you're right - it's always a little forlorn looking when there are no pretty packages. We're old school, Dana. Like you I still wrap and bow my packages. I saw a discussion on FB and most did gift bags. What's more fun to open? Bag or pretty paper, pretty ribbons...as Willie would say. Your Grinch party was just beyond creative. It looks like so much fun. Have a most excellent New Year, Dana. xoxo Nancy

Your tree is beautiful Dana! Happy, happy 2014 and Pink Saturday too! Xo, Marti

Your tree may not have been perfect, but it turned out very pretty. You did a great job decorating.

Dana, I know how you feel about taking down the tree...I miss the magic and would leave it longer...Hope Missou continues to do well tonight! Stay warm in this crazy winter weather.

Dana. You inspire me. I was thinking, maybe next year to cut back a little. Then Now I have seen yours and feel inspired to try a little different lovely creations. So you inspire me......once again ...and in a different way Oh,YoU🎶YUo🎵Inspire me🎵🎵really really you do 🎵🎶🎶🎵
Honest you do🎵🎵🎵honest you do

Hello Dana, We were in TN visiting our two oldest children to share Christmas with them. A late celebration for sure. We had a great time together and after Christmas gift exchanges we went to the movies to see "Saving Mr. Banks." An awesome movie. So having a late celebration was fun and as long as we could get together, it made Christmas special anyway.

I love your tradition of buying your tree each year. It looks beautiful and the tree top and ribbon gives your tree an added touch of elegance. I'm glad everyone recovered and were able to enjoy a belated Christmas celebration with 'everyone' able to join in.

We too wanted Kansas to win. Two of Shirley's (Bill's sister) daughter's graduated from there. Congrats on Mizzou's win as well. My great niece is a student there and in the Marching band. They had a great year and I think the SEC was a good move for them.

I wish I could help you about the tape problem and the paint. I have no idea what you should do. Maybe touch it up with red paint. What a shame.

Love the great shot of the Stone Rabbit and Twiggy. Twiggy sure has the curiosity of a cat. Smile.

Happy New Year to you and yours Dana.

It's gorgeous! I used to love to put our tree up at Thanksgiving (a friend taught me that as everyone is home that weekend and it's a great chunk of time.) Nowadays I stay so busy between grandkids and real estate I barely got it up a week or so before Christmas. Now it's been moved to the living room as my grandson is coming to spend the night and is looking forward to helping me de-decorate it :) That makes this one of the longest times I've left it up. :) The times, they are a'changing :) Have a blessed and beautiful New Year!!!

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