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July 25, 2014


Ah, you are just too sweet and good to me. One year pink cuppycakes and now pink mimosas. I would love to sit and sip on one with you.

I know another pinkie that will be celebrating very, very soon. Happy Pink Saturday, my pink and special July girl - and friend.♥

Oh, what fun, Dana! A mimosa blooming party! We had one in our yard growing up, but it's long gone now. :( I loved it. Awesome running adventures. My aunt just had back surgery and her therapy is to work up to walking 5 miles a day - she's 83! Bless her - she's a trouper! Just like you!

What a great idea for a get together. Looks like a great bunch. Best wishes for an awesome summer. Happy Pink Saturday!

Wow! I am so excited for your half marathon in October. I am doing a couch to 5k program. Of course, I have a colleague who is an ultra runner. She finished a 100 mile endurance run a while back, so by comparison, I feel like a wimp. Of course we all have to start somewhere, right. Congrats on your workouts. I wish I had a friend who would reward me with hotdogs. Instead, I get watermelon cake.

Mimosa Tree celebration--now that's just clever. Love the fact you get together each year.

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