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April 29, 2016


The signs will really keep everyone motivated to finish the race strong. Great of you to put this together.

Wishing you the best on your run. Great idea of the signs.

Hi Dana, Thanks for your sweet comment. I just felt some humor would be a good thing. I will be very happy to see you again. Don't worry I will be rested. :)

I 'love' your signs. You did a great job and no matter where you got your quotes, they will be encouraging and will bring a smile to the runners. I too love the Stone Rabbit's fave. It sounds like the race will be awesome with so many runners. I am inspired with your dedication to something you really enjoy doing.

My sister and I walk 3 miles with a tape. We stopped over the winter but started back up and we are liking the exercise. In the morning Bill and I are walking for a Senior Games event. Senior games are in full swing right now. Monday is the bowling competition. There are 300 seniors in our county that join in with so many activities I couldn't name them all. It is a great organization and we have made so many friends this way.

Hope you have a great run.
Love, Jeanne

Good luck in your race, Dana! Your signs are very clever and motivating--it is so nice you put in the extra effort to make them.

i wish i could join your 5K, i've been wanting to do one! i wish you all the best! happy pink saturday! xo

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