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August 05, 2016


Our cherry tomatoes produced quite a lot earlier this summer and I ate every one of them. They were delish! Yours look very good. Our tomato plant dried up a couple of weeks ago in the heat.

Happy Pink Saturday, Dana and TSR, too. I love fresh tomatoes, but we can't grow them here because of squirrels. Those darned critters dig up everything we plant.

Hello dear Dana, We arrived home from vacation yesterday. Our trip of over two weeks was packed with family and events. I had very little time for visiting. When I did have time, I went to bed early from sheer exhaustion.(in a good way) I am trying to catch up today.

Love your cute tomatoes and it is normal for the plants to start drooping and looking tired this time of year. They will still ripen your tomatoes. You can pick them when they are slightly turning and put them in the sunlight to finish ripening. I have done it all summer. I love the cherry tomatoes and eat them as fast as they ripen in my window sill. Yum.

Cleaning this morning. Leaving a husband for two weeks with my sister's dog and ours... spells dirty house. HA!

Have a great week.
Love, Jeanne

I have had some nice little cherry tomatoes however like you said the bush is just about done. Not your stone rabbit but my brown rabbit has has a few of them to lunch

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