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May 22, 2008



Ah, now I know what Bonnie was doing in my kitchen for soooo long!
Bonnie, I never would have guessed!

The Stone Rabbit sure was talkative that Saturday!
He just kept talking, and talking. I thought I was a talker!Whew, I have nothing on him...

Great little story about my little town, thank you, and have a wonderful weekend my friend.

Jill xoo

What a fun day. I love your purchase of the unique birdbath. I think I might have had to purchase that tricycle creation myself.

I'm sending my sympathy that you have to go through life "geranium-less". How sad! What could it be?

Thanks for visiting my blog. Please come by again soon.

Very fun day, but if I was going to pilfer, I would head to Jill’s shop !!! thanks for sharing. Clarice

Wellll....that Dana! Ratted on me! Really, Jill, I promise to do better. Clarice might just of had the right idea!!! JUST KIDDING!!! We had a super fun day.

Hi Dana,
What a fun day you had.Love the birdbath you bought and the birdfeeder bonnie bought what cute ideas.
I will be stopping by Jill blog soon.
Best Wishes

Dana, what fun! What a great day! I love those birdbaths!

Dana, what fun! What a great day! I love those birdbaths!

Hi Dana, yes I live in O'Fallon Missouri. Where
do all live? Great post!

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