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May 30, 2008


I LOVE decorating for the 4th. I start when Memorial Day hits. There is something special about an American flag flying in the wind. Thank you for coming to my blog! I really enjoy yours. By the way, I can't believe how fast my girls are growing up. It really makes me want to freeze time.

It all looks so pretty, Dana!
I am so behind in planting after being away two weeks. I have a wooden "Uncle Sam" planter that holds a flag in his hand that I put on my front porch every summer, and I put a small American flag in my wondow box, too.
Have a good weekend!
Hugs, Pat

I love Uncle Sam. I have one that I put on my porch at the holiday - I'll be sure to take a picture to share.

That Stone Rabbit is a handsome devil, isn't he?

Looks great. Glad I read your blog this am. I started pulling out some of my Americana decor between taking my niece to the Nelson-Atkins Museum here in Kansas City. Hopefully can do more tomorrow after going downtown to the City Farmers Market.

Talk later.


I love the good old red, white, and blue, too. I think it is great for summer decorating.

I can't wait to get to Greenwood now. As if I didn't already want to go "tea room" really made me excited! My mom and I were just talking about when we should go. Soon!

Cheers! LA

Hurrah for the good old USA! All your decorations look wonderful.


Dana, I admire your patriotic soul, I love these American holidays as well. My Uncle was 6'7"and he always dressed up like Uncle Sam for the annual 4th of July parade in the small town where I was born in MI. My grandmother made his outfit, Lord knows he was so tall and nothing would fit him. He was born in the early 1900"s and passed away well into his 80's. He was the sweetest, kindest, man ever and loved by all

Love your post, Jeanne

Hi again, I have to clarify my uncle's height. It didn't show very well. One might think he was 67 years old. He was 6 foot 7 inches. That was like a giant in the early 1900's.

Jeanne smile!


I love the red, white, and blue!
Jill xoo

Love the decor. My blood pumps red,white and blue. i guess if you read much of my blog you see my son is AF and leaves for Iraq son.

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