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June 13, 2008



I love your sales!
I found some yummy stuff last year.
I really, really like the creative shabby planters you girls put together.

Poor Bonnie, you give her a big sweaty hug for me!

Jill xoo

You all worked hard. Let us know how the sale goes.

The Stone Rabbit has very good taste.

You have certainly been busy, Dana! I love the planters you put together.


You ladies look adorable! Best of luck with the tag sale, Dana! That ice cream looks soooo good too.
Hugs, Pat

I love to come here because I smile every time I do!! Loved your post - especially about only being able to show the ice creams by that point in the day - and stone rabbit looks dashing amidst the flowers!...Donna

Can't wait for your tag sale. I missed last year because I FORGOT. It won't happen this year. See you soon, especially excited now that I've seen a bit of what's in store. Sharleen


Wonderfully creative planters! And good luck with your sale. They are lots of work but worth it.

By the way; I've added you to my blog roll. Thanks for kindly having The T-Cozy on yours!

Warm regards,


Dana, I just love reading your blog. And how come there are no yard sales around here like yours? I would buy every one of your delightful flower filled old planters! Love em. ~ Lynn

P.s. I forget to tell you how much I love your patriotic prints. I have never seen those before. They are wonderful.

What a day! I wish we had a HI BOY'S ;)


Wish I could make it to your sale! Those planters are simply gorgeous. xoxo

I love your flowers and all the neat little planters. xoxo, Joanna

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