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June 11, 2008


Twiggy looks great. I can't wait to come over to meet her.

I think Lucky would also like to meet her. Ha!!


From Dana: Twiggy says she'd like to meet Lucky, too, but she'd like to wait until she recovers from the shock of being around Frankie and Izzie.

Twiggy is too cute!
I love tabbys..

Jill xoo

Twiggy is one lucky kitty to have The Stone Rabbit as a protector. They are quite cute buddies.

Hi, Dana, what a pretty kitty! She's beautiful. I don't have a cat anymore (my hubby is alergic) but I do love them. I've had cats and dogs & love them both, but at this time in our lives we are petless. I don't miss the pet hair, but they are such great company to have around.

Congrats on 40 years! That truly is a HUGE milestone & I applaud you.


Well, that's what we want to hear - you go Twiggy. If you need some extra fluff or fur - Zeke's here for you (and you know he loves cats!).

Hey Dana,
You're so lucky to have not only the stone rabbit, but Twiggy and Izzie too!
Twiggy is gorgeous. Kitties are so fun. We had our Katie for 18 years. We'd get another, but Tanner the Slobber Dog would think we'd brought him a popsickle. He loves licking cats.

I do believe Twiggy knows she is home. She is such a neat kitty. So glad we were there for her that day.

From Dana: Me, too, Bonnie. Thanks for helping with her rescue. She told me she likes to call you Aunt Bonnie now. Is that OK?

Hi Dana! Can't believe you had a similar experience with the Indiana Jones movie. Yeah, I guess ol' Harrison Ford has still got it...although I was having my doubts! LOL!

We have yet to see it as well.

Glad to see Twiggy is doing much better!

What a sweet cat .. just found your blog from the porch party. I'm from Kansas/Missouri so I enjoyed your previous posts. You have a beautiful blog.


Dana, thank you for updating us on Twiggy. I love her name! She is looking much better and the stone rabbit is doing a wonderful job protecting her.

Thanks for visiting my post today. I can see a laundry room gets close to a woman's heart. The comments have been fun and interesting. Who Knew. I enjoyed doing this post because I just love all that stuff as well.
I think you should move forward and perk up your laundry. It is very rewarding to take on such an unexpected room in your home. You go girl!

Love ya, Jeanne

Twiggy looks wonderful! Isn't it great what a little love and attention will do for animals!


What a beautiful lady...
She has already put on weight I see, and she looks so contented, and no doubt, is most grateful, that she has chosen you to be her minder..lol.
She seems to fit right in, with the Stone rabbit and Izzie >^..^<

Akkkk I am terrified of cats, so I can not even look at your post. have a nice day xoxoxo Clarice

Thanks for the kind birthday wishes, Dana!

So nice to see Twiggy looking so healthy! She is a beautiful cat.

Hugs, Pat

Just beautiful, Dana!! She's a lucky little girl to have found you! And you've been tagged at my blog!...Donna

Love your little kitty photo series, pets add so much value to our lives.

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