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June 04, 2008


I knew where this story was going as soon as you first mentioned the cat.

You are a good mommy.

Ahh Dana,

Is she a tabby?
So proud of you for taking Miss Kitty to your tender loving home.
Those pictures of you gals on the bikes, a gas!

Jill xoo

Love the pictures of Twiggy. She is so lucky that you found her. Speaking of lucky, I should bring my cat Lucky up to meet her. Just kidding!!

As I was reading your story I was thinking to my self...."please, please keep that kitty". Thank you for adopting her!! Wonder what happened to her past family? If she had been declawed and fixed....it's strange but so glad she found you. xo Lynn

Dana, you are just a softy. I love your cat story and will always think you are special for saving that poor cat. I'll be waiting for a progress report.

Thank you for loving my poodle mania. Babette is my love.

Take care. Love, Jeanne

Dana, I loved this blog,
(maybe not the top photo)
Twiggy is looking good. That' what good parenting does for you. You are a very good momma. I can tell that in Twiggys eyes!
She's like K-Mart, she is truly a BLUE LIGHT SPECIAL!!

What a great story. I'm so glad you took her in. How sad...I wonder how she ended up that way? Esp. to be so young. Twiggy certainly found two angels that day! You go girls!

Well thank you SOOO much for suggesting I pop over and read this post after you saw that I have adopted fur babies myself... You're a gal after my own heart (Bonnie, too!) And let's not forget the three cheers for hubby! I am so glad you are keeping Twiggy. She is now in her safe and warm 'forever' home. Yes, all the fur babies will adjust. We've gone through that many times in our little house. I think you and Bonnie were meant to be at the storage unit at that very time... (And your Twiggy looks just like our Tiger!!)...Donna

Ohooooo- almost shed a tear. You made my day - it's always an uplift to visit with you (via blog). Such feeling from so few words.
Thanks for the meniton of Luticia Clementine's (where I live).

What at a wonderful ending to a sad story....
Twiggy is a very lucky kitty to have a place in your lives, she was loved right from the start, that is obvious, and just may have given her the encouragement to live. I know sometimes that kitties go awandering inside peoples storage units, when they are loading or unloading,and even known to have been sleeping inside a box or piece of furniture, when it was put into storage.
I have just lost my own tabby cat of fourteen years, after a year of diabetis, and giving insulin everyday. Sydney look
ed a lot like your twiggy !

Hi Dana! It is very nice to meet you, too!

Twiggy looks a lot like my Minnie...

How nice of you to take her in.

I'll be back to visit!


Oh Dana! You know I'm a cat lover so I was so touched to read this ...you are so very kind to do all you did for this lost kitty. I hope she brings you much love and happiness.
Hugs, Pat

Twiggy is so lucky to find you.I love the picture of her and the Stone Rabbit.
Best Wishes

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