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June 27, 2008


what a funny story! don't you love entertaining your kids? have a great day wherever you are!!

I enjoyed reading your post today. It was very witty and entertaining! I love the pet paparatzzi pictures. What good sports they all were!

Happy Pink Saturday!

take care,

Oh that post was just too funny. Thanks for an early morning laugh.
Hugs, Laura

I loved this pink post filled with your pets! I also have 2 black cats both female..who I adore with all my heart!
I am in the pink too! Nice to meet you and your fur friends!

LOVE this post. i only wish i had pets and lawn ornaments that i could torture for next week. just kids, and they have suffered at my hands enough.

Dana, OMG!!! I am rolling on the floor laughing.

This was such a fun post, and just perfect for Pink Saturday.

And, your buddies all look wonderful in pink.

The Stone Rabbit is just one class act.

Oh Girl! You crack me up! Funny stuff.

Sounds like your husband is like mine...we've trained them that our blog project are IMPORTANT. Mine now just goes along and let's me "do what I got to do". LOL


What a great post! Love it! IF you've owned cats (and we've been the parents of more than I can count) the story of "Frankie-with-the-attitude" is even more hilarious. Thanks for sharing your great sense of humor.

Adorable! I'm a blog loser who would have loved just looking at pink ribbon! Looks like the gang could have skipped Pink Saturday but I'm glad they didn't!

Very cute! Guess you will have to find something else in the pink department for next week. I think poor kitty took his frustrations on it. HA!

And you said you had no Pink!! Wa-lah! I'm seeing pink all over! And very sweet it is, indeed!!

Hahaha I just love this post!!! They all look so dashing!!! :) xoxox!

Thsi was the most ingenious PINK post yet!!! Loved it and seeing all of your furry friends!!!
I think you are the winner of this Saturday in my book!!! Love your style and sense of homor and I loved the somewhat deflated bow in the end!! :)

Oh Dana Girl, You had me chuckling like crazy and also gave me an idea. What a great pink post. Don't know where you went today but I hope you had fun ~ Lynn

Oh Dana Girl, You had me chuckling like crazy and also gave me an idea. What a great pink post. Don't know where you went today but I hope you had fun ~ Lynn

Hi Dana! I am visiting you via several other blog friends and I am so happy to meet you! I have absolutely loved reading your blog. Today's post was just so much fun and really lifted my spirits! Your furry babies are so precious! And that stone rabbit is a hit with me!

Such an ingenious way to celebrate a *pink* day!
I love this idea! My daughter is all about pink!

May I add you to my blog roll??


Cute post! I think I've run out of pink around the house...hmmm, what can I tie a ribbon on for next week?

Hi Dana, I think this "pink" post should get a "big pink prize"! I am still giggling!!! Those hard to come by photos along with your "words" Priceless! LOved it all!...You have a lovely Sunday tomorrow! I will definitely be back to visit again soon!...Heidi :) P.S. Thank you so much for leaving me such a sweet comment!!

What a funny pink post! You gave me a much needed giggle today..


Dana, You are a delight! I love reading your posts :)

That picture of Frankie is too funny LOL

Have a great Sunday,

OH Dana! This was so amusing to read! I got a big chuckle out of Frankie's indignant look --lol--we had a cat who would have not liked a ribbon of any color around his neck and would have let me know it right away.
Plus your use of the word "shmuck" made me laugh, as I thought my husband was the only one who used that term -- he ueses it to describe other drivers when they cut him off --lol!

Hope you had a fun and pink weekend!
Hugs, Pat

Dana, I love it. Very creative pink Saturday post!

Have a great week!

Oh, I am falling in love with Miss Twiggy! She is such a doll. Miss Izzie looked totally fashionable, pink, black and white always goes together. Now Frankie, he didn't really dig it, did he...that was too funny!

you are so...creative! Only you would find a way to celebrate Pink Saturday,when there seemed to be no pink around! Way to go my friend!


Hello, I'm still making my rounds for Pink Saturday. What a cute post, I love all your cirtters! I have a housefull too. I have to go back and read about your rescued kitty!
Blessing, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

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