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June 25, 2008


What a wonderful backdrop for a party.
You are blessed with fabulous friends and great cooks.
After I read your post, I was hungry!

Check out my post about your heartfull gift you gave me at your tag sale.

Jill xoo

Hi Dana!

This was so much fun to read! Happy birthday to Laura, who is lucky to have the very nicest of friends to help her celebrate her special birthday!

I want to live in Patty's house -- it looks so beautiful! I could probably fit my entire house into her kitchen ..lol!

The secret to geraniums is lots of sunshine and enough water and fertilizer to keep them happy -- I bet you could raise them if you try.

I bought my blueberries at Costco -- they were only $6 for 40 ounces! I usually only eat them plain, but with so many I wanted to try that Women's Day recipe. I bet any berry can be used -- I'll try strawberries next time.

The Stone Rabbit is mischievous isn't he? Good thing he didn't break you pretty gift!

Hugs, Pat

Love your writing! You made me wish I was there! Aren't girlfriends the best!?! Thanks for the tour of your friend's yard!


I don't blame the stone bunny at all. I would like to have gone myself. Good food, good drinks and wonderful friends. What more could you ask for?!


I laughed so hard at your stone rabbit in the bag!! Hahahahaha. You sure have a great group of friends there. ~ Lynn

Hi, Judy, aren't girlfriends just the best?! Looks like a great birthday celebration for your friend, your brunch looks fabulous. Ya'll really go all out, those are the must fun.

AND, what a tag sale ya'll had! I wish I could have been there, I see all sorts of things that would love to come home with me. Great stuff!


Oh,a nd I need to add you to my bloglist too!

Looks like a fabulous time all around! I am starving now after seeing all of the food, especially the sour cream coffee cake. OH MY!


What a fun party! Lots of yummy looking food, good friends, and beautiful surroundings! Girlfriends are so wonderful!
And pretty sneaky, Stone Rabbit!

Dana, you are too cute for words! I loved this post :)

Happy Birthday to Laura! It looks like a wonderful time.

I feel your pain. I can't get hydrangeas to grow.

Rue :)

What wonderful friends and memories you have! ~Jill

I always get such a kick out of visiting The Stone Rabbit... What a great group of friends you have.. beautiful yards, homes, table settings... And I always get so excited, trying to anticipate where the stone rabbit is going to pop up!! ...Donna

Wonderful post, Dana! Beautiful place for a get together. The food looks delicious!

I had a comment from your friend Bonnie. Small world. J may very well know her husband's family. He's lived here for almost 63 years except for a couple years in Germany. His family had a farm, between Moscow Mills and Troy.

It's raining here, as I type. The levee at Winfield gave way this morning. We're about 15 miles from the river, high and dry.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Such a wonderful day with special ladies. It all looks like great fun and the food and mimosas look sooo good!

I am in love with that stone rabbit...we must introduce yours to mine! : )

I am so enjoying getting to know you!


Well...don't know where my time goes but had to read two posts at once. Long but GREAT!! Everything is so cute in pink!- Can't wait to hear about your recent events! Moving right along at the shop and buying when I should be selling. Sharleen

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