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August 01, 2008


Dana, where do you come up with such fun ideas? Are you sure you don't have a paid idea man writing your scripts? Smile. All kidding aside, I love your pink post. I hope your dh doesn't read your comments. I always say, and this a fact, "never tell your husband anything he doesn't need to know".

Have fun this weekend and for heaven sakes, stay out of trouble. smile!!!

Next summer is a date. Fun, fun, fun!


Oh my goodness! You are one busy lady! Love it when you get your money's (I am a bad speller I think) worth out of something you love! I bet you 2 have a wonderful time on your getaway! I will be anxiously awaiting your new adventure posting! I am sure The Stone Rabbit will be anxiously waiting your return!
Have fun!

Happy Friday Dana!
...and Happy Belated Birthday darling~
You always make me laugh, this is such a happy place.
Go East, Young Girls and have a blast!
Glad to hear you washed that shirt too - it sure does get around ;)
Can't wait to hear about your adventures when you get back - love those flip flops, so girly girl precious.

Love it!


I didn't know it was your BIRTHDAY! You little sneak, not telling anyone.
LEO, right? Fire sign!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What better way to celebrate, but to escape on a road trip with Bonnie.

Well, I bet you and Bonnie had a great time. I look forward to seeing your stuff.
Stone Rabbit looks so cute with his little pink bandana!

Jil xoo

Happy, happy belated Birthday!!! Looks like that pink Mamma Mia shirt is well loved!! Hope you have a fun filled trip.

And they say I'm funny?!?!?! Nuuuuuuuu, my stone(D) chick, YOU are funnyyyyyyyy!! I was laughing at the spot where you were talking about the "exercise" class so hard I almost busted outta my bra!! Bra?!?!?! I forget.....I don't wear one....well, ya know what I mean, chickee bean! You are just tooooooo cute for "PINK" words, mama mia chick!!!!
Smoochies through the tears,

HI, Dana! I love your pink a day early...and you look sooo sweet in that shirt!! We have yet to see the film. Happy Birthday too! Have a wonderful trip! So glad you got to stop by and see me at my place before you left. I look forward to coming back to see you, and The Stone Rabbit ;o) Have fun...((HUGS))

Dana, you are TOO COOL!! :) And I love the little pink nap sack on the back of your stone rabbit. ;-)


Now I know how you stay so slim! Good for you!

This was a fun pink post as always! You have the best imagination.

Have wonderful trip, and I have a tag waiting for you on my blog when you get back...lol! Only if you want to do it of course!

Hugs, Pat

Happy Birthday to my fellow Leo. I didn't realize our birthdays were so close.

You and Bonnie haven't done something bad, and now you're running from the law - have you?!!! I know you girls love having fun. I can't wait to read about your latest exploits.

You were so industrious and hard-working in your pink shirt. Maybe we all need one.

The Stone Rabbit can always call and chat with Theodore if he gets lonely.

Hurray for Leo birthdays! Mine was Aug. 1st. Have a great road trip you little wild woman in pink! -Cat ^..^

What a great post, Dana! Loved the pics and the shirt is so cute. Happy birthday to Dana!!
Kathy at Mimi's Garden

Oh this was hilarious girl! I loved this and Happy belated birthday to you..you had me smiling ear to ear during the whole post! lol Have a great road trip!

Happy Birthday!!
I love that Mamma Mia shirt!!!
Great post!!
Happy Pink Saturday!
Besitos from Argentina!

love that shirt and all of the fun you are having with it!!! have a wonderful trip!!!

You certainly did get your money's worth! What a fun post. I'm tired just watching all the work you did this week. Oh, and Happy Belated birthday! Enjoy your trip. I'm sure the Stone Rabbit will be just fine at home.

Happy Pink Saturday!

take care,

Hi! you are so fun! I love your post! ;)
visit me anytime
enjoy pink, think pink...

You always delight us on Saturdays with your creative, whimsical posts! Happy Birthday! ...and I hope you enjoy your trip! ...save a piece of the key lime tart for me, will you please! Ummm! My favorite! :) ~Rhonda

Hi, friend..I'm bj and so pleased to meet you.
Your shirt is great and your posting is just precious. I sure will be back and i hope you'll come see me when you get home from THE road trip!
hugs, bj

What a great post! You are definitely the dancin' PINK queen with a delightful sense of humor and healthy dose of creativity to boot. I'm still smilin'....

Hi Dana
I know by now you are over on my side of the state, but I just wanted to come by and welcome you to our town! There is a car show going on, so part of Main is closed.

Dear old J is judging the show. He's the grey haired guy in a grey Nautica tee shirt and denim shorts. He'll have a camera, cause it's too hot for moi to photograph a car show!!

Enjoy your trip east!

gosh, you look like you're having so much fun! And it's your birthday, too!!! Happy birthday!!

Enjoy your road trip (love the scrabble tiles!)

I love your post on Pink Saturday. I have been checking your blog for while, and am just now getting around to leaving a comment. I especially love the "stone rabbit". He is so adorable. Being the "Mad Red Hare", I have a special place in my heart for all rabbits.

Haha your posts always crack me up!!! I just love the shirt, and I LOVE the movie! I have seen it twice so far and bought the soundtrack.. sooooo good!!! :) xo!

Girl, you are a riot! Always so much fun to read your post and see what the stone rabbit is up to.

You are so pretty in pink!

Whew! I need to go take a nap after reading your post. If I was half as busy as you maybe I'd fit into my favorite pink t-shirt too! Have a wonderful pink trip!!

Hubby and I just got done laughing at your post! tee hee hee! He pulls up a chair beside me and laughs with me! He even reminded me that he didn't get to see the pink flip-flop post last week, so I had to go back and show him that one! Thank you for starting our Saturdays out with a good giggle! (We're thinking of starting a Stone Rabbit Fan Club!)

Dana! Another great post, as usual. I hope you enjoy your roadtrip. Be safe, have fun...
See you when you return!

Dana! Another great post, as usual. I hope you enjoy your roadtrip. Be safe, have fun...
See you when you return!

Your post is hysterical and so adorable. I usually put something I buy in the closet for a bit, then when my husband says "Is that new?" I say Oh, no it's been in the closet for a while! I painted a rabbit for Pink Saturday, I love Rabbits and Mr. Stone Rabbit looks like a charmer. Karen

Dana, you continue to outdo yourself every week. You have raised the bar so high on super-fun posts that I'm becoming very high-maintenance to entertain. ;o)

You exude FUN out of every pore! You should give how to live your life lessons. And I'll soooo keep your secret!

Happy Birthday! Great pink post, I can't wait to go see Mamma Mia.

Take Care, Pennie

Oh my goodness Dana, you always put a smile on my face :) Happy Birthday sweet friend.


What a fun post!!!

Oh Dana, you are sooooo much fun! Love another Pink Saturday post from you! Happy Birthday and have fun!


Dana! A very happy birthday to you and I hope your road trip is as good as your posts! Have fun...

Dana! A very happy birthday to you and I hope your road trip is as good as your posts! Have fun...

Hi Dana, You are off enjoying your "get-away", but i had to write to let you know how cute your post was!!! I always look forward to them!...Heidi XO

Hi Dana!!!! :)

Happy Birthday! You're a hoot as always. Loved the hobo hankie for the stone rabbit!!!

You are so much fun! I hope your birthday was full of treats and happiness!
Love, Becky

You are so much fun! I hope your birthday was full of treats and happiness!
Love, Becky

Happy Birthday, Dana Louise. I hope you and Thelma had one rockin fabulous road trip! Love that pink shirt.:)Nancy

What a cute post with so many cute photos. I don't blame your sweet stone bunny for wanting to tag along...I'd want to go too. Can't wait to see where you went.


This has got to be the cutest Pink post I've seen yet!

I saw Mama Mia yesterday and I loved it. I went straight to Target and bought the CD and now I am dancing around the house, too! I don't have a pink Mama Mia shirt though.

A delightful post!

Love the Mama Mia tee!

Happy Birthday Dana! Reading your post is pure FUN! I love just scrolling down to see what is going to HAPPEN! I love your shirt - and girl... you exercise A LOT! Have fun on your trip!

LOL! Your pink ensemble is fab!

Have a wonderful road trip! I love the Stone Rabbit's pink "bag."

Thanks for making me smile! I love the diary of a pink t-shirt. Isn't it great how blogging helps us enjoy the little things - such as flip-flops and t-shirts. It is the small thigs which are important. Happy Birthday, Happy Road trip.

What an imagination you have, Dana! I heard you got to meet Pat's hubby in MO. How fun!

Love those pink flip-flops!


I found your blog via Thinkin' of Home's blogroll! What a great idea for Pink Saturday! Your writing style is very fun and easy to read!

Thanks for stopping by. I was just telling my friend Ro about your blog. I told her I check you all the time because you bring a smile to me! That rabbit just makes my day!

Hey Dana, Happy Birthday. A little late but well meant. Be safe coming home.

Love ya Jeanne

Hi Dana, you are one funny girl! What a great post. Love those pink sandals to match your pink Mama Mia shirt! Hope you had a great birthday and have a fun roadtrip!
Love, Ann

Dana I love your pink Saturday posts! That little stone rabbit is sure an understanding fellow. I think I would have insisted on you taking me with you. I hope your have tons of fun. Susan

You are just too much fun! I love that! And I am late but please accept my warmest wishes for a great birthday! I hope this year brings you all sorts of joys and many smiles!
Love that shirt!!


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