July 24, 2008


Hellooo - you encourage this behavior, Dana??? These two are related for heavens sake! If you're trying to find a suitable partner for the Stone Rabbit you might want to introduce him to my beautiful China Rabbit Saturday morning. That is one cute kitty, though! I'm still giggling at that last picture. Hugs, Nancy

Hello there! Thanks for your comment in my blog. We live less than 30 miles from one another, so it's nice to meet a neighbor.

Dana, this post is a classic. I can't believe you were able to get such great pics of Twiggy and the rest of your animal kingdom. I specially love the sniff scene with the Stone Rabbit and Twiggy. I had a good laugh.

Our fun week is coming to a close. Tomorrow my son is getting married. Since I have planned this whole event my nerves are very fragile at the moment. Smile. I hope all works out well. The wedding group arrives today. Everyone is still asleep or I wouldn't be visiting right now.

Mamma Mia music is played every morning to get my self going! I love it!

Love ya, Jeanne

bahahaha! i love your blog!

Twiggy is so cute!! I'm so glad the Stone Rabbit and Twiggy get along so well!! Another adorable story and I always look forward to your posts....thanks!!!

Your children play together so well. Too bad she didn't want to play with mom.

TSR just has that special charm.

Hi Dana
I just love cats and your blog today made me smile. :)
Hugs, Rhondi

You're a great MOM!

Jill xoo

Hah, sweet rabbit chickadee, that's cute. Another way is "feathers"! It drives them nuts.

I've found you quite by accident as I've run out of people to give awards to so I went in search of some new blogging chicks! Please go over to my blog, peek in on yesterday's post of "catching up with awards" and do as it describes. I doubt you'll find me dull either, sweetpea. Would you like to exchange links also???? I'm certainly game if you want to!


Hi Dana,
Just came by to say "Happy Weekend" and got a treat myself. What sweeties, Twiggy, Frankie and Izzie (poor Izzie, that happens to see too - swat and the what did I do look).

Are you sure Twiggy wasn't looking at a spider? That's what my Giles does - he's the spider alert here (icky!).

How sweet you took care of Twiggy - hope no blues were involved but between you and The Stone Rabbit, all's right with the world again.

No posting myself again for next week - and yes, I'm still listening to ABBA - knowing me, knowing you~

Too funny! You captured some great shots! I always find it funny when cats stare at the wall like there is something only they can see on it. Sometimes mine even swat at whatever it is that only they can see. Love your story as always!
Have a great day!

Twiggy is so cute!
When I see my cat Bo staring at the wall I always knows he saw a fly on it! It's so funny how he can be sound asleep, but once he hears a fly he'll be up and jumping at it!

I love the photo of Twiggy rubbing her face on the Stone Rabbit!

Hugs, Pat

Awesome post!!

What a sweet post. Your furbabies are very cute. My black kitty loves to watch for bugs and birds.

LOL! My cats won't go after something unless I throw it *far* enough. They love the little rings from the milk caps.

Twiggy sure looks healthy and happy, so glad you found her.

Way to go getting your friends all pinked up! It looks like a good pink time was had by all...and why not? Anything involving, shoes, food, and girlfriends is a recipe for success. Hugs, Nancy

Ooops! I put that on the wrong post!

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