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July 04, 2008


Girl, you have done it again. I am sitting at my desk laughing aloud.

Those are some special friends you have. Not only are the glowing with the pinkness of youth, they must really love you.

In front of me is my pink note paper, pink pen and pink rose coffee mug. Don't be upset, but my coffee isn't pink. Do you know anything I can do about that?

Dana, beside my friend Beverly, at How Sweet the Sound, I decided to visit you second. Boy, now I am spoiled, nothing could compare to your PINK adventure. People ask me, why do you spend so much time visiting other blog posts? I will tell them to just read your post. Smile, Smile, Smile.


Happy pink saturday! nice post! visit me anytime....

okay I totally love your story it was quite funny. Thanks for the giggle

Thanks for the laugh!

I had a great time reading your pink post. I was too late for the Pink Saturday...I'll catch up next week.

If you have a chance, pls visit my new blog. I like to meet new friends.

What a wonderful Friendship!!! Y'all are a hoot!! Love the post.. I am about to fall off of my chair laughing!!!
love it all......did I see Krispy Kreme// rasberry filled??/ mmmmmmm
You are Blessed in your Friendships!!

What a delight to visit you. Your pink this Saturday is quite a treat! Funny stuff. Blessings, Shay

this is fun.. love the post.. and thank you for the laugh.. you guys are good sport!..

Love it, love it - you did a fabulous job showcasing your obviously marvelous, and cute, 'pink' gal friends. They were great to go along with this for your really hilarious post!

Hmmm - maybe I need friends like that, lol!!!!
Thanks for the fun time Dana.

This is the most FUN pink post! You have very helpful friends and they look so cute!

I love when we all come together to post on a specific topic such as Pink Saturday, so I'm trying to get bloggers together to post their favorite family photo on Fridays. Won't you join me? You could post a current picture or something from the past. I just posted my first Friday's Favorite Family Foto yesterday.

Email me before each Friday to let me know if you would like to participate. I will post your link and invite others to visit your post.


You have a great way of telling a story. You had me laughing and contemplating buying pink to wear the next time I go grocery shopping LOL!!

Happy Pink Saturday.

take care,

So pink makes you look years younger....Hmmmm
Note to myself: pick up lots of pink stuff. Worth a try!!!


Hahaha Dana, I just LOVE this post!!!! What hilarious pictures... I just love the one with the Cherry 7-up!! This just so reminds me of something my sister and I would do... pink is quite the color!!!! Thanks for making me laugh this morning, loved it!! xoxox!

Hi Dana, I found you at Beverly's Pink Saturday! This is just the cutest funniest most imaginest (<- is that a word?) post I've read! What a hoot you are and I can truly see the effects of PINK! I may have to go to my grocery store and get some pink stuff

Too funny!

OMGOSH!!!! Dana, My daughter Holly & I are both still laughing!!!!...That is the funniest post I have read in a long time!!! You & your friends are adorable! You could take this whole thing on the road!...Enjoy your "Pink Saturday"!!...Heidi xo
P.S. Thank you for your lovely comment too!

You outdid yourself - what a fun post of all your "pink"!

Dana, You are just too funny. And you have wonderful friends to do all that for you. Here's a tip: Put pink light bulbs all over your house for a wonderful "glow". ~ Lynn

Dana, You are just too funny. And you have wonderful friends to do all that for you. Here's a tip: Put pink light bulbs all over your house for a wonderful "glow". ~ Lynn

What a riot!!!

Dana, thanks so much for coming by and the welcome! Yes, this is going to be fun and I am surely coming back to see how Stone Bunny is doing.
Have a wonderful weekend1
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Dana this was such an original
way to show us your PINK!
Love the ladies in the PINK!
Gorgeous ladies I must admit!
YES pink does look better on us who are over...well lets say..50....perks up the complexion and gives such a glow!!
Great post!I'm into pin saturdays too! :) NG

Wow--are we stars?!? It was fun and your story was very cute. We do look good in pink, doncha think?

Dana says: Yes, Laura, you gals do look terrific in your "pinkness". You have always been stars in my book!

What a fun post! Love the pink tour of the grocery store. LOL xoxo, Joanna

What a cute post! Last week your post was so clever with the pink bows on all you pets, you are too funny! Loved your 4th post too!
Blessings, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

That is all too cute! What great friends you have. Have you talked them into blogging yet?

Your Pink Saturday is hysterical! I love it.
I thought about taking a photo of my closet because I must have a dozen pink shirts just like ary and Laura. My Pink Saturday is somewhat boring after yours! :)

Dana, this post is a hoot! We don't have HyVee up here, but we visit everytime we're at the lake. I will look at that store in a whole new light, now!


Oh Dana! Girls just know how to have fun!!! What wonderful friends you have and good sports! I am sure there were lots of giggles while you were taking pictures! Just to cute! LOVE all your PINK "items"!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and glad you found me again!

Have fun tomorrow with your dear friends!


Hey, come join Sisters on the Fly!

Awww, you & your friends just rocked my world!!! Too cute for words!

Dana, this post cracked me up! What good sports your friends are!
Hope you ahd a wonderful 4th of July weekend!
Hugs, Pat

Wow, what a great story you added for our fun trip through the grocery! It's amazing what a couple of off-hand comments can turn into when imagination takes over. Thanks for allowing us to participate in your new endeavor.

What a cute and clever post. Your friends were so sweet to play along. thanks for sharing the fun.

Oh Dana... I love your posts!! :)

How hilarious! I absolutely love your post for Pink Saturday! tee hee hee, I'm still giggling over it! I MUST find some of that *pink* cleaning solution for my home! How fun that would be to *clean* with *pink*!


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