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July 12, 2008


OMG, Dana. I am laughing so hard that I have tears rolling down my cheeks. (The face cheeks, that is!)

You have definitely developed a pink eye - oh, I guess it sounds better to say an eye for pink.

I spent most of my life in South Florida, and I have loved flamingos since I was a little girl. I do admit that we never had our very own pink flamingo, though. Yours looks so happy there with TSR and friends.

Your friend's store is divine, and I don't believe I have ever had a better tour than given by your flamingo. By the way, is it a boy flamingo or a girl flamingo?

What a charming story paired with darling photos.

Dana. I love your flamingo post today. I was totally entertained and so loved everything the flamingo looked at. Smart bird. He even has a new home. Or did he live there before? It seems like I remember him. Maybe not. smile!

Love ya, Jeanne

Just came by for Pink Saturday from Beverly's. What a gorgeous shop. I love the blue chair or sofa in the picture with the owner. If you get a minute could you email me the shop information so I could contact them.

You made my Saturday with your charming story. Lucky the pink flamingo that gets to go home with you and live with the stone rabbit. ~ Lynn

I have to say since I have discovered your blog I always look forward to seeing what the stone rabbit is doing.

You ABSOLUTELY need to write childrens books!!! You have the most charming way of telling a story.

Anyway, loved all the pink and I'm glad the flamingo gets to hang with the stone friends. lol....

Oh you are so clever and fun! I'm going to have to find your friend's shoppe since my daughter moved to KC and I'm up there almost every other week! Looks like a good change of pace from Cargo Largo! Blessings, Shay

Well Dana, I can see you are a gal that likes a good time. I sure enjoyed my little trip with you and the pink flamingo. Looking forward to visiting again. I've joined in for pink S. for the first time today and you are inspiring me to step it up a notch next week :0)

Morning Dana! What a fun post! I'm really beginning to look forward to coming to see you. Sweet pink Flamingo! Looks as if he had a ball. And that Stone Rabbit - such a sweetie to include the pinkness! Have a wonderful weekend and be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Lawdy, lawdy! This has got to be the CUTEST post. What a wonderful way to start my day! I just may have to come back to read this again.
What an adventure!

I posted pink flamingos last Saturday - they are beautiful!

Hugs and many thanks for this delightful post!

Dana, What a charming pink post! I would have loved to join the flamingo to check out this amazing shop! Glad the story had a happy ending, and he made new friends! :)

what a charming post-i love pink flamingos and your story was so funny! can't wait to see if he goes anywhere else this summer. thanks for the laugh. suesue

Dana, I can't tell you how much I enjoy reading your posts! You had me smiling the entire time! I will tell you that I wore red shopping last week and it didn't have the same effect as the pink. I thought with the some color family and all I'd have someone notice!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Take care,

Tee hee hee! I LOVE to start my day with a good giggle! Thank you for giving me one! That pink flamingo is soooo cute, makes me want to go out and find one myself!

- Margie

Hi, Happy Pink Saturday!
What a cute post, well he made is way all around that shop! I always look forward to coming to your blog. Thank you for sharing!
Blessings, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Dana, your precious post has put a giddy giggle in my voice and a perky smile on my face this morning which heretofore has been somewhat downtrodden! Thanks so much for brightening my day!!

Dana... you make me laugh everytime I come over here and pink Saturday is always so much fun :)


Such beautiful pink treasures, thank you for the tour of the shop. I am so glad that you brought home that gorgeous pink flamingo. He looks cute in your garden. Karen

Oh! That was a fun shopping trip and such a cute pink shopping companion! Thanks!

oh my gosh, what a priceless post! very clever and totally fun shopping in all the pink goodies. and a fun coincidence... I actually have a pink flamingo as my Pink Saturday today too!! ;) have a great day!

Hello Dana!

Love your CUTE PINK posting!!! You put a lot of effort in for PINK Saturday! Made me giggle for the day!


Oh, Dana...this is my first visit here I think...and your story was soooo sweet!! I loved it!! And the Flamingo really did have VERY good taste!!


Dawn, what a witty & fun way to tell your pink story. That was SO cute, I loved it!


Ahhh, it doesn't get any better than this! How Cute!! But I bet "He" is a "She"!!! LOL

Loved your post today, sweetie, & especially love Shar's shop!! That little bunny lamp needs to hop down to TX!!

Angelic Accents

A Pink Saturday post that made me smile and laugh. Thank you so much!
Mine's up too although it now seems quite boring!!

What a cute post...and what a wonderful shop your friend has.

How adorable. I didn't know about pink Saturday!xorachel

Dana; I just got a big tickle out of your post. You told such a cute one. I am sure he is happy at his new home with his new family. You have such a big heart. thank you for the smile you put on my face.


HI Dana, Such a story all about the adventures of a "pink flamingo"!...Your friend's shop looks delightful!!!...Heidi :)

hehehehe.. this is so funny.. thank you for making me laugh.. hehehehe.. nice! have a super day!

That is so cute! Another creative Pink Saturday post!


I love your post! What a clever idea!

Hope you have a wonderful "PINK SATURDAY"!


OMG - I love your sense of humor!! And pink flamingo's!! And tell Shar that if I didn't live in New England, she'd be sick of seeing my face because I would be at her shop ALL the time!!! I'm so happy that all the stone animals welcomed pink flamingo with open arms (and paws!)... Thanks for the great laugh!!... Donna

Dana, Keep up the great posts - since I never quite know what to expect from The Stone Rabbit, I must come check it out every day or so!
Fun stuff, thanks! ;-)

Ms. Daisy
The Daisy Chain

Dana, Ok, that is the best Pink Saturday Post I have looked at (and I started at the bottom of the list and worked my way up)
It was great. Years back I stole a pink flamingo from my friends yard here in California and I brought it with me to Australia on a vacation (she didn't know I took it) I took pictures of flamingo everywhere we went and the Flamingo would send the pictures with little notes to her on where he was. It was hilarious!
Thanks for the laugh!
Love, Ann

You do know how to tell a story! I really look forward to your posts! (Tell your pink friend that I think I have 2 of his friends in my garage attic...hmmm maybe they need to come out a visit with the bees in my pumpkin patch).
Have a wonderful day!

You crack me up! Love your post. xoxo, Joanna

Hi Dana

I just saw your comment at the back porch. I can't find your e-mail. Mine is [email protected]. I'll see if I can help with your Troy ??.

I love this post. I think I may have been in this shop. We love that area of Independence.
I just published my 200th post and have a giveaway.

Dana, you're such a great story teller! I really enjoyed your post and thanks for your kind words when you stopped by to visit me.

what a fun post! you made me chuckle and smile while i enjoyed reading it. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the chuckle! What a beautiful shop -- filled with lovely things.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm glad that your daughter liked her "gently worn" bench!

Love that pink flamingo and his shenanigans! He gets around a bit more than the Stone Rabbit but how wonderful they all get along so well - just like us bloggers! Have a great Sunday - Nancy

Ha ha ha !!!what fun post! I love its!What a charming story paired with darling photos. Love your CUTE PINK posting!!congratulation...you have a nice blog!!!
I will add in my links! I would visit you soon!

That was the cutest! I enjoyed the tour.

Dana, my friend,...you are a star reporter! I so loved the day with your pink flamingo and I was just kidding with the puzzled look...let him know I loved having him adorn my shop for a day. He is welcome anytime! My fluffy rabbit thought he was mighty cute.

This was hysterical Dana! Sorry I was reading your posts backwards to catch up -- so NOW I know how the pink flamingo got into the act in your current post!! LOL!!

You make Pink saturday's fun! I keep promising Beverly I'll join in but I don't own a single pink thing! LOL

Hugs, Pat

Dana you crack me up!! That was halarious. Ok, but seriously now, I want that black and white purse with the huge flower!!

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