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July 19, 2008


Dana, Pink Saturday after Pink Saturday you leave me rolling on the floor. Girl, I have to say I was certain you were going with the Naughty List shirt. Not bad naughty, just fun naughty.

But, you heightened my anticipation to the perfect apex. Mamma Mia!!! Would you and Bonnie mind having someone take a picture of you doing that high jump with the split?! Owie!!!

Such a delightful post and so much fun pink!

Dana, you spin the most wonderful tales. I love your pink tee quest!! Mamma Mia that was fun!! Have a great weekend.

Hi! Fantastic! I wanna t-shirt -Mama mia!It is so fun!
visit me anytime...

I so enjoyed following your trials and tribulations on finding the perfect pink tee! You are a hoot!

I can't tell you how much I enjoy your posts. You make me not only smile, but feel good after I read what you write! What a flair you have for story telling. I love your tee shirt post!!! You made the perfect choice!

Happy Pink Saturday!
take care,

This post was absolutely darling! I was so rooting for you to find the Perfect *T*..so glad you did!
Have a blessed PINK Saturday...Lorena

I'm loving your pinkness this morning! How cute! Saw 'Mama Mi' as a musical in Las Vegas and it was wonderful. I'd love to see the movie. Oh, come see me...I thot of you as I was posting my 1st Pink Saturday post!

Oh, tell Stone Rabbit he looks adorable!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

i love your posts!! the stone rabbit looks pretty spiffy in his pink tee. i'm glad you finally found one that you like, but next time wear your seatbelt on your pink saturday searches!!
p.s. i'm a leo too!

Hee-hee! That was too funny! Looks like you found the perfect shirt.

Now Dana, you had some more fun this PINK SATURDAY! My favorite tee of course speaking to the Cupcake Queen is "I LOVE Carbs"! Clever girl!



Dana, I loved it all, you did a great job! Thank you, but I especially loved the pink t shirt for the stone rabbit.
Blessings, Debbie

Hi Dana! to answer your question - I don't know where the little pink jeep comes from - I just googled 'pink cars' and came up with this cute little jeep!
continue to be a pink sweetie,
Shelia ;)

* giggle * giggle * giggle *! actually it was more than giggles coming from me and my hubby this morning as we read your *pink* post together! laughing is our favorite hobby, thank you for helping us start our day with one! i LOVED the stone rabbit's t shirt, he looks especially handsome in pink!


Too, too funny! : ) You're my first stop on the pink tour -- I'm having a blast!

Dana,I am still star struck with Meryl Streep's wonderful performance in Momma Mia. The music is still running around in my brain. I am taking my granddaughters to see it this week.

Now for your pink post this morning. You are so good at telling a story and making it totally humorous. Why didn't I realize you would have the perfect choice. I want one now!! I have to say I couldn't wait to see your final choice. Now, one more comment about the movie. I couldn't stop laughing and smiling throughout the entire movie. When was the last time we saw a movie that could do that? Huh, huh????

Smiling now, Love ya, Jeanne

Hi Dana, What a great "pink" story!!! I loved how the movie & pink T-shirt came together to make a perfectly happy ending!...Great job!...Heidi XO

OMG this is too funny!!!!! I just love it, the quest for the perfect pink saturday t-shirt!!! And I am soooo glad you liked Mamma Mia, I am dying to see it.. we are going tomorrow and I can't WAIT! :) xoxox!

Too Cute!!

What a delightful way to start off Pink Saturday, with one of your whimsical posts! This one was so cute & creative! And I got a chuckle, when I imagined you taking pictures in the thrift store. I bet that is something the staff doesn't see everyday! LOL! When I got out, armed with my camera...I always feel like I am on a spy mission, taking top secret info with my camera...and that someone is going to embarass with a "Hey, you can't take pictures in here!"....with store full of people staring at my shame and disgrace! But I do it anyway! LOLOL!


YOU so did it again!! What a PINK SATURDAY!! WHAT A FUN DAY!

What can I say but to echo all who came before me! I must reiterate a comment from somone else a few days back (You need to start your children's book right away). You are on a roll. (I've been totally sucked into this pink madness). You are the best. Sharleen

Oh Dana, You are too funny. Thanks for putting a smile on my face this Pink Saturday. Don't you know I bought a pink t-shirt this week too?

Oh Dana, I really enjoyed reading your pink blog this morning. You made me smile and I really needed that. I especially liked the "LEO" tshirt...as I'm a LEO..rock on! :)

How cute, Dana. You really know how to tell a story...pink and all. What a fun time.


Hi Dana,
This post had me rolling (and I'm trying to be quiet since my hubby's napping). Who ever even thought of making some of those tees and poor Danielle, if I was her Mom, I'd never give my t-shirt up - even if I didn't wear it anymore. How's Danielle supposed to find good ole Ma now?

I love the tees you did get. How wonderful you were shown the "special rack"!

Okay... And I LOVED the movie!!! I want to live where they filmed it, that little church on the hill & Pierce Brosnan & the sea & THE MUSIC! Well, I better not say much more for people who haven't seen it yet.
Happy Saturday Chiquitita!

LOL! I really look forward to your pink Saturday posts Dana, as you always have me laughing along with you as I read them.
How on earth did that Yankee shirt get there? LOL! I actually don't have one like that -- unfortunately the color pink is just not in my wardrobe -- I am not a pastel person for some reason.
I do love your hot pink Mamma Mia shirt! You and Bonnie look great in them! The Stone rabbit too! Glad you enjoyed the movie -- I can't wait to see it too.
Hugs, Pat

OMG so many pink tees...you weren't kidding when you said you loved pink tees. I love your Mama Mia teeshirts, and those photos are fabulous. Happy Pink Saturday

That is such a cute and creative pink post! I enjoyed every bit of it.

I'm going to see Mama Mia next week!

Hi Dana, what a cute post for Pink Saturday. All those cute t-shirts!
Love, Ann

what a pink adventure! went see mamma mia last night and loved it-so gorgeous! glad the stone rabbit got his tee too. you never know what a jealous stone rabbit may do! have a great pink week. suesue

That was the best post. You really out did yourself. You ended up with the perfect tee. I love it.


What fun you had searching for the perfect pink T.
Yes, that is truly the perfect "Pink T-Shirt"!

Jill xoo

Good morning.
Wishing you a lovely day.

Dana... I just plain love your posts! You and your friends are so much fun :)

hugs and thank you for making me smile :)

What a fun post, you really had me giggling when I saw stone rabbit sporting the pink tee. Too cute :)


What an adventure! I felt like I was on the quest with you!
Enjoy your pink tee.

What a funny post! You are a riot! Guess what? I'm a Leo too, Leo's ROCK!

Guess what else? I'm thinking that maybe this fall we should meet for lunch at Greenwoods Tea Room! What do you think?

LOVED your post. I am going to see Mama Mia Monday. Have already seen it off Broadway. Love it...been listening to my Abba CD to get ready!

Oh - my - gosh! If there was a place to nominate the BEST blog post EVER written, I would nominate this one! You had me in stitches!!! LOL You are truly hilarious!

Friends and I are going to see Mama Mia Tuesday (because it's free popcorn day!!)... Sadly, none of us have Mama Mia pink tees :(

SO glad you had a good time, and that Stone Rabbit is enjoying singing the soundtrack!!...Donna

Dana, The grands are still sleeping. sigh. The only quiet time of the day. I took my girls to see Momma Mia, and they loved it. The boys went to see Hellboy. Have a great day.

Love, Jeanne

What an amazing post!
You are hilarious!
And I love the way the story ended. Your dance moves are divine!

What an amazing post!
You are hilarious!
And I love the way the story ended. Your dance moves are divine!

OOps! Somehow my comments acted like bunnies (Sorry Stone Rabbit!) and multiplied!
Sorry about that!

What a fun post! You certainly have a great friend!
Have a great day!

Hi Dana...hope you're having a good day. :)

Dana, You are having WAAAAY too much fun - but I just love visiting 'cause you make me smile and smile!

Another great pink Saturday post, Dana! I'm hoping to see Mama Mia, later this week.

The Stone Rabbit looks cute in his pink Mama Mia tee shirt.


Hello Dana, I did take the girls to see Mama Mia. My Granddaughter told me I spelled Mama wrong and I did. Nothing like your 12 year old correcting your spelling. It made me laugh
The girls and my daughters loved the movie. Me too again! I am posting pics tomorrow.

Take care, Jeanne

What a fun "tease"-your quest for the perfect pink "tees". I loved your play with the "udder" word too!

Thanks Dana and thanks for hopping on over today! I adore snack sets! I have 2 sets now and I used my 1st set just recently. I love using my treasures! This year the wildflowers are so pretty...this is a great year for them. I look forward to your next post!
Have a great day!

This post is ULTRA PINK! I like the "I love carbs" T-shirt!

My daughter just saw Mama Mia and really enjoyed it. Now, I need to find someone to go with me.


This post is ULTRA PINK! I like the "I love carbs" T-shirt!

My daughter just saw Mama Mia and really enjoyed it. Now, I need to find someone to go with me.


Hi Dana!
Hope all is well and thta you're staying cool!
I mentioned you in my blog post today! :-)
Hugs, Pat

Good morning, Dana.
Hope you're doing well.

Oh how funny this post was! I especially love the little pink "tee" for the Stone Rabbit.

Great! I'd like to partake in Pink Saturday sometime. This has been my favorite color since I was a teen!


I love your pink post. You have such a great sense of humor. We saw Mamma Mia on the weekend and we loved it too. Dancing Queen was my favorite number. I loved as the ladies one by one threw off their aprons and went dancing. I think we could all identify with that! The shirts are great.

What a fun post. I loved it all! Can't wait to see Mama Mia next week.


I've just got to say - you are a total hoot, Dana! I love your blog!

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