July 14, 2008


I love browsing flea markets and it looks like there was some cute stuff there. Too bad the stone rabbit couldn't get his own tee....lol

Another great one! What a great collection of primitives and seasonal items you and Bonnie have....and I do love Quilter's Station. I surely hope you never give up this wonderful blog.

Thanks for sharing another day! Looks like you and Bonnie had a good variety for the day! I bet it was interesting talking to all of the students.
Have a good day!

The flamingo does look quite content in the pumpkin patch! He is enjoying the sun again! Thanks for hopping by!

(Big smile), I got such a kick out of reading your posts, love the rabbit and the flamingo, too cute. Boy I would have loved to be at that outing with you, all those goodies looked wonderful. I bet you had way too much fun for a female!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I love meeting new gals and passing along the neighborly fun!!! I'll definitely be back, keeping an eye out for the flamingo and rabbit of course!
Blessings, Debbie

Dana, I am finally getting to some posts today. Your sale table looks great. I hope it was a success. I would have 'loved' being there too. I never meet a stranger either.
Your post is fun and interesting as always. Your t-shirt is great. Poor stone rabbit, he was neglected.

Love ya, Jeanne

Dana, I had to come back and mention a word about your cat running over the applique piece. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. You would have laughed at my thought. What on earth is that? Then I read your next text about your cat. I'm tired, it's late, if I can't see that it was a cat I should go to bed. Smile!!!

Love, Jeanne, again

Dana, your "Pink Grocery Store Adventure" with Laura and Mary looks like fun. I should have stuck around!

What fun, and your booth looks great!

Jill xoo

Wow, Dana! I do believe I see a few things that would have come home with me. You girls do great things.

I see Jeanne already told you she never meets a stranger, either. She and I both have the gift for gab, too. But, I really think she beats me. I wonder what she would say.

Does TSR have a pink shirt? I know he is secure enough in his masculinity to wear pink.

OHHHH I'm so jealous - I really hope to make it to that next year with a couple of the peeps. To take classes from these wonderful ladies would be a dream come true and your samples look wonderful. I also own everyone of those Need'l thread books - love their patterns. What you brought to sell looks like a lot of it I could take home. I think I could be a favorite customer of yours, LOL. Thanks for taking us along :)

hugs - Karen

I just don't know who is funnier - you or the Stone Rabbit :) Love BOTH of your sense of humor!!...Donna

Hi Dana

Remember me? If not, I totally understand. Because of this and that (medical stuff and family visiting), I haven't been by in awhile. I was shocked when I checked my Bloglines and saw I have missed 11...wow 11 !... of your posts. Unbelievable! Not to worry though...I'm caught up now. You've been a busy, busy girl and had loads of fun.


That looks like a very fun event. Your table looks fanatastic too. I'm sure you must have had a great time!
Hugs, Rhondi

How fun! I do love a flea market!
And the stone rabbit looks dashing in his tee.
Your work is beautiful, by the way!

Hi Dana,
What a lot of great stuff and great people too. That poor Stone Rabbit, the shirt's way, way too big - aahhh, maybe next time.

Only 2 more days until Mamma Mia! Are you going Friday or Saturday?

Whata fun event! I loved a lot of your things for sale --I collect the salt ware pottery and I would ahve bought that big jug if I were there.Your needle work is beautiful! I did crewel work but haven't done any in years. I enjoyed both website links and put them in my favorites to look at again.

Thanks Dana!

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