July 29, 2008


Dana - You are at the top of my -A- list of fun blogs...thanks for all the 'you' you share with us!


I was just outside thinking how thankful I am too...last year our house was for sale and I had no interest in my yard...due to the economy we took it down off the market and decided to be thankful that we can afford to have an apartment in Chicago and a house here until the economy improves...so now I am thankful everyday to get to tend to my yard, flowers and for so much more! And I am thankful to YOU and many other bloggers for their uplifting posts, insight, creativity and for also leaving me kind comments and encouragement on my own blog! Have a wonderful day Dana and The Stone Rabbit!

Dana, my sweet stone bunny, you had me laughing so hard with the pink flamingo saga!!! Oh my, I think everyone should have a "pink flamingo" somewhere in their home as a little kitsch never hurt anyone!!! I bought 4 lotion holders shaped like some "classy" pink flamingoes, sent one to daughter, one to granddaughter and kept 2 for me. One is in my bedroom and one is in hall bath. I LOVE those kitschy little containers. Unfortunately, granddaughter couldn't get the pump on the lotion bottle to pump and THREW IT AWAY!!!!!!!! I just about croaked then and there. I don't think she "got it."

I appreciate your comments about that "other thing" also. I'm a "can't keep my mouth shut" kinda chick when it comes to things like "that one", sweetpea.


I too realy love a glass of orange juice with ice in it. A Lot! And your rabbit friend is just too cute. I have been on the look out for one at Marshalls. Have a wonderful thankful day. You really are a blessed woman. Hugs.

Hi Dana,
What a great post! I am having a thankful day too, isn't it great?

Congrats on the awards - you and that hard working Stone Rabbit (uh, plant whisperer...) really deserve them.

Happy thankful day!

You are having too much fun with the scrabble set. Keep it up. Reminds me to be thankful and relax. Kiss the rabbit for me.

I too, am thankful for such a friend as you are to me. Thankful for all the ways you show you really care about me and others. Thanks for being my friend!

Hi Dana
I'm thankful for so many things also!
One thing I'm thankful for is having you as a good blogging friend :-)
Congrats on your award!
Hugs, Pat

Isn't it wonderful to have a thankful day!?!! I know I am thankful for soooo many things but rarely take the time to even think about them. Thanks for reminding me. Congrats on your award...you definately deserve it!!!

The container I am talking about is on Bienvenue under my favorites....then go to her post titled Kitchen in the making..... I got that same container, and also one that looks the same but is shorter and fatter. They are on sale at Hobby Lobby for 50% off.

Dana, I have been trying to send you a comment all day and I was distracted each time. When I read your sweet comment today I was so moved by your kind words. I feel the very same way about you. I never realized how I could feel so close to a virtual stranger in so many ways. I am thankful to know you, my friend.

I have to say, your thankful post is a wake up call to all the things we take for granted. You always make me smile and laugh, but today I smiled.

Love, Jeanne

I forgot to tell you congrats on your award. I don't know of anyone who deserves it
more. The stone rabbit is also deserving. He always says and does the right thing!

Jeanne, again

Good morning, Dana! Congratulations on the award. :) You so deserve it. I appreciated your blog this morning. It was a good way to remind all of us that even though there may be some "bad" in our lives, there is definitely something to be thankful for.


Dana, I am so thankful for you and my other "breakfast buddies". You help start the week out right!

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