July 22, 2008


Hi Dana,
Ooh, those veggies look good - make me want to live on a farm (almost...). They do look delicious. The little cardboard baskets, make me remember the old farm stands that used to be here when I was a kid. We'd get a flat of strawberries.

That leftover lunch looks really good - quiche and iced tea with fresh veggies - absolutely yum!

Daisies & yellow roses sound very pretty for your bouquet. Whenever I see daisies now I think of Meg Ryan saying "Daisies are the happiest flower" or something close to that in You've Got Mail. Just plain happy, you know?

The Stone Rabbit does look quite at home in the garden with the bandanna, think he had the right idea there.

...And yes, I'm still singing ABBA songs - I loved the way they did the Thank you for the Music at the end with the credits and how it sounded like a song from the olden days - kind of like In the Good Ole Summertime kind of feel - did you stay to listen to it? Wow, this is one long comment.

Now, please pass the quiche?

Tracie, How do you want me to send the quiche to you? ;-)

Yes, we stayed for the credits and just loved the song "Thank You for the Music"----plus the guys in their spandex and tall shoes! What fun!

Oh how honored I am to be your friend and finish off my day at the shop with your blog. I was just hoping...you had done one. It always makes me smile. Thanks as always - for the sunshine you put in all our days. Sharleen

Isn't Summer grand?

I think the "Stone Rabbit" looks sporting in his bandana, yippe yay, yippie ya....
I loved Stephensons apple fritters, my favorite, and their green rice,delicious.

Lovely post

Jill xoo

Jill, HOW could I have forgotten the fritters and green rice? You are so correct--they were wonderful!


Your bounty of fresh goodness looks as good as I'm sure it tastes.

That TSR is such a fashionable fellow. I'm thinking he is destined for GQ.

Hi Dana - what a lovely blog post... What sweet and generous friends you have, and stone rabbit looks marvelous (as always)...
I must say I'm heartsick over the kitty ending as well. I could have gone on and on in my blogpost, but it would have been so long... The kitty is an indoor/outdoor kitty. And we don't have a leash law for cats in our town, which I desperately wish we did. If I hadn't already spent over $500 (yes, you read that right) on the emergency visit and the regular vet visit, I would have offered them the money to have his dental done. However, the vet did say that because of his advanced age (the owners later told me he is 17 years old), he might not even make it through the surgery. The family had five children who love the kitty (they had kitty before any of the kids came along) and I know money is tight for them... It's just a heartwrenching story all around... Thank you for caring though. I had hoped for a "Twiggy" ending, too... Hugs,Donna

I just love stopping at the what we call "corn stand" to pick up fresh yummies to add to dinner. Your plate looks good, got any left, I'll be over right away, LOL. Love your use of scrabble tiles - cool idea.

Hugs - Karen

Good morning Dana :)

After reading this post, I am starving! Do you think the stone rabbit would share with me???

I love Daisies too :)

Good morning, Dana. Those veggies look great! Especially the tomatos and cucumbers. nummy! (although I cannot eat them right now).
And I love the idea of the scrabble letters.. HOw cool is that?

PLEASE stop by my blog today for a special award I gave you.

Your pictures are so beautiful and I love the rabbit. BTW - saw Mama Mia yesterday! Still singing today...

You've got to stop by my blog and see the bunny pics...hopefully this won't upset the Stone Rabbit too much.


OHHH what yummy looking vegetables! How fortunate to have such wonderful friends! I cannot wait until my tomatoes start ripening and the corn stand has corn! Your leftovers looked so yummy! The Stone Rabbit looks happy in his bandana!
Have a great day!

Hi Dana! Thanks for visiting me again! I love your comments! I shall post the pink flamingo with his sign later this fall!

Dana your pictures are delicious. I love the scrabble letters, what a great idea. My family is also enjoying summer bounty, I love it. This is one of things I missed the most about Missouri.

Oh, all those fresh veggies look YUMMY and those daisies just remind me of summer...so fresh looking!! The stone rabbit looks dashing in his red bandana.

Hello Dana
I love this post!! The food looks so yummy and I love the little vignettes you photgraphed. It is all so cheerful. The stone rabbit looks very cute in the red bandana too.
Hugs, Rhondi

Tell Bonnie I said hello, and thanks for stopping by.

That is a very creative post! I love your daisies! And the quiche looks delicious!
Have a great day,

Yum oh! Summer veggies...awwww...corn on the cobb, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, etc. I can practically live off of fresh veggies and cornbread. Oh my my!


What a charming tablescape! I had trouble reading your whole post because my mouth was drowning! You really have the knack!

I have taught tablescapes. It's one of my loves. So, I truly appreciate seeing inviting table settings.

Hope your day is going well!

Dana, I never know what to expect whenever I visit your blog! They are SO original and FUN! I just think you are a rare talent and if you'll stop by my blog, I have an award for you!

Dana, all that fresh produce looks so good! You are very lucky!

Your quiche and peach drink look very delicious too.

Hugs, Pat

Yummy indeed! What beautiful veggies. I love how you always use the scrabble letters.
Great pics!

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