July 26, 2008


You girls sure know how to have fun!!!! with pINK no less!! What a wonderful way to celebrate PINK friendship!!!! I love all of the special touches.. you are a doll!!!

Dana! How fun! YOu are going to make all of us envious in blogland that we couldn't make it! Love those shoes, and the food! Thanks for all the fun!
Blessings, Debbie

Dana, I want to live by y'all...you have so much fun!!! GREAT shoes and great friends. Love all the PINK!!! What FUN!!!

All the flip flops are divine!!! And the pink glasses just add that special something to your outfits! tee hee! I think you really do have the "bestest" friends in the whole wide world! As always, I loved your pink post!

What a great idea Dana. Cute flip-flops, delicious food, and Mimosas! Wow! I wish I lived in your town so I could join your fun group.

I wish I was there with all of you! What fun!! Doris

"The Stone Rabbit and the Pinkettes"..."smiles" This looked like so much fun and genuine "pink cheer!" Love all the creative ideas for flip~flops! :)


Girls, your flip flops are PINKABULOUS!
What treasured soulful memories your making.
Dana,you're so clever!

Jill xoo

Hi Dana!! What a great idea!! I loved it!!!
Happy Pink Saturday!
Besitos from Argentina!!

Hi Dana!! What a great idea!! I loved it!!!
Happy Pink Saturday!
Besitos from Argentina!!

this is the best pink saturday post EVER!!!!

Your guests are all fabulous sports and you are the hostess with the mostess! Wonderful, fun, quirky ideas you have. the best part is that you follow through and include others in your fun. Blessings...

Wow! You throw the best parties EVER!!! Love that everyone decorate their flip flops. I loved all the pink touches your brunch had. :)

Dana you have the best friends! What good sports they are! I love the flip flops! I also love coming to see what you have each Saturday. Your posts always bring a smile to my face.

Happy Pink Saturday!

take care,

Dana, Dana, Dana. I might as well start laughing before I even read your post - because you always make me laugh aloud.

What did we all do before Pink Saturday? You and your friends are the best. It makes me think how much fun we would have if we could all get down and party pink together.

Tell the girls that I see Rockette lines in your futures. You are hot, hot, hot!!!

What a blessing to have such a great group of friends. Thanks for the great Saturday-morning entertainment and crafty inspiration!

Wow! This is amazing. I love your idea, and what beautiful friends you have. I love the photo with all the pink flipflops decorated for your challenge. Happy Pink Saturday. I think that if they were giving out prizes for the best post for Pink Saturday, I would vote for you! Karen

HI Dana, As always the most imaginative "pink" post!!! This party with your dear friends was just "crazy wonderful"!! I think one of these parties may be in my future too! Thanks for inspiring!...Heidi XO

What a fun, fun day! I want to live in your neighborhood!

What a fun idea! The pictures look like you had a great time together. All the flip flops are adorable! What a fun post!
Happy weekend!
Kathy (mimisgarden.blogspot.com)

Hi Dana,
This is my first time visiting you and my first time at PINK Saturday. I'm amazed at what creativity you have. To start with something so simple and turn it into soooo much fun! I want to be one of your friends!
Have a fun Pink Day,
Cori G.

Dana, this has been so much fun! You've done a fantastic Pink Saturday post! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Have a great weekend.

Can I be your new best friend? :)

Dana! What a fabulous friend you are! And what a fun, creative host. I'm so impressed!

Dana I always expect something fun when I visit! You all are such a hoot... what a great idea. Love the pics of the rabbit drinking and wearing it's glasses, and the circle of flipflops.

Great food, good friends add up to a FUN TIME! Thanks Dana, for including us on your PINK SATURDAY BLOG.

To Bonnie from Dana: You're such a dear friend--always there and always ready to do something fun! Thanks for being a part of the "production"!

Oh Dana! Your really out did your self this time!
:-) Your Pink Saturdays ideas are always the very best and so much fun to read! What a nice group of friends that you have!
I loved the whole post!

Pat in NY

Wow Dana, what a clever idea! How fun that must have been! Wished I lived near you, I would have loved to do something like that! Love the pink glasses touch, especially on the rabbit!

W O N D E R F U L!!! What a great idea! I love all those pink flops and that adorable bud vase. have a great weekend! Vanessa

What creative bunch of ladies. I just love your pink challenge.How do you come up with these ideas. You amaze me. Love all the flip flops too each one is so cute. Know I am going to have to make mine pretty also. Have a great week.

You are so creative with your pink posts! You really know how to put on a pink party! Fun, Fun!

Love your "Pink Saturday" Hou Cute and fun! Glad you all had fun and great time. Love all the pink sandals...:D

Hi! Happy Pink Saturday, What a great idea Dana. Cute flip-flops,visit me anytime.


Thanks for your sweet comments about Bittersweet on Pearl Maples blog.

Jill xoo

You must have been a party planner in another life Dana!! You are too much and nobody in blogland will ever top this. I giggled merrily until I got to the glasses and then I burst out laughing!! What fun - what great friends - what super pics. Thanks so much for enabling us to share in so much fluffy, flip floppy, pink fun.

You deserve every award in the book for this post.
Hugs - Mary.

I've given you an award. Hop over to my blog to get the details.

Omgosh! How wonderful!!! I love the pink and all that came from a simple pair of flip flops!

Your pink Saturday post was amazing...loved it....but I really like your plates!!!!
Moo :-)

FUN! FUN! FUN!!!! You are a kick! (hee hee) What a fabulous group of "sports" you have for friends. I think I'll stop by target next time I go into the 'Burbs (we have no Target *sniff*) and pick up a pair of these cute flip-flops -- you can never have too many pink accessories in my book. What a great day! [Lucky Rabbit!]

I want to live by you and be one of your girlfriends! You do so many fun things! Thanks for sharing your Pink Saturday challenge!
Have a great day!

What a fun party you had. I love the idea of everyone wearing pink and fixing up their own pink flip flops.


Dana, you never cease to make me laugh! I loved the pink flip flops and sunglasses! :)

Thank you also for your continued love, support and prayers during this difficult time. It means alot to me.


You are SOOOO creative. I love it. Your friends are just beautiful and so cute. When did Target have pink flip flops? I have to go find me a pair. When I'm not wearing my pink slippers, I must wear pink flip flops. Thank you! I really did love your pictures so much. So Cute.

This was my first time visiting ~ and I love reading about the fun times you had with your friends. I also have a special group of friends - and I just might borrow the flip flop decorating idea for an event I have coming up soon. Aren't family and friends just the best?

Dana - I love, love, love the creativity at your fun blog! Always something neat happening here and that's a great shot of the circle of flipflops!

Dana, What a GREAT "Pink Party" it was! You are indeed the hostess with the mostest. The food was delicious and everyone had such fun. So glad I could be part of it.

To Beth from Dana: Thank you for being such a great friend--always ready to participate, no matter what is going on! Always so kind and fun to be with!

Whew! I am all aglow with your fabulous pink flip flop party. I had a house full of family or I would have come too. :) Your pink post should win the academy of blogging award. You have great friends and why not, I am sure you are the center of all the fun you have together.

Dana, thank you for all your visits and sweet comments this past week. I am almost back to normal. What a great week we had though.

Oh yeah, If it wasn't for the last minute, nothing would get done!!! Believe me, I live it! smile.

Love ya, Jeanne

Hi Dana! I awarded you an award today! Hop on over to pick it up!

Awsome as always - I feel so blessed to be a part. Your creativity never ceases. We all wait with baited (is that the right word?) breath to see what is next. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Sharleen

Now that looks like a fun, pink day !!! Clarice

I what I would give for a fun day like this. You girls really know how to have a great time.

Hi Dana
What a great group of friends you have. Looks like you had a ball! I just love reading your blog bacause you're always doing something fun. If I lived near you I'd be crashing your breakfast parties.
Hugs, Rhondi

Oh my goodness! What a festive pink day! You have some very nice friends who would go along with this challenge. Blessed, indeed.

I also love the pink ....er ...I mean, the STONE Rabbit's glasses!


Hi Dana :)

Y'all should go into business making those! I'm not even kidding. Great post and always so much fun :)


The Rockette Flip Flops are fabulous! What a great time you gals must have had. Your blog is so fun! D~~~~

Hi Dana,

Thanks so much for visiting me on Pink Saturday! I LOVE all of those flip flops and what a neat group of Pink Ladies :)

Amy @ My Artful Heart

This is awesome! You have a wonderful group of friends... I love your ideas! And look forward to your pink saturday post. xoxo, Joanna

Jiminy---you and your friends are THE CUTEST things ever! EVER!!!

Hi, Dana! Such wonderful fun--I feel like I was there at the party too! What a great idea for pink! Have you thought of a virtual flip flops party sometime? ;o) Love your stone rabbit, and kitty Twiggy! Thanks so much for visiting me. So very nice to meet you and find your lovely place here in blogland. I look forward to stopping by again! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Hi Dana, let me introduce myself..I', Nancy. I have come across your blog and I have really enjoyed visiting. This is the best pink sat. I have ever seen. I love that stone rabbit! You have a wonderful blog. I would like to add you to my blog list so I can remember to return. Please come by and visit with me and add me to yours if you like. Hope you have a great day. Nancy

Good morning, Dana.

Hope you have a good day!!

Darn...wish I lived closer. I want to be your friend and do such fun things. What creative fun!


Hi Dana, still making my pink saturday rounds. Love this post and all those pink flip flops!
Blessings, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

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