July 30, 2008


Glad to be the first to comment - another great one - you take us places we don't all get to go and how we love to live vicariously (sometimes it is the only way). By the way, I enjoyed the trip, albeit second hand. Sharleen ....... ps. too bad this thing doesn't do spell check - I had some ??? about some words in this comment.

Hi Dana :)

I would have loved to go to this! I really need to see picture of the inside of that house :)

Congratulations on your awards. You deserve everyone of them!


It looks like you all had a wonderful day out - thank you for sharing it :)

LOL DANA!! I wish I could have come to the strawberry festival and met you and Bonnie, and bought some of that pretty pottery! I don't own a "I hear NY T shirt" though ...lol! Only tourists buy them! LOL!

That mansion is so beautiful! I'm glad that is it being taken care of as an historical treasure.

It looked like you found a lot of nice things "Ms. Junkmaster"! :-)

Hugs, Pat

I would love to go to that strawberry festival. Looks like a lot of fun stuff to browse through. That basket of strawberries looks YUMMY!!!

Hi Dana! Thanks for taking us along! Your photos are great! I would love to go to this festival! Food, entertainment, antiques and friends...YAY!
Have a great day!

Dana, can I be one of your girlfriends? You all have so much fun.

I told Jeanne that I think we need to go visit you all.

We'll decorate pink flip-flops if you want us to. ;-)

I love your posts. I feel like I went along. I love your shirts - you go girls! What great things there and it's beautiful too. Glad you got there early, the strawberry shortcake looks yummy. Hey, how can that man nap with all the good vintage items just waiting to be picked up? Too bad about the green funeral basket (I had no idea that's what they were called, thanks for the lesson), I will keep my finger's crossed for you next time. The festival strawberry is such a good sport and I love you began and ended with her and the officer. This post made me happy.
See 'ya Dana & The Stone Rabbit - any strawberries left?

Ya I'd like to be one of your girlfriends also. What a great day and so much to see. I'm a HUGE fan of Need'l love and I bet I would have found lots in that area, LOL. Thanks for taking us along.

Hugs - Karen

Looks like oodles of fun!

Jill xoo

You tell a great story! I always enjoy my visits here and this post gave me some giggles.


Dana, You can imagine my surprise when I saw the
Vaile Mansion on you post. My dh and I visited the mansion some time ago. We were in Independence, Mo. just looking around when we spotted the mansion. My sister-in-law lives in Gladstone, MO. We are visiting them next summer. It would be great fun to meet each other for lunch or something.

I have never been to a strawberry festival, but I always wanted to go. Mmmmmm strawberry shortcake. I think the terrific thing about your visit is seeing your friends from high school etc.

About those funeral baskets, I have always been in love with them in any color. I used to buy them to sell when I was in the antique business. I wish I had kept some of them now.

I wish I was the stone rabbit just long enough to eat his strawberries. Smile.

Love your post today,


Dana! I feel like I was right there with you. Well, except that I don't have any vintage picnic baskets around me...you lucky girl. Maybe you and your friend can trade..you've got 3 bargaining chips to her one funeral basket :) I love the pic of the ladies at the strawberry shortcake tent with all of their pink aprons. Have a great weekend! Warmly, Cathy in NY ^..^

I love the Strawberry Festival...next year I am going for sure! Now you need to go on a picnic and use all those wonderful baskets!

Hi Dana,
You are too funny. I will stay out of Hobby Lobby, I didn't go yesterday and I will not go today. Thank you for my reminder!!!!

Dana, what a fun day! I loved it all. The mansion is beautiful and your finds magnifique!
PS, If I weren't so peach crazy right now, I'd die for a strawberry shortcake!

Good afternoon, Dana.
I wish there were more festivals around here like there. I seen so many things that I'd love to have in my home. And Hey...I wanna be Miss Strawberry! ;-)


Wow! A gorgeous mansion, a flea market AND a strawberry festival all rolled up in one? How cool is that? Loved your tour and especially your "finds."


Hi Dana, I've been enjoying your blog tonight...you are very creative. I think I've visited you before on Pink Saturday!
Question: do you do anything special with the funeral baskets? Just put flower in them? Silly question maybe, but you never know!
I'm going to add you to my list. Have a great day,

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