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August 08, 2008


I bow down to the Queen of Pink, Dana.

You have me sitting here shaking my head and grinning in salute to your true pink genius. Did you know about this characteristic of yours prior to Pink Saturday, or was it an untapped source?

I never realized I loved pink roller until just now. And, just imagine that I can have a variety of pink finger puppets. I'm off to the store for my very own.

Theodore says hello to TSR.

Well, ok, THAT'S IT !!
Beverly is gonna have to start giving out AWARDS FOR THE BEST PINK SATURDAY and you would win this one, hands down!!
This post is just FULL of CUTENESS...I have rolled my hair on those pink sponge rods so many times !!
hugs, bj

You are a genius!! Ja Ja Ja!!! I love your post!!!!

Is a perfect Pink Post!!

Happy Pink Saturday!!

Besitos from Argentina!

Too Funny!
Happy Pink Saturday.

I am ROFLOL....you are one terrific story teller...and the things you come up with....TOO funny. What a great start to my Pink Saturday!!
P.S. Your name was mentioned in my post today...hee hee

You take my breath away! Just when I thought you may have hit a bump (lemon) in the road, you reacted quickly and turned it into "pink lemonade". I don't know when I have been so entertained. The "Pink Phantom" strikes again!

You start our Saturdays with a smile that won't disappear. Thanks!!! Sharleen

Dana, Your post is awesome. So creative, I love it.

OMgosh Dana! Another great post. I was chuckling all the way through. You are a riot! Thanks for the early morning laugh. It jogged me awake even better then my extra strong starbucks coffee. Love ya!

Dana! You are the funniest thing! This is the best! You just amaze me with your ideas and you're soooo funny. I think I said that already. I agree, you need a Pink Award for this!!
Have a hilarious pink Saturday!
Shelia ;)

Dana, you never cease to amaze me. Too, too funny.

ahahahahaha..I loved the monkey with the pink curlers. =-D I love your pink saturdays...yer the best! :)

Oh DANA! You are a RIOT! This was so clever and creative, I just loved it!!! Still chuckling. Who'da thunk one adorable card could inspire so much FUN? I will never look at pink sponge rollers in the same way ever again for the rest of my days. Amen.

High PINK PRAISES to you indeed.

Oh my goodness you certainly are my reason for getting up on Saturday's. You make me laugh like no other. I wish I had just a fraction of your sense of humor. You must be a hoot to be around.

I remember using those pink sponge rollers, but I also remember the wire ones that brought tears to your eyes as you tried to sleep at night! OUCH!

Happy Pink Saturday!

take care,

How funny! I haven't thought of pink sponge rollers in years!
Remember curling your hair on juice cans? Sponge rollers wre a lot more comfy!

You're so creative, what a blast! I think that chimp photos is darling, dear girl!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Dana, some how my blog got messed up and posted twice. please leave your post again, I can't get it to show up.

You are hilarious!!! Just love your pink roller party! You have the most creative mind!!! Hope you are having a pretty in pink Saturday!

You are hilarious!!! Just love your pink roller party! You have the most creative mind!!! Hope you are having a pretty in pink Saturday!

I CAN'T STAND IT!!! This is so funny, you win, you win! Love the pink sponge necklace for the dog. You have outdone yourself this week!
Blessings, Debbie

You crack me up...my personal favorite is the candle ring. How do you think of this stuff?

tee hee hee! You've done it again! Picture this: hubby went to buy a new lawn mower this morning and when he got back, he sat down to study the manual before using it. I went down to eat breakfast and mentioned that I had to get through the Pink Saturday list as far as the Stone Rabbit before I could eat my breakfast. As soon as I mentioned the Stone Rabbit, his eyebrows raised, and when I said that I was in such awe over your post that I couldn't even laugh, (he started getting out of his chair at this point) and that I just sat there with my mouth open while I was reading, he threw his manual down, and said, Let's go! I want to see it right now! So up we went to the computer, and I was able to giggle good the second time around, and of course, hubby giggled too! We are both in awe of your *pink* cleverness!!!

Happy Pink Saturday!

This is the most hilarious post I have seen so far!
Just awesome!

~ Gabriela ~

Dana, once again, you slay me. Clever and creative!

Still laughing! What a way to start my saturday! I especially like the rollers in your hair. You are so creative my friend.

Funny! Cute! Different! I like funny, cute and different too! The doggie is my favorite though! Great post.

Dana, I'm laughing my pink socks off...you are so clever and funny with your pink...I can't decide which photo I love best---you with your Mamma Mia t-shirt and curlers on, Stone Rabbit also wearing pink curlers or your pooch wearing them too--hehehe...Gosh, those foam pink curlers take me back. Didn't realize they still made them. LOL! Happy Pink Saturday ((HUGS))

Those pink rollers ruined my life... The hairstyles (and I use the term loosely) my mother came up with. I had the Dorothy Hamill pageboy. She rolled the top part in those pink rollers and left me w/ a hairdo that resembled a toilet seat. All the frizzy big Texas hair Easters I had. Oh the shame!!! I'm so glad you put the fun back in those dreaded pink rollers. If there was a PINK SATURDAY AWARD I would give it to you. You bet your pink roller bippy!!!

oh my gosh this was too funny, it needs to be printed out & put in a scrapebook LOL LOL I loved your pink post,happy pink Saturday!

OH MY WORD!!! lol lol I am laughing so hard I am about to pee my pants....I loved this...lol lol I am choking here!!!! lol lol The more I read the louder I screamed! lol lol Oh girl you win the prize today!!! This post is priceless!!! lol lol Oh lordy help me I am hurting here! lol lol This was fantastic you doodlehead! lol lol

Now I wish I could come to one of your parties.. you are the Queen of Fun!! & creativity!!! This is an adorable party idea for any age group!!! You need to be a party planner!! I love love love it!!!! Have a wonderfully pink day!!

NOt enough work to do around the house? Not enough chores to keep you busy? Not enough books to read? LOL

Your imagination is just wonderful - hope your party is as much fun!!!!

Now this is the BEST Pink saturday entry I've seen! That is so fantastic!! I will definitely have this as the theme for my next girls' sleepover event! Your imagination must work overtime! Great!!

ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!thanks for fun pink post! I love it! so cute!!!!!


How do you keep coming up with this stuff?? You are the most creative 'pink' person I know!
Looking forward to what you come up with next week!
Have a great pink Sat. and week,

Once again, you have cracked me up!

Hi Dana,

I know I have a bag full of those rollers somewhere, though I would have never come up with the ideas that you did-genius :). And so nice of you to include the animals in your party. I love it, very cute and creative Pink Saturday post.

Take Care,

OH MY GOSH! I nearly died laughing and then when I got to the frame with the rollers the laughing tears were rolling down my face but at the end when I saw the Stone Rabbit I literally fell in the floor. Bobby G. came running in to see what I was laughing so hard at....still laughing!

Dana, I am late getting any pink comments done today. Beverly told me to hit your post first. I think you might be my third visit today. I was out to lunch with Mary, Deborah and Vanessa. We had a great time talking non-stop. Then we visited SuZanas Antique store. We had a great time.

Now for your post today. Pink curlers have been upgraded beyond my imagination. But, definitely not beyond yours. Smile. Every photo was funnier than the one before. Love your post, love you. Jeanne

PS. thank you for you sweet comments on my post. I think you are funny too. Laughter is good medicine!!!

this is so funny pink post!.. and been laughing out loud!.. thanks for sharing this post!..have a nice weekend!

Well tomorrow when I finally make it to the store and I can't find any pink rollers in the place I will blame you and know that all over Lawrence Kansas women are making finger puppets and dog collars out of them. I hope you are Happy! Great post!

My goodness how your brain works. I think all the ideas you came up with are so great, I love the pedicure one, how neat is that. I used to use them also when I was younger. They were fun.
Have a great weekend.


Oh Dana...I was so sitting here cracking up!! Izzie laying there..like please get this off me...lol...i think alot of people (including me) have a drawer with some of those pink curlers in them! You are so clever!


p.s. Izzie is my brother's dog's name, too! Awesome name!

Hello and Happy Pink Saturday! What a cute post you are so creative!
Blessings, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Rofl.......I can not believe I have never been here...but so glad I found you now. What a hilarious post. I scrolled down and took in much of your pics etc. Looks like you love to thrift and flea market like me. I love rabbits too. I am gonna have to add you to my faves on my blog. Will be back to visit. cherry

Too cute!! Thank you so much for your wonderful thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. We are comforted by every comment and thankful for the support found in the blogging community. Your words were a blessings to us during these past few weeks.

kari & kijsa

I'll bet your brain is full of "pink matter" 'cause you are a pink GE.NI.US girlfriend!!! Cute,cute,cute. Curly is sooo beautiful but does he have the PERSONALITY that crazy SR does. I'm sure not. Hugs to you both - Nancy

Oh! I am all tired out now, I had such fun at your party, sounds like a good idea for a pj party too....

Happy Pink Saturday Post, Dana! Too cute! You are truly inspiring!! LOL

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

OMGosh... this is the cutest, funniest post ever. So entertaining. LOL LindaSonia

Good morning Dana :)

You had me rolling on the ground when you got to the finger puppets!! LOL You have to be the winner of the Pink contest every week :)


Oh Dana! LOL! Girl you are a trip and I just love ya. I remember wearing sponge rollers to bed... as a little girl, my mama would put them in my hair and I'd sleep in them. I wanted to look like Lucy Euwing on that tv show Dallas! LOL! Anyway, your ideas are great! What a fun girls only party this would be with those pink sponge rollers! LOL! Thanks for sharing!
Have a great week!


LOLLOLLOLLOL! You are hilarious - I love the way your mind works!

You are SO CLEVER! I just recently found your blog and I love it! You have a bizarre sense of humor and I can relate. :-)

Keep sharing the fun!!!!

Betty in Oklahoma

HI Dana

I'm late to the pink party as usual...sorry... but I'm laughing so hard at how hilarious this post of your is! You have the best imagination! I don't know how you manage to top each week's Pink Saturday post but you do! Loved this...and I think I'll be chuckling for the rest of the night! Hugs, Pat

Hey again Dana, I meant to ask you if it was alright to add your blog to my "take me away" blogs to read. :)

Hey again Dana, I meant to ask you if it was alright to add your blog to my "take me away" blogs to read. :)

Lynn from Vintage Nest sent me over here to see your pinkness! You're incredibly innovative, my dear! I am simply enthralled with your idea! I recall the old pink sponge rollers. Didn't hurt the heck out of your head like the black ones that followed, did they? I'll be back soon!

WOW ~ you are TOO funny ! I love this post. You are one creative lady - and a talented writer. Thanks for making me smile.

Dana! You should warn people before you spring things like this on them. Oh my God, I almost choked on my drink laughing so hard. You just crack me up! xo Cat ^..^

Dana, you need to write a book, featuring the Stone Rabbit and all your tremendous ideas and your sense of humor!! LOVED this post, just as I love all of your posts! LOL...Donna

you're the best at PS!! LOVE IT!

I came across your blog, I love your post. The sponge roller idea is so funny, What fun, you are so clever. Many Blessings, Virginia

You are one crazy girl! LOL:) I Love it! You are so intertaining with everything you do. Nancy


Hi Dana...I'm still loving the monkey! :)

HA! I LOVE IT. This was the crack me up!!!!!!
-Cheers, Amy

Darn Dana, I was just having fun reading your comments and my post went away. What's up with that? I just stopped in to say hello and how are ya!

I am desperately trying to catch up with the pinkie posts and it is a daunting job. That's it! No leaving town again. smile

Love, Jeanne

Did you see that? My dh made a comment on my post and didn't remove his ID. I just realized all day all of my comments will have his name on them. Sigh. We may not make it to 46 years. LOL

Hugs, Jeanne

Hi there! I am sorry you had problems linking me? Is this the email I put down..it might have been an old one. Hopefully that was the problem. I have linked you! Love your blog..makes me giggle. Thanks for sending Rue by. cherry

You are too funny and very creative! I hope you are keeping all of these ideas in a notebook for publishing later...

Thansk for visiting my blog and helping me out with my birthday dilemma!


Oh my gosh, this is so hilarious! You are da queen of pink rollers! :::applause:::

Oh my gosh, this is so hilarious! You are da queen of pink rollers! :::applause:::

Oh my gosh, this is so hilarious! You are da queen of pink rollers! :::applause:::

Oh you make me laugh!
I love your party! What a creative genius you are!

Oh you make me laugh!
I love your party! What a creative genius you are!

Great Thrifty Idea!

Jill xoo


What a clever post! I really enjoyed reading it...

Ok, that was incredibly clever!!!! That made my day and now I want to go and buy some pink spongy curlers and I don't even know why!!!


Dana - you are hysterical! Do you just walk around thinking up these amazing things wherever you go? Gosh - I loved the Mama Mia thing - now the sponge curlers! You are AMAZING!

Oh my goodness! This is the best party idea i've ever seen! So creative...I grew up in pink sponge curlers. I loved it. xorachel

This is the most creative thing I have seen. I love the pink rollers and all the amazing things you did! True art. -Tanya

After talking to you at the craft fair, I came home and looked you up. You made my day!!!!!
You are the "New Martha Stewart".
Nancy C

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