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August 27, 2008


I used to watch GH all the time, started with my mom. But when I worked full time, I lost track. I catch it now and then mostly to see Luke...what is he doing with Tracy???
He better get back with Laura...before Scotty does!!

Congratulations on your awards Dana, Thank you for my Kreativ Blogger award, it is so lovely. Now I can't wait to post it. General Hospital...Laura and Luke, I adored that show, especially Laura. I must turn it back on again. Thanks for posting that. Have a wonderful day. I have holly bushes in front of my house, I always love looking at those leaves and berries. Karen

Congratulations on your awards...you definitely deserve them!!

I never really watched GH I was hooked for a long time on All My Children. I finally got away from that and didn't ever start watching any other soaps. Love those holly bushes...oh, that would feel like Christmas!!

LOL! I used to watch GH with my Grandmother back when the Cassadine's had the "Ice Princess." And Tristan Rogers was my favorite!

What a flashback! Can't believe Laura is back.

Makes me miss my Grandma!


Congratulations on your awards Miss Dana! I LOVE GH!!! Have been watching it since the black and white days myself! As a matter of fact I am watching as I type! (With the kitten on my lap). Looking forward to seeing what you do with the holly this Christmas!!!
Have a great day!

I am a huge GH fan! I've watched it since '67, '68, somewhere in there. I don't recall if it was in black & white or color though. When did it go color? I just remember that I was about 14 or 15 when I started watching. My hubby has been watching with me since we met which was 10 years ago so he's a fan too. We record it every day and watch it over lunch or dinner depending on his work schedule. I was excited that Laura is back but I saw a commercial that disturbed me. It was for a soap magazine and said: "One of these people will be gone FOR GOOD." It showed Laura, Lulu, Nicholas and one other person but I forget who. Hopefully, they're wrong but if not, I think the most likely to go is Laura and I don't like that! I just went to soap.com/GH/comings&goings and it says Laura is on for a month and a couple of weeks in November. I only hope they don't kill her off! They've already completely dismantled the Quartermaines. I have always liked that family. They're funny! I wish they'd bring Ned & Dylan back, or Lois would be fun! AJ could still be alive because, after all, it is a soap. Even add a few NEW Quartermaines. I think it would be nice if they'd come up with some more Cassadines too. A Prince without a royal family is just plain sad! LOL. Oh well, I could go on and on and on and on, but I'll stop before I drive folks mad! Tee-hee-hee! Happy GH watching! D~~~~

Thank you Dana so much for thinking of me. I'm honored that you would! And congrats on you winning the award. You surely deserve it! Have a marvelous evening!

Thank you Dana so much for thinking of me. I'm honored that you would! And congrats on you winning the award. You surely deserve it! Have a marvelous evening!

I am pretty sure you just WON'T believe this but.....
I have never watched GH...not even ONE show. I must have watched something else at the time it was on....hmmmmm
xo bj

Hi Dana!

I watch GH about 29 years ago during the whole Luke & Laura saga. I was home then because I just had my son and as he napped in the afternoon I'd watch the soaps. Once I went back to work I couldn't watch anymore (this was pre VCR) so I lost interest.

Congrats on all your awards! You deserve them all!

Your Holly is pretty! Good thing the Stone Rabbit didn't eat the berries!
Hugs, Pat

Well, Dana~
You know I have stories to tell about General Hospital. I'm still trying to get my husband to take me to Copenhagen, so I can meet Anthony Geary on the street while we're there and he'll of course ask us if we'd like to go back to his house (and meet his wife, etc.) and then tell us all behind the scenes details. Where is Luke right now when Lulu needs him? I am so glad you didn't give anything away, I didn't think you would. I am on last Friday's show, so I still have not seen Genie Francis - Laura yet! Hopefully, I'll get to Monday's show by Friday. I have been watching GH since I'd come home from kindergarten and my mom would be watching it.

I love the photos you took and they're hanging on my refrigerator, just like I said. It's over 100 today, so a little hot for my Luke & Laura sweatshirt, but hopefully soon.

Gee, in all this ~ I think I forgot to congratulate you for all your awards - Laura on the brain.

Okay, so have you heard - is Brenda coming back too?

Oh yes, we get Soapnet too. Last time Laura (Genie) came back on, my hubby watched some of the old episodes with me leading up to the wedding. My favorite is when they were locked in Wendem's Department store and they danced and danced - do you remember that? Okay, now everyone knows I've lost it and I haven't even told the best story yet ;)

Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly (reminds me of A Christmas Story, with dear Darren McGavin).

And, OMG - I haven't seen that episode of 24 either, when I read that I thought "no way"! I think you're my long lost sister sweets ;). That poor Jack, Luke could show him a thing or two!

I meant that season of 24 - I'm blaming Laura again ;)

Was it a plush robe, or one of those cheapies?

Now, I really have to get caught up. But one more thing, Dana~
Why'd they kill off Georgie Jones - she was so sweet.

I really DO have a life. Thank goodness for Tivo and Soapnet.

Guess I'd better make some dinner... xo~Tracie

Dana, I used to watch during the Luke and Laura days, Felicia and Frisco, Quartermains (how the heck do you spell it anyway??)Anna, Robin, Holly, Scotty, Bobbie, Lucy, Ruby, oh God, its all coming back to me...! I haven't watched in years but its good to know they are still going strong! xo Cat ^..^

I KNEW there were GH fans in blogland!
CEE KAY: Luke and Tracy are stll married, but what will happen now that Laura is back in the picture? ooooooh, the excitement!

KAREN: Looks like Luke and Laura could be an item again. Let's ask Tracie---she is the expert!

DARLENE: You are forgiven for not having watched GH, but it's not too late.

JILLIAN: You have to win some kind of award--you remembered the Ice Princess!

KIM V: I think YOU need an award, too. You've been watching since the black and white days and you were watching as you typed a comment on my post--with a kitty in your lap! I feel weak with joy!

DONNA: WOW! I feel a prize needs to go to you as well!! You remembered LOIS and you are pulling AJ back from the grave! More Quartermaines--yes, oh, yes! Better, yet, more Cassidines! Tremendous ideas!

NIKKI: You're welcome, but do you like GH?

BJ: GH rules! You will love it!

PAT: I know you are a busy New Yorker, but carve out a little GH time now and then--it will take you about 12 minutes to catch up after 20 some years of not watching it!

TRACIE: YOU are the GH Queen. Folks, she has watched it since she was in kindergarten, she has in her possession a genuine "Luke and Laura Sweatshirt", is begging her hubby to take her to Copenhagen to meet Anthony Geary (Luke)---she even remembers Luke and Laura dancing in Windham's dept. store--Tracie, my knees are trembling! This folks is but the tip of Tracie's GH knowledge, too!

CATHY: Whoa--you're good, too. You remember Felicia and Frisco and RUBY (she's dead--the character and in real life :-( ----OMG you remembered LUCY and Bobbie (she's had a few too many facial enhancements) and Scotty (he's still kicking-has a major roll again!). See--it does all come back. It's just like riding a bicycle!

You guys are great! dana

That is so, so cute Dana - your comment!

Ahh, I had a feeling Cousin Ruby had passed on. Poor Bobbie can hardly speak since she's had her skin lifted so tight (you noticed it too!), but I have to love her anyway since she's Luke's sister.

This was really fun, it is like riding a bicycle, I got to thinking about Luke & Laura and Beacher's Corners and that lovely couple that took them in - can't remember their names right now. Oh yes, and The Left Handed Boy. Wow, this could be a post that could take on a life of it's own. Hmm, can anyone say Mr. Smith & Jennifer? Uh oh!

I'm seriously going to try to speed through two episodes tomorrow. It's supposed to be 107 here, so why not veg out?

This was a blast ;)

Good morning Dana :)

I used to be really addicted to soaps and GH was one of them. I lost interest when Sonny left the show. He was soooo hot! I watched Luke and Laura get married back in the 80s with my mom. Ahhh... the memories... ;)

Cogratulations on your awards!

Holly berries already??


Hi Dana!

I was always a Days of Our Lives fan and so were my daughters, who did a little class scheduling, too!

My mother was a nurse, she was also a GH fan. She would schedule her patients for meds, so that she could drift through the rooms dispensing medication and watching GH. Many of her patients were GH fans, as well.

Our friend Pat, J and I had lunch at Oddfellows yesterday. Chef Corey prepared a white chocolate cheesecake that refused to cool, before we left!! They are closed today and we're going to the lake, for a couple days...we plan to go to Oddfellows for a lunch of desserts, one day soon!

I love holly berries. Aren't they just the prettiest? Good for TSR finding them.

I don't watch GH either. Are we still friends? ;-)

I used to watch it many years ago when it was all about Luke and Laura. I quit watching shortly after the Cassadine storyline and Scorpio and I forget his wife's name but I think she was played by Emma Samms. I decided I didn't want to see Luke and Laura break up, which would eventually happen I was sure. Haven't seen it in over 20+ years but I used to schedule my lunch break so I could see it then! It is addicting that's for sure!!

U little sweetie! I will promise to post mine next week. We are leaving for the lake the next couple of days. You deserve the award..not sure I do rofl. cherry

Hi Dana,
I saw Laura in her institutional robe today (finally) and so did my hubby.

My daughter & I walked to Long's this morning and there was one copy of the magazine with Laura, Lulu and Johnny left. I didn't have my debit card or one bit of cash. We walked briskly back home and ran back to Long's to get it! Now I know what Genie Francis regrets... ;)

Have a great long weekend!

I have that plant with the red berries. Several of them, in fact. Striking, aren't they? I have to say I do recall fairly vividly when Luke and Laura tied the knot oh, so many years ago! I don't watch hardly any tv anymore, as I'm "into silence" now. But...shhhh! (My husband tapes the Bold And The Beautiful to watch!) I use to watch it, but now I'm too busy on the blogs!

That cracks me up that Brenda's husband tapes the Bold and the Beautiful! Never seen that one. So where are you, Dana?

Are you still watching GH? I've made my through Tuesday's show so far. It's going much slower than I thought. Maybe I'll pull an all-nighter ;)

Happy long weekend!

Hi Dana, I also used to watch General Hospital all the time!...and after reading your post, I think I may again!....Thank you so very much for my award! That was just the sweetest thing to do!...I wrote all about it on my post!...I so appreciate it!...Enjoy the weekend!....Heidi XO

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