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August 21, 2008


That was wonderful! I so want to visit the butterfly conservatory because I love bugs, spiders and butterflies. I am jealous now!

You absolutely go to the most amazing places. That is SOOOO neat that the butterflies land all over you. My daughter would LOVE it. Anytime she sees a butterfly in the yard she says looks a butterfly, a butterfly...yes, Lexi we see the butterfly...lol

It looks absolutely beautiful there.....what a fun time.


That was fun. I felt like I was right there with you.

What a great bunny sculpture that was.

I had a sense of fright when I saw the picture of the snake. Yikes!

Hope you have a great afternoon.


Powell Gardens and the buttefly exhibit look delightful, Dana! You and your husband took some wonderful photos. I love the woman with all the blue butterflies all over her. I see your husband relented and let you go shopping in the gift shop ;-) My husband immediately starts to yawn as soon as I walk into a gift shop as he knows he's going to be there for a long time ..lol! He also eats prickly pears! They are a treat in Southern Italian when they are ripe.

Hugs, Pat

How lovely, Dana. I hope SR doesn't get jealous over you with the BR (bronze rabbit!) Don't show him that photo, whatever you do! ^..^ CS

Dana, if I'd been there, "I'd" have been the nosy broad poking your husband on the shoulder and pointing out that his label was showing on his shirt! That would be ME! That is lantana. On the top of my blog banner, you'll see a butterfly on a lantana in my yard. Wish I could have gotten to that butterfly bush. I bought one earlier this year that is small, but is a MAGNET! Had, once again, another cackle at a funny post. You and I would have found one another at some point, Dana. I'm sure of it! We are so alike in humor; hope that does not offend you! (You don't know me well yet...)

What a great trip! Thanks for taking us along!
I've never seen a butterfly light on a person before! That must feel like a whisper. Such beautiful pictures, Dana! You're quite a photographer!

What a great trip! Thanks for taking us along!
I've never seen a butterfly light on a person before! That must feel like a whisper. Such beautiful pictures, Dana! You're quite a photographer!

I love Powell Gardens, I went there just last year. Have you been to Cockrell Mercantile? It is just down the road.

I am utterly terrified of snakes. My husband thinks this is hilarious since we are moving out to the country. I don't think it is funny at all!

I didn't know there was going to be a butterfly festival...I definitely would have bought that butterfly bush!

Mom's "craft" show is going to be in November at the Fair Grounds. Her booth is going to sell soap, candles and jewelry!

Where and when are your shows going to be?

I love Powell Gardens. I missed the "Festival Of Butterflies."
I really like there gift shop!
It's been a few years since I've been there.
Thanks for sharing the beautuful pictures and the wonderful moments.

Jill xoo

Hi Dana,
This looks like so much fun. The butterflies are beautiful. The picture with the lady with the blue butterfly is really cute, they really did love her. You sure found a gorgeous big bunny there, maybe it was Harvey?

I wouldn't have gone in the giftshop, it looks like your husband really meant NO - he kind of scared me even from here (just kidding!). Love the tee shirt with The Stone Rabbit - did you get 10% off?

You do have some wonderful photos Dana. Thanks for sharing! It was a fun virtual field trip.

I never thought I'd make an effort to go to a butterfly exhibit. I'll definitely rethink that now. Looks really interesting. Of course Austin/Keepin' It Weird, Texas has Bat exhibits and attractions. You know the blood sucking kind - not the game kind! ;O) Nancy

The Blue Morpho looks like a beautiful blue hat on that ladies head! Also love that picture of your husband saying NOOOOOOOO! LOL! :-)

I have an award for you on my post - - -


Hi Dana! Thanks so much for your well wishes!!! I'm doing much better today! Thank you, also, for taking us along to see the butterflies and other creepy crawlies! I knew you'd find your way to the gift shop! I have an award for you over on my blog! So hop on over!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Wow Dana! What a wonderful day. I loved seeing all the photos. I've never been to a butterfly exhibit, but now I sure want to go.

I have an award for you!

Happy Friday!


What fun you had I just love butterflies.The blue ones are my favorite.
Best Wishes

What a wonderful place! I can't believe those butterflies just land on people like that! The blue ones were just breathtakingly gorgeous!

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