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August 19, 2008


Long ago, we used to have a place in Houston that made square pizza and it was the BEST!! Looks like you had a great time shopping and you saw Mamma Mia again...where was your tee shirt???? I haven't seen it as it is not playing in our town but I would love too....I LOVED Abba back when they WERE popular!!

Thank you Dana! I will definitely take this tag and dance/run with it! LOL!


What fun!
You always make me laugh and wish I could come along!

What fun!
You always make me laugh and wish I could come along!

Dana, I am not sure I told you I took my dh and saw the movie three times. Oops, Mamma Mia, of course. I too, saw the Broadway play, only in New York City, with my four sisters. I only have to play the music to start jumping and singing. I become the Dancing Queen. well, sort of. smile. I loved your story about the little trip and the pink sunglasses hit the mark. Great fun.

Today is my 100th post, come over for the give-a-way drawing on Friday.

You are the only other person I know with the name "Dana' that pronounces it like that other than a childhood friend. It is usually, as I have found, pronounced "Day-na." Yes, I will play along, but I never listen to music, so will have to improvise! I enjoyed your tale today!

What a fun post. you and your gang always look like you are having a great time. Thank you for the tag. I will post my songs in a couple days I need to think.
Happy pink.

Hi Dana...I am assuming the square is in the old part of Independence where the courthouse is. When we were there a couple of years ago, there was a German restaurant on the corner. Is it still there? We had lunch there. J always looks for places serving German food.
We enjoyed our visit to that part of town. We also saw Harry and Bess' home and the library. Would love to return!

Hi Pat! Yes the Square is in the old part of Independence. The German restaurant is still there and I am embarrassed to say--I have NOT eaten there. I must see that I do just that. You do need to return so you can add our courthouse to your photo gallery of Missouri County Courthouses! You also need to see Mary Carol's store she opened in the North part of KC if you haven't done so already. Dana

Hi Dana! It sounds like you had another fun day!!! Your adventures always look like so much fun! :)
I have been missing in action the last few days...I have fibromyalgia and when it decides to rear it's ugly head I know it's time to slow down. But the pumpkins are at various stages of ripening...the patch looks pretty sad all die-ing down. I will have to take a picture soon. It really is fall-like here. I want to thank you for the tag...I will be posting on it this week! It is a fun tag! Hope you have a great week!

Hi Dana,
I finally get back from my break and you're talking Mamma Mia - I don't blame you one bit. I'd love to see it again too!
Your lunch sounds delicious, now I want pizza for dinner. Those glasses are darling and just the right shade of pink.
The songs you picked (especially Kris Kristofferson, need I say more?) are great.
So, what about the song at the end of Mamma Mia - I still think of how much I loved how they made it should "old" thank you for the music with the little bell chimes and all... hmm, I may have to get the soundtrack (my husband will be so glad to add it to our other ABBA collections ;)
Happy night sweetie!

I think I'm in Mamma Mia mode - hyper! I meant sound old - which I'm sure you realize fellow ABBA lover ;)

It sounds like another great day with your friends.

I do believe everything looks better through pink glasses.

Woo hoo, Dana!
Are you up to date with GH? I'm not - four days behind (thank goodness for Tivo). I will have to show you my Luke & Laura sweatshirt (signed no less by Genie Francis), impressed yet?

So you remember Jessie, Dr. Hardy and Audrey? ;)

OK Dana, I must confess that I was one of those crazies who went to the RKO Theater in New Rochelle, NY every Saturday night at midnight as a teenager to 'watch' the Rocky Horror Picture Show. No matter who was where, we'd all know you could meet up there. We'd bring 'props' that were necessary...toilet paper, toast, water pistols (you had to be there, ok??) and yeah baby, we did the Time Warp! xo Cat ^..^

Oh, Dana, you lead such a wonderful life with your wonderful group of friends... It seems like you are always getting together and having such fun!! I don't blame you one bit for seeing Mamma Mia a 2nd time (I've been 3x already - once with my sister, once each with both of my daughters, and like you, I like it more and more each time!!) And Dancing Queen has to be one of my favorite parts of the whole movie... I love all those women!! I will certainly be buying the DVD as soon as it goes on sale... Donna

Ok.......you guys have wayyyyyyy to much fun. I went through a part of Missouri...I would love to go back. Your making me hungry talking about pizza...and it is 12:oo not good. rofl, cherry

Hi, Dana! What a fun post today...It's always such fun here at your place, and I love how you take us places with you :o) Fun with the song game...I'm not a big ABBA fan either (I know, shock-horror!) But I am keen to see this Mamma Mia for the fun of it! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Another fun day trip. I hope you're starting a scrap book with all these great pictures of all of you girls.

Jill xoo

Hi Dana,

I just found your blog via The Daisy Chain.

What a wonderful blog you have. It made me giggle and smile.

Thank you for creating such a fun place to visit.

Sunbonnet Cottage

Great songs! I was just tagged by The Daisy Chain to list mine...stop by my blog and check 'em out when you get a chance!


This was a fabulous post, Dana! From the pizza, the movie theater, the friends photo, and the dessert in the bakery that sadly is closing. I love the pink reading glasses!

Your song choices were great and I remember them all except maybe the TENNESSEE STUD one --but I bet it was a thrill to meet a star!

Thanks for playing the tag! You're the best!

Hugs, Pat

Hi Dana, just stopping by to let you know you are in the book drawing. Thanks for you sweet comments as always. I do enjoy getting to know you more as time goes by. We will definitely be in Gladstone in May next year. when it get closer we will hopefully arrange a get together.

Hugs, Jeanne

What a fun day and I love those pink specs!


Okay, ABBA lady~
Who do you think you're dealing with? Of course I saw Luke & Laura's wedding. I wouldn't have missed it for anything - when Elizabeth Taylor (whoops Helena Cassadine) showed up and then Scotty Baldwin - Oh my Gosh!
When Laura finally came back on the show years later, a co-worker and I hid in our bosses office (with his exec assts permission) with a dinky TV while he was on a business trip and watched for the days she was on. We were bad, very bad ~ see what happens when there are no Tivos? Guess the VP's office is as good a place as any to watch GH! Hope you're smiling ;)
Better tell your son Genie Francis is coming back.
xo~Tracie Quartermaine (whoops, that's wrong too!)

Okay, that will be my Mission tomorrow (I've chosen to accept it - remember Mission Impossible?) anyway, not to get off track... I will Google and find out somehow (pay people off, whatever means necessary ;).
I hope Genie Francis is going back to GH not somewhere else and Brenda - I LOVE Brenda, what a doll. It seems like Sonny's leaving. Gee I better blog/post about this shouldn't I? Another episode tomorrow... Don't even get me started on Dark Shadows.
Happy night!

And why don't Carly and Jax just end it?

Okay, I'm gone ;) (for real now!).

Another wonderful outing!

Good morning Dana :)

I had so much fun going to town with you! That piece behind y'all in your friend's shop is amazing!! Love the glasses too ;)

Laughed until it hurt (as always) when I read about your razzle dazzle game for Pink Saturday LOL


Both Kris and Janis' version of ME AND BOBBY MCGEE were fantastic! Don't worry about dating yourself, I still have 8-tracks AND a player. I don't dare try to play them, I'm afraid they are as old and brittle as I am! I just keep them around to freak out the younger generation!

Hi Dana-My dad grew up on Strawberry Hill in Kansas City and my grandmother gave me her recipe for Povatica. I can't believe I saw that on your blog! I usually make it for Christmas. Thanks for sharing!

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