August 29, 2008


OMG!!! Your post is so hilarious. I found it when I did an internet search for "unusual pink things". I need to find something that usually does not come in pink and photograph it, and I'm stumped. But your pink hands are great! And I love how many ways you put them to creative use. I must say, your LIttle Pink Slapper drink sounds yummy. Keep up the good work. Now I still have to find something pink!

It's going on 2 am and I just finished up with my *pink* post when I happened to see you had yours up already too! Well, of course the anticipation was killing me and I knew I wouldn't sleep a wink unless I read it. Hubby's already in bed, so he will just have to wait until morning! But {tee hee hee!} now that I've read it I don't know how I can sleep, I need to get over the giggles first so I don't wake up hubby! I don't want him to know I've read it, he needs his sleep, and he'd make me tell him all about it, and it's much better if he reads it and sees the pictures for himself. And if he gets up and reads it, he won't be able to sleep, he'll have all kinds of ideas for uses for those *pink* hands running around in his mind! We're going antiquing this weekend, maybe we will be lucky enough to find us our own pair!

Hello Sweet Dana!

LOL!!!!! You are sooo clever girlfriend! L@@ks like you had fun again! Great PS post!

I am not doing PS but had to drop by and see what you had up your sleeves this week!


You are the funniest chick! I noticed you had your pink, cheap, comfy crocs on too! I just had to read your blog to my teenage son. I don't think he quite got it! :) Too funny!

I needed your humor this evening!! You always make me laugh and how you think of all this stuff...oh, and before I forget, we have a Brass Armadillo antique store here in Phoenix!!

Hi Dana, that was so great. I was on the edge of my seat laughing.
Great Pink Saturday Post!

OMG, Dana, you are hilarious! Yours is always the first blog I go to on Pink Saturdays! Loved hearing about the pink hands! And your signature drink was just too funny!!! ...Donna

I'm voting for you for best imagination. Your ideas just never end, and your sense of humor is just so refreshing. This old world can get kind of stressful, and your silliness is just the best medicine.

My only question is, 'Did you wash those pink hands after you smacked the bugs, and before you put them in your LITTLE PINK SLAPPER drink? I'm so happy your have a helpful photographer to get pictures of you to include in the post.

When will you be writing your first book? (Or have you, because if you have, I want one!)

Have a wonderful weekend. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

OMG...I am ROFLOL. You are too funny...where is the book?...I think it could be titled Dana's Fun with the Stone Rabbit, and today's book would be Dana's Pink Saturday Fun!

OK did some squashed bug bits go into that Little Pink Slapper drink? lol

I know I can always start my day off right when I get to read one of your posts.

Girl, you are not only the Queen of Pink, you have toppled Martha. She doesn't know "a good thing" when she sees it.

Wow...very innovative! Love the use of those plastic handies....esp for that message holder for hubbie (for the ring)...tee-hee.

LOTS of creative uses for something that had a use for caring for a staple of womens' clothing from the past. How fun they happened to be PINK :)

Happy Pink Saturday to you!

Well as always I totally love your post(no pressure for the next one) I have never seen such inguenity! I will have to check out that flea market sometime with my sister as we both live in Lawrence. I hope you enjoy your week.

Happy Pink Saturday!

I really loved your post, hilarious and so interesting!

~ Gabriela ~

Happy Pink Saturday!

I really loved your post, hilarious and so interesting!

~ Gabriela ~

Happy Pink Saturday!

I really loved your post, hilarious and so interesting!

~ Gabriela ~

Thank so much for my first laugh of the day.How do you come up with all of those ideas.
Best Wishes

This is just a MAGNIFICENT post! I laughed so hard...I do believe you outdid yourself on this 'un.

Well Dana, I have to HAND it to you, you didn't let me down! You certainly are creative! I just hope that pink hand was washed before being added to your signature drink...unless of course that was one of the secret ingredients LOL!

Thank you for my Saturday laugh!!!

Happy Pink Saturday!

take care,

It's my first Pink Saturday, and I think I found the funny one right here!

What an amazing find! And a great value, too. So many uses for one liitle item..your guest must have been stunned by your skills:D Thanks for a Saturday AM giggle!

I've never seen anything like those pink hands! I think I have Pink Hand Envy!

GREAT ideas for their use and your pix just add so much to your post!!!!

Ha ha another funny post and look!...you're waering your pink, practical, cheap, warm, functional, stylish shoes. Thanks for the great laugh!

How lucky to have a Antique Mall so close. I laughed at all your clever ideas, you are so funny and what imagination you have. I love your post.
Have a wonderful and happy Labor Day Holiday.
Blessings, Virginia

Dana, you always make me laugh every Pink Saturday!! I love how creative your mind is! Those pink hands are hysterical!!! Especially at the very end!

Best to you this Saturday!

THAT WAS FREAKING HYSTERICAL!! I WAS LAUGHING THROUGH THE WHOLE THING.. Oh man I never would have thought there could be so many "handy" uses for hands. You are brilliant and that made my day!!

I am antiquing today and will consider myself the luckiest chickie in the world if I run across some pink plastic hands. Laughing all the way out the door. ~ Yours truly ~ Lynn

What an incredible story -I really enjoyed the toilet paper holder best. I have never saw glove holders like this. I am going to ask my Mom, the antique expert if she used these. Have a wonderful weekend.

Dana, I don't know how you come up with so many imaginative ideas to create a Pink Post every week. What fun, and you really made me laugh out loud. One question though...Did you get that new ring? Happy Pink Saturday. Karen

I don't know what you paid for those gloves but it sounds like whatever they cost, you got your money's worth out of them!

And don't forget. . . you can use those wonderful. pink. hands to give yourself a big "pat on the back!!!"




Too funny!!

Jill xoo

Talk about ingenuity! You have to be one of the most creative-minded, clever individuals I've ever had the chance to meet, Dana! You should write children's stories. They would love your unique wit! I sure do. When you had those gloves in the glass, I thought you were rinsing them off after your husband swatted the critter!

So funny!!!

You get the crown for the best pink post for the day. I love those glove stretchers or driers. Happy Pink Saturday

Fabulous as usual Dana! I'm in awe of your creativity and humor. Might have to share a few of our signature pink drinks in the future...

Oh I just loved you little pink hands!!! You just had a ball with them!

Hi! Danna you are great and funny. you are so so so so sooooooooooooooooo creative, And you are so nice, hahahha! my daugthers and me love your post!
Happy Pink Saturday!
esperamos todos los sabados ver su hermoso blog es fantástico, son da tanta alegria tanta simpatía
un abrazo enorme desde Argentina.
besos de mis hijas también!

HILARIOUS... those sure did come in handy for many situations! Thanks for the laugh! Enjoy your weekend! Fifi

You are very creative - I love it!!!

Thanks for sharing your pinkness :)


You did it again, Once more
I laughed all the way thru your post. A PINK SATURDAY HOOT!!!

Oh this is so cute. I love the one with tolet paper. I think I need the backscratcher. Pinkness to you. Kathy

Oh I love those pink hands! How clever! I sure would like to have been a guest at our party. Sounds like fun! I will have to look for a pair of those!

You sure do think 'outside the box' Dana,
Great post!

Oh my goodness! Your post made me laugh!!! I hope you get your diamond ring soon. :)

I hate to repeat others - but lordy woman you are hysterical . I was laughing so loud hubby wanted to know what was up. Very very clever. Thanks for making my day.


Whew - for a minute I saw the pan, the kitty, and the pink hand and thought OH NO - next comes the kitty litter and scooping will be the last use for those magic pink hands!
Sooooo cute. Put me on your girlfriend list when you shop for the pink hands!

Loved your sweet pink post, made my day!!

Dana you never fail to make me laugh when I read your posts. The things you come up with when you find a great item. Your imagination is endless. Have a wonderful weekend.


Stir me up a Little Pink Slapper, I'll be over for a drink!

I don't know if I've ever laughed so hard at a Pink Saturday post! I really look forward to what you have come up with each week! I've got to "hand" it to you, this was great!


I absolutely applaud you Dana...it's 3:00 am and I can't stop laughing and I'm waking up the whole house now..ok back to bed for moi.
Claudie from Canada
P.S. I have you in my fav list

Dana, yep, it is really me. I have just witnessed a new pink fad with those pink plastic wonders. I have been to that mall several times while visiting my sister-in-law in Kansas. I hope they still have them next May. I actually think my chances are real good. I am sure there were so many of those extremely handy whachamicallits made so that every handy housewife would HAVE to have a pair. I am simply so excited, I am beside myself. I wish I was outside of myself, and then I might escape some of this leg pain. See, yet another use for those pink wonders. LOL

Dana, thank you so much for your many visits and comments about my knee surgery. I tried to make a comment the other day and I couldn't get through. ?? I appreciate your thoughtfulness so much. This surgery is so painful and I still have to do the other knee. I know it will all be worth it in the end.

Love and hugs to you my friend...Jeanne

Here it is Sunday and I'm still laughing Dana - I would have loved to have been with you at this antiques mall finding these treasures.......that was some party you threw, bet they all loved it.

Thanks for your always uplifting posts and the happiness they bring.

WHY? WHY do I do it? Come to your blog BEFORE I go to the bathroom? I should know by only 2 visits, best do that first else you'll P your britches.

Gads you're STILL a funny gal!

Dana you have the best imagination of any one I know! Thanks for another hysterical pink Saturday post!
Hugs, Pat

DAAAANNNNAAAAA! You are killing me. Too funny. xo Cat ^..^

Well that had me giggling all the way through! Now I feel it's essential to get a pair myself - I can always use an extra pair of hands!

Thanks for dropping by!


You are too funny and oh so clever! Love your story!

You post just made me smile...Love it...
Mo :-)

howdy dana! It's Sue from sweetpeasuescottage-yes I have the vintage photo scanned into my computer and I size it as I want it then cut it out and collage it together. i'm glad maddy joy makes you laugh- i'll tell you what her motto is-Death to Squeaky Toys- Napoleon's motto is-I am not a squeaky toy!

It is always so much fun to read your Pink Saturdays posts! I love the way your mind works, always thinking, planning, plotting...LOL! :-)


You leave me speechless each post - - Am wondering if your last dinner guests will return! You surely had them hopping with the pink hands showing up everywhere. I can only hope that your creative juices keep flowing - we are ALL (as you can see from the comments) counting on it! Thanks for the spark you add to our days. Sharleen ps -- Santa Cali Gon has not been kind to me so far but the shop is a picture of fall and oh so cute. Noting like patting yourself on the back. I really need a pair of pink hands for that job. Shar

This post made our day- we will chuckling for at least the next 13 1/2 minutes!! (and probably bursting into laughter at inopportune times as we remember all the funny uses!!)
Thank you for all your prayers and blessings!
Have a wonderful Labor Day,
kari & kijsa

Dana you are too funny with those pink glove hands.

My favorite is the diamond ring note! I'm rooting for ya!


I love your Pink Saturday posts, Dana! They are always fun!


Hi, Dana! hahaha...Those PINK HANDS do everything! Do you have a pair in each room of the house, and the yard too? Looks like they are making your life easier ;o) Every girl's dream...ah...Such a fun post, as ever! Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS)) P.S. Love that pink mixing bowl you have!

Rofl.......I wish I had been at that dinner party! Was the stone rabbit dismayed at all the attention the hands got? You have a hilarious mind my dear. I finally.....rolling of eyes...posted the award you gave me! Thank-you again and Happppppppy Labor Day! Please don't tell me to talk to the hand...cherry

~SO funny! I cracked up laughing! ~Amanda

Wow, Dana, I can see by all of the comments that everyone is like me and can't wait to see what clever and funny post you have created for Pink Saturday.

I posted the Kreativ Award today. Thanks again. Karen

You are too funny! I always enjoy your posts!
If you have a moment on Wed, stop by and enter my blog party giveaway!
Hugs to you!

I'm giving you a standing ovation! This is such a FUNNY, creative post! Oh and did I mention FUNNY? Love, love your blog! It's got to be added to my side bar right away! And to think you even have the name of stone rabbit! Now I have to find those pink gloves...

Dana, I loved your "pink hands" post. What fun and creative ideas!

You are too cute and too funny! Love this post!

Just too funny! Every house needs a pair.

What a Terrificly FUN post!!

Love those pink hands! Now, why don't I ever find any neat stuff like that?!?!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

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