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August 15, 2008


You are so clever, I look forward to your Pink Saturday post every week. This was so adorable, and you know...I think I'm feeling that Pink Razzle-Dazzle too. Karen

I can't wait each week for your next installment. WHEN is the book coming out.....seriously, with your charming story telling you need to write childrens books featuring the stone rabbit and all his friends.

Cute, CUTE post...Thanks for always putting a huge smile on my face.

Accidentally my owner, er cat, Miss Molly saw your post over my shoulder. She wants to know if you have kitty cat camp? You really should run a kitty daycare also! At least until the meds kick in! LOL Love your wacky posts!

Vanessa (and Molly the cat!)

I'm feeling some pink razzle dazzle after reading this, too. Perhaps I need to get some of the magic pink cups.

Ooh, a Pink Saturday storybook. Just imagine the lines in the bookstore waiting for a signed copy.

Happy Pink Saturday, Queen Dana.

I love reading your posts, they are all so much fun. Have a Happy Pink Saturday and never lose your playful spirit.

LOL!!! Oh I couldn't wait to get over here this morning,,,You are a hoot girl!!!! I loved this story!!!! lol lol (oh and I went to the bathroom before dare opening your post! lol) Love your furbabies...great post as always! have a wonderful weekend sweetie!

You are just so silly, and sweet, and such a delight. I love your posts. I wish everyone in life had a happy attitude. Thanks for putting a smile on my face and a song in my heart today.

I thought of you yesterday while I was at a thrift store. There was a lamp base with a rabbit hot glued to it. I wanted the rabbit, but we had the Goldwing, so we left it. Hmmmm...just might have to go back and get it.

Have a great weekend!

I like your pink cups and happy attitude....

as always, a charming post that leaves us with a grin. :o)

Your furbabies are lucky to have such a magical, inventive mama! Love the fun post.

your post are always so very cute... and you put so much thought into them. Very creative. :) xoxo, Joanna

oh my god, Dana. I'm chuckling so hard over here in Illinois!!! You are da bom!! :)

Thanks for the laugh and smile today. I really, really needed it.


I love it, love it all. I wonder if I could do the bag of tricks with my sheep? Now there would be an interesting picture!
Love your post today!
Blessings, Debbie

Happy Pink Saturday. You're so inventive!

You are so clever!! It's a blast to read your entries!

Stacey in Oklahoma

What a unique, fun, and cool post! Pink and pets--it doesn't get any better than that! Well, unless you actually have pink pets and I think you might. You wouldn't happen to have a few pink pets hidden around there anywhere, would ya? Tee-hee-hee!

I think you need to market that bag of tricks. I know that I certainly could use it on occasion. Maybe a cup of coffee under one of those pretty pink cups could get me moving like your little guys!

You definitely have a fun spirit. That's why I love reading your posts!

Happy Pink Saturday!

take care,

Once again girl you have me rolling all over the floor this morning laughing my head off. Must be the power of those razzle dazzle pink cups.

"Bag of Tricks"....LOL

Oh girl you made me cry with that comment about your grandmother in her bonnet...mine always had one of those little house on the prairie ones on and you just made me have a mental pic of her in her apron and bonnet..ohhhh my word...I loved her so!

Power to the Pink! Love the pictures of your babies!

Best, Pennie

I am speechless....can't imagine where your brain goes to create all these wonderful stories. (Reminiscent of "Miss Potter") Have a Razzle Dazzle Day yourself. Sharleen

Morning Dana, you have the most creative post I see, Keep up the good work.

Very funny! You started my day with a good laugh! Thanks.


This is the second time I read your blog for Pink Saturday. The first was the pink curlers, (reading while at work) and laughing out loud!!! This entry is equally clever!! I would luv to add you to my blog!! Is that ok? I don't want to miss any of your clever entries!!!



So very clever you are, you are!
That Stone Rabbit, I'm telling you he's a bit of a ham, but a sweet ham at that.
Creative Genius I am going to call you from now on..
I agree with Darlene, you should think about writing a book, great idea!

Jill xoo

Happy Pink Saturday!

Love your Pink post! Cute dogs and cats!

~ Gabriela ~

Oh, I just couldn't wait to see what you would come up with today, Dana! You are amazing! What fun! I'm ready to hip and hop over to the other Pink Saturday's now! (PS - I teach kindergarten - have you ever thought of writing children's books?)


Donna...I just love you! You are one fun gal...you think of the best things! This must win some kind of Pink Saturday award for most inventive post--LOL! I love your warmth and humor here :o) And your fur-babies are sooo sweet! Happy Pink Saturday ((HUGS))

A perfect story for a rainy day.

LOL - still giggling.

Happy Pink Saturday!


I'm counting on you for a great giggle every Pink Saturday. Too funny today! Smiles :o)

Hi! ha ha ha! always your pink post are amazing and funny! you are nice! what nice cats and dog! very inteligent! ha! I hope with my daugters see your pink post, every saturday, we love it!
Happy Pink Saturday!
visit me anytime

Your post always make me giggle...thanks for the laugh!
Happy Pink Saturday!

Fun post! I need that PINK Razzle Dazzle here ~ it has been hotter than hades here in TX lately ~ finally today there is a cool breeze!

Big PINK TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

I love your original Pink Sat. posts Dana...your animals are so cute too!

And thanks for your kind encouraging words on my 'opinion' post!
Have a wonderful pink Sat.

I realize that technically I'm a complete stranger, but I love and adore you. YOU ARE MY HERO!!!

Girl, you are always so full of fun! Why don't you get out those pink sponge curlers for the cats? I bet they'd love to bat those around the house!

This is brilliant! The magic of simple fun! And I enjoyed watching every glorious minute of it!

(Still smiling!)

Too cute! Your post is so creative and I love The Stone Rabbit!

That was just the cutest post! I absolutely loved your glasses! xo Vanessa

This is soooo unique! Your pets are beautiful!

Dana, you are hiliarous with your story telling. Are you sure you didnt' used to be a school teacher! Very entertaining, you are.

You'll have to stop by in the a.m. to see my newest bunnies!


how cute.. you are so much fun.. I wish you were my neighbor!!!! I had a frankie that looks just like yours, we lost him last year but found a little stray that looks just like him. have a pink day with your fur babies!

It must be powerful indeed...in the middle our drought...while reading this pink post...it has begun to RAIN outside!!!(Well, duh it wouldn't be inside!) I'm tickled pink with this cute post! Hugs, Nancy

This is the CUTEST pink post ever!


ohhh Dana! You so crack me up! I was wondering how you were gonna top the pink curlers...lol! The little paws picking the cups..that was just too hilarious..love it! Happy Pink Saturday!!


Oh this was so much fun and I loved that the stone rabbit and his (her) friend the little bird enjoyed the game too.
Thanks for a fun pink post.

Hi Dana

I've enjoyed "catching up" with you tonight. My Mom and Aunt left this morning, so I'm working hard to visit all of my blogging friends.

Girlfriend, you amaze me with your creativity. It's always fun to visit you and see what you come up with.

BTW...today is my blog's 3rd birthday! Amazing! Thanks for being such a sweet blogging friend!


Dana; How I laughed when I was reading such a delightfully pink story. I am happy to see that your fur babies are doing well, you really cracked me up. Love the photos too. Wonderful story. Made my day.


Perfect and so fun! I always know there will be a surprise when I visit the stone rabbit

so much fun as always, waiting to see what happens next! have a fun, pink week!!

lol. That has to be the cutest pink saturday post I've caught so far! I must admit though, I'm a bit amazed by the power of the pink. All my cat EVER does is lie there. Maybe she's color-deprived?

a very creative and funny pink post! I enjoyed it!

Hello Dana, I keep wondering if you will run out of pink entertainment. Not yet! You always have the best imagination in the pink parade of fun. A great post, again, my friend.

I have only visited a few pinkies since yesterday, but I'm on the job now. The wedding shower was so much fun. A mini family reunion. I'm going to post it tomorrow.

Hugs, Jeanne

Just Adorable...being a kitty lover..I thought this so much fun!

Happy PINK!!!

Blessings Lorena

I love that post...your animals are cute and smart too..fun visiting with you :)

I love that post...your animals are cute and smart too..fun visiting with you :)

Hi Dana, Another great "PINK SATURDAY" post!!...& I wanted to thank you for your nice comment!....Also am just thrilled to have you participating in my "Halloween Swap"!!! I think we are all in for so much fun!...So glad you are joining me!....Heidi XO

Your a hoot girl - thanks for a great pink story, LOL

Hugs - Karen

Too funny. You are a hoot. Your pets looked like they were having a great time. What a funny post. I love it!

As always Dana you have the very best Pink Saturday imagination! Your pets were so good to cooperate with this fun post!
I have a "Tree Of Happiness" award for you on my blog under the post tile "Catching Up" Please pick it up when you have a chance.
Hugs, Pat

Hi Dana!
Like always your posts are so fun!!
Happy PS!! Later but sure!!
I just posted the photos of my trip!!
If you want you can see them on my blog!

Besitos from Argentina!!

tee hee hee! Your pets are so smart! I think *pink* just may be the answer to our pet problem! We don't take our doggie for a walk, it's more like a daily drag. Oh, he wants to go for a walk, he gets all excited when you say "lets go walky" but when we're out there, he just loses his zip, his zing, his whatever! We've tried everything, everything that is, except for *pink*! Maybe a *pink* collar would work, or a *pink* leash, or maybe just dangling one of those *pink* cups out in front of him would do the trick! There's so many possibilities! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the ideas! (and for the weekly giggle!!!)

Hello Sweet Dana!

As always, sooooo much fun to visit you on Pink Saturday! You are such a hoot and I am sure soooo fun to be with! I will have to try this game at home with my critters!


I always know when I come over to your blog that I will find something creative and FUN - and I am never disappointed! The stone rabbit rocks!

I Love your posts,

once again a fantastic pink post, ohh & I'd like my book signed please LOL LOL

Oh my gosh, Dana - that was hilarious!! Such talented little furry paws on those cups!! Love your pink glasses, too! Will I ever remember to participate in Pink Saturday??? ...Donna

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