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August 07, 2008


That is a very sweet piece. I am surprised the man just didn't let you have it instead of taking a check for $3.50! lol ;)

Very nice to meet you,


Dana, thanks for joining the party! I love your old icebox. What a deal & how great that you started thrifting so young. I was in my 30's before I got into it, but now I can't be stopped.


Beautiful Icebox. Those are getting pretty rare. Your probably could get closer to $350.00 for real now!

Amazing find! And for $3.50. WOW!! Thanks for sharing.

What a find!!!
Great job on the refinishing!
Thanks for sharing such a sweet story too!

It's beautiful Dana! Your refinishing job made it look brand new. Hugs, Pat

OH MY GOSH $3.50?!?!!!! What a fabulous find and I love the story behind it. Ut oh, I think the stone rabbit might get his feelings a little hurt that you didn't show all of him posing proudly up there.....

Maaaaaaan, did you get a sweet deal, my little chick!!!!!! I'd be doing the happy dance for years with that one!!!

Dana, I think rabbit's feet bring good luck. Nice planning for that photo. Smile!!!
Now, that old refrigerator is stunning. Your insight in finding that old piece was right on target. Even if you were just a youngin. I love you story and the $3.50 price.

We are in Raleigh dropping the grands off with their parents. We are staying for a couple of days. Someone else is doing the cooking. I am in heaven just relaxing and posting way overdue comments.

When we get home on Sunday I am taking my dh to see Mamma Mia. He can't stand all the hype I keep saying about it. He wants to go. for me it will be the third time, and I can't wait.

Hugs, Jeanne

You did good, Dana. I love the story to go along with this piece. And, I laughed about the inside color.

You are up there with the top winners there! Great find!

Great icebox and wonderful story to go with it, Dana!

Thanks for sharing it!


What a beautiful "treasure' My friend...and I loved it when you said you had to ask your mom to put the $3.50 in your checking account!!!! lol lol

Thanks for visiting my blog.. somewhere I have before shots of the hoosier.. it was BAD!! My hubs was doubtful at the black, but now we both love it!
I love your ice chest, and the fact that it has such a great story behind it makes it priceless! I'm off to read more about you~!!

What a lovely piece!! I think I need to look harder. ;-)

That is a very nice piece especially for $3.50!!

Hi Dana :)

I've missed coming by and I need to catch up with you.

I love that old icebox!! That man must have been nuts!

I hope the stone rabbit isn't too hurt when he finds out about this... yikes! LOL


GREAT FIND!!! Love that little rabitt! Nancy

Oh my! That is one gorgeous piece! And the price, I almost fell out of my chair! My husband and I went antiquing today, and bought an ice box too! I will probably do a post on it Monday, so check back if you get a chance. It isn't as wide as yours. We have always wanted one, but never found one was in very good shape! I just love yours! Your trip looked fantastic! That was the coolest idea, hanging the aluminum trays on the wall! I love those trays, and this was a wonderful idea! So glad you shared it! See you & the Rabbit Saturday, for Pink Day! :)


Great find and I loved reading your story! Isn't it wonderful when we can find something that can go anywhere! Jen R

I love the story behind this piece...and I think it's so cool that you had an eye for a treasure even at such a young age!

Wow! Very beautiful and functional, and you can't beat the price!
I'm sure the stone rabbit will understand, he seems very reasonable! lol!

it's so great to get that story down in writing because this will truly be something to pass down. Don't you just love college days when we didn't have $3.50 in our checking account?

it's so great to get that story down in writing because this will truly be something to pass down. Don't you just love college days when we didn't have $3.50 in our checking account?

it's so great to get that story down in writing because this will truly be something to pass down. Don't you just love college days when we didn't have $3.50 in our checking account?

Dana, thanks for stopping by my site.

Yes, I teach fitness too! I am a big fan of whey protein. I have thyroid issues and soy is a big no no. Sadly, I ate a lot of soy protein not realizing that it was a problem for me.

That smoothie will last a couple of days in the fridge, but it never last that long around this house.

Winner! Winner! I think you win the prize for thriftiest find on today's thrifty journey. The story that goes with it is great (and the fact that you were thifty in college is amazing! what did we do before ATMs?! ;-)

I love your old ice box...
and what a fabulous price!
You did a good job on the refinishing....
Can't wait to see your old fireplace surround, too.

Oh my ...that ice chest is so great!! It took me back too...we had one growing up..I remember now my mom said its "stored" in her basement..which is more like a cellar. I need to call her TODAY..and ask for it! What a great FIND!!
Thanks for visiting my blog.

What an odd price! But so great for you!!! That is a great find!

hello, Dana, thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog, so nice to find you too, what a score you got with the ice box, I am needing a piece like that with a price like that lol!

love your pink tshirt post too, I enjoy seeing other people's lives especially the day to day ones, that's what I found so great about bloggin - real lives, real homes, real people

thanks for popping by


$3.50, wow!!! I would have screamed too!!! What a treasure indeed :) It is stunning!


Awww....what a cute story. I love that. It's amazing how poor students are. I remember eating a can of corn for dinner because I was so broke. great job refinishing the piece.

Hi Dana, I'm back just to say hello. Is the stone rabbit back home in his special place? Have a great evening.

Love ya, jeanne

I loved your icebox. It reminded me of one my husband found on an old ranch that he worked on during our early years of marriage. It was a metal one, but it was also an Ice Box. I haven't seen another one like it. It was very big and extremely heavy. We were not able to move it the last time, because it was so heavy, so I gave it to my best friend back home. I do miss it though. Thanks for the post and comment, I will visit again soon.

Wow what a great bargain!!! Gotta love it! You did a great job with it!

I-am-so-envious-of-this! Had to be emphatic about it!

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