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August 23, 2008


I couldn't wait to see your blogging corner. I love your blog and I look forward to reading about the Stone Rabbit. What a great space and with all of your critters it must be a lovely place to be in to create the posts we all love to read. Karen

I love your space & your adorable buddies!!! Thanks for sharing! I am really enjoying the tour and love your blog! Patti

I love your blogging space and the door story is great. It really is whatever you need it to be. I love all your animals but Twiggy does take the most fabulous pictures. I can't get a picture of my cat looking at the camera. She will be looking straight at the camera and by the time the picture takes has her eyes closed or mostly closed.

That pix of kitty peeking out from behind the puter has got to be ONE of the CUTEST pix of a kitty I've ever seen, honey pie!!!! Just so precious. You'll have to check out my "space", chickee, it's pretty NON-glam!!! LOL

Great story about the door! That door has been repurposed & repurposed again & again. You have a nice creative space as well as creative way of showing it! :)

Dana- Thanks for sharing with us-love your kitties-I have on on my lap as I type this-Maddy Joy dog may be editor in chief but the others are always involved as well. Gracie is spell checker I think. I too have two file cabinets with a desk top I bought for 25.00 on top of them.

I loved your door story and your wonderful companions take the best photos. My Mouse aka Morning Glory is always wherever I am but she definitely is not a lap kitty and she takes the worse photos ever. Her ears are always flat and she looks like she is mad at the world. Have a great Sunday Dana. ~ Lynn

You have quite a crowd in your creative space! I love the "tourguides"! Thanks for sharing!~~~XXOO, Beth

Hi Dana, I so enjoyed seeing your creative blogging space and the adorable fur friends you share it with. What a dose of inspiration each day for you. I love the firt pic with you holding your sweet kitty. So adorable you both are.
Also the pic of your kitty behind the monitor is so sweet. Those eyes say it all. Beautiful.
Thank you for the tour.
Happy Creating and Blogging.
la rea rose

That Twiggy is a grand poser like my Clyde! Clyde hails from a dumpster, by the way! You are always so full of fun, Dana. (I never wear makeup. I'd just sweat it off in the garden. I'm a no muss/no fuss kind of gal! Going to age naturally). I've got four 4-legged critters, and they're always where I am too. Cat hair abounds, and I find myself spitting it out while I type!

You don't need elaborate or pretty when you've decorated it with gorgeous furbabies!!! Can't think of a more cozy place to be. And I ain't scared one bit by that beautiful face of yours!

Hi Dana :)

It's so great to see where you create those fantastic posts of yours. I don't know why, but I expected a lot of pink LOL That desk has seen a lot of family history! It's also inspired some of the funniest posts I've ever read :)

Those furry babies of yours are adorable and that little cuteness you call Twiggy is just precious. You look fantastic without make-up... are you kidding me?? You don't notice me posting one like that do you?! LOL

Thank you for showing us where your imagination creates it's magic and for those very sweet complements about my space.


PS. Did you see anything written in that notebook?? I think that answers your question about whether it helps or not :) LOL

I like your office nook. Your co-workers are always eager to please, I'm sure.

Jill xoo

How clever-- a door desk! You remind me, too. Hubby and I had an entertainment center in our early years built of concrete blocks and painted boards. The arrangement was the rage back then.:) Such a friendly creative space, warm with kitties. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Sunday, Dana.

I would say you have made a perfect space for yourself and your companions. Using the door sounds like something we would do. We have used doors many times for garage sales.

Wonderful post, Dana. I enjoyed seeing your creativity space!

The Pink Saturday post was a hoot!

About those butterflies. I've tried and tried to get a photo of one of them with the wings open, when we're at the Butterfly House in Faust Park. Never any luck! Loved your photos!

Well that is high praise coming from the queen of pink saturdays! I'm glad I could return the favor after all your wonderful posts that gets me laughing! I'm glad you like my editor in chief.

Oh Dana, when the photo of you and Twiggy popped up, my mind raced back to the "pink curler" post, and I immediately thought the caption above Twiggy should read "Thank goodness I didn't get caught up in the pink curlers!" Your blog is a favorite of mine, I love your sense of humor! Your space is really neat, thanks for the tour!

Dana, I tagged you. Now I don't know if you have already done this meme, but I thought of you immediately.

looks like you have good company while you work!

'but it keeps me happy and my husband guessing' is my motto! Thank you for sharing your space and your sweet babies!

'but it keeps me happy and my husband guessing' is my motto! Thank you for sharing your space and your sweet babies!

A perfect place for you and your fur babies to create your wonderful adventures.


Hi Dana,
I have a quick question. Mamma Mia has the musical which is touring and will be coming to OKC in Sept. I want to go BADLY...my question is this...is it appropriate for a 9 year old? It says 13 and up is recommended due to some of the content. I think my daughter would LOVE it but if parts of it are too racy I don't want to take her. What would your opinion be?

You have a great blogging space...thanks much for sharing.

I love the part about the door. When we were first married we had a huge wooden cable spool as our kitchen table and an old lobster trap as a coffee table - now those were the days! Recycling at its best!

Hi Dana! We are too alike, I tell ya! I almost always have the little kitten in my lap or laying in front of the keyboard while I work in the office. And quite often the older cat is on the chair next to me with the dog either at my feet or staring out the window.
I love how your closet door has repurposed itself many times! What a great vintage treasure you have there!
Have a wonderful day!

I found your blog recently and I have enjoyed reading several posts. I really appreciate your humor. Twiggy is a beauty. What a blessing she found your home. I have three fur babies in reach as I type, dogs and kitties.

PS It's such fun to see where the stone rabbit will fit in at the end of each post.

You look lovely Dana! And I love your fur babies and door table! It's nice to see where your wonderful posts originate!

I just recently found you, and love your blog. Love the Stone Rabbit - he is wonderful! My post today mentions you. And your post about the hunt for pink shoes made me laugh until I cried!!




Hi Dana,
This is such a great post and you didn't scare me one little bit! Love your glasses. Twiggy does take an outstanding photo, Frankie does too and I can't quite tell from Izzie since he's sleeping, but I bet he does too.
It's so nice being able to see where you create. Your vintage desk has seen many different rooms and has many stories to tell, that's the best.
I need to let you know: When I visit here, I feel like you're talking to me. You're fantastic with words.
Happy night!

I love your fur babies. That cat is adorable. They are great companions while you type away...my Riley boy is laying right next to me at this very moment. cherry

Hi Dana I think I fixed it so you can post..but I had to put it to anynonmous as well so when you are able to could you try to post at my blog. cherry

I think your spot looks very comfortable, Dana! I blog from my kitchen table and my mess of papers all around me isn't a pretty sight at dinner time. I wish I had the luxury of an office but this will ahve to do for now...lol. My kitty sits near me too, and if my husband isn't around (shhhhh-- our secret)I let him sit on the table next to me and he loves it! Cats are such good company aren't they? Your Twiggy and Frankie are so cute!

Hugs, Pat

Yes Dana...I sent you a reply. Thanks so much for answering my question. I think we are all going to go. :)

I absolutely adore your blog and I nominated you for a little something over on my blog. Come on over and check it out!!!

Karen at "BQ"

Such fun to see where The Stone Rabbit takes shape...and to see your fur-babies too! Happy Day, Dana ((HUGS))

It's 8:20 pm - still at the shop transforming it for Santa Cali Gon....I needed a little pick me up and you provided it (as always) and I wasn't a bit diappointed - you look cute as button with no make up. Love you, Love your Blog (also Frankie, Twiggie, Izzie and The Stone Rabbit). Sharleen

What fun! And you look marvelous, especially when surrounded by such precious faces...yes, and i AM including stone rabbit in that comment! * laugh *


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