September 10, 2008


Hey Dana I'm glad you were able to get so close after all your efforts! I tend to hate politics in general but I must say that what I know about McCain and Palin makes me very happy.

I so enjoyed this post. It was almost like being there with you. Your feet must have been aching and you must have been exhausted. But if they win...just think you'll have been so close to the Pres and Vice Pres. Very cool! So glad you shared this wonderful event with all of us!

Wow! How cool was that? They were just here, too, about a half hour away from where I live, but I don't have the ambition nor the stamina to go and wait in a crowd for 5 hours. I must admit, I thought about it, but, decided against it after all. I'm just not good in a crowd, and I don't wait well!

So I really enjoyed reading this and seeing your pictures, it was just like being there myself!


All I can say is amen to the last part of your blog. I can't believe it has been seven years since 9/11. How fortunate to get to see our country's Republican candidate so up close and personal. The pictures were great as well!


This was a really cool post! Sounds like you had a wonderful and memorable experience. I'd love to go to a McCain/Palin rally but it's highly unlikely I'll get that opportunity so I was really happy to see your pictures and read about your experience. Thanks for sharing it!

{{{{Clapping}}}} LOVED your post. I must say you live an ExCiTiNg life. Every time I talk to you (well it feels like talking) you're coming in from a concert or rally or roadtrip! Who knew Missouri was such a happenin' place. Anyway, I'm awed that you guys stood in line for five hours; awed not that you sat on the floor but that you could get up FROM the floor and Yea - you almost shook hands with Sarah! (She had my vote when I saw how her little girl styles the baby's hair!!!)

Thank you for a very meaningful post. Nancy

What a great post. Such a fun experience to share; and you ladies were definitely "in the mix: there, woo-hoo! I think that it reallyis important to take part in the process and listen to what each candidate has to say. This is such a tough time in our country and it can never be said enough, we must vote! Doesn't matter
who you choose, it is important to safeguard the right we have to do. Just my two cents. Thanks for taking us along to the rally. I had fun and my feet don't hurt; you just can't beat that! LOL!

What a fabulous post...I felt like I was there with you..minus the exhaustion!! I bet it was really exciting to see and hear them speak....thanks for sharing with us.


Thanks for sharing the detailed republican appearance and candidates up close and personal.
You put so much into your posts, and they are always filled with exciting fun "Show Me" stories, and I love em all!
You're showing off my home town state in a fabulous way, thanks.

Did you know the Republican Party, or the "Grand Old Party", was founded in 1854 by anti-slave activists and mondernizers, and came to power during Abrahm Lincons vote into the presidency. I just had to throw that in!

Jill xoo

Jill: Thank you, my little history buff (she is folks!)---I did not know that!

You are amazing Dana! I love love love this post! It will be a treasured memory for you, whichever way the election turns out!

I wondered if you would be there, when I heard they were to be in Lees Summit.

McCain/Palin were in O'Fallon, the weekend we were at the lake. I cannot believe my son in law missed that rally. He would have loved it!

Thanks so much for giving us your view of the Rally!

Dana, I am speechless and that says alot for me.:) I was riveted to your story today. How exciting to be that close to a rally and be able to attend. And how exhausting, to say the least. You, my friend, are the heart of America. My dh is reading your post as I write this comment. I am smiling because he keeps making comments like, wow it's raining, standing room only!!!. He speed reads everything and I can tell he is really interested in your post. Great text, great photos and an amazing experience to share.

Thanks for your heartfelt comment on my post today. We are on the same page that is for sure.

Love, Jeanne

Dana, I'm so happy to hear about this rally for McCain/Palin & how it all went! Good for you for getting to be there in person, that was fun. We really have to stand behind these 2 & get them elected & from what I'm seeing out in blogland, I think it's gonna happen!


Good Morning Dana, Your post was terrific!...I love to see some posts about current affairs & the political race is at the top of the list!...Of course McCain/Palin will be my choice!!, but whichever way others choose is fine too!....I love to see people speaking out!....After all that is what America is about!...Heidi XO

Hi Dana
Claudie here. Loved hour post. I didn't realize today was "THE" day with school back in and painting and cleaning up the gardens, time is going by.
Love to you & everyone who felt such pain thought such a horrible time.
I'm glad you finally got to see your Candidate.

Ummm..how cool was that??? :) I bet it was so exciting and fun.

I hope you have a good day!!


How exciting for you! And I loved the way you told the story. I felt like I was right there with you. I never in this world could have stood up that long because of my lousy back. I love her up do hair do. Did I tell you that McCain called me on the phone the other day. Yep...he sure did. Invited me to vote for him. :)

Lynn, I, too, have received several phone calls from various candidates! I don't know HOW they manage to make SO many calls all over the nation!!! Won't you be glad when they quit calling us? That will happen Nov. 5th along with the overkill of TV ads. ;-) Dana

DANA!!!! How exciting! I feel like I was right there with you. Thanks so much for this lovely post!!! OH and I THINK my 'followers' link is fixed on my blog (sorry you had to try it so many times...Bless you for it though!) xo Cat ^..^

Hi Dana

Thanks for visiting my blog! I wouls have loved to have been at this rally--what a neat ting to do!

Hi there H'ween partner! I totally agree with Nancy...you certainly live an ExCiTiNg life!! How special to get to see them! I am definitely a McCain/Palin supporter so am glad you shared your experience here.

How exciting for you! I hope to see them when they come to our town. When Geore W was running for president the first time we went to a rally and go there 3 hours early. I thinbk it is just exciting to see the candidates in person!
Hugs, Rhondi

Hi Dana,
Nice post. I became tired just reading it - that's a lot of standing in line - well just plain standing. How great for the experience and all the kind people you met in line. You really took some wonderful photos too. My favorite is the last one - Support Our Troops.

What a great post. Wish I could have been there. all though I probably wouln't have been able to stand that long, amongst other THINGS! GO JOHN AND SARAH!!

What an exciting (but tiring) day! My Dear hubby just saw the duo here in our town this past week as well. He waited two hours in line as 7,000 tickets had "sold out" for the event. He was lucky to get in, not everyone did!
I did not post the pics on my blog but he got some good ones, as you did too!

Thanks for sharing!


That is so cool! I'm so glad you made the effort to go and have a unique life experience.
I agree, being a vendor would be a much better deal! :)

GO DANA! How exciting! Great pictures and what an experience that must have been! We are on the same team...McCains team!

Have a wonderful wekend!



You really were able to see history in the making.

How exciting!


How exciting! I love Sarah!

I have a feeling we won't need to sell any pumpkins...there are enough to go around to few friends and family and to decorate with. It would have been fun selling them though!

Wish you could come to stamp class too! It's a lot of fun playing, talking and eating!

Have a great day!

How exciting! I love Sarah!

I have a feeling we won't need to sell any pumpkins...there are enough to go around to few friends and family and to decorate with. It would have been fun selling them though!

Wish you could come to stamp class too! It's a lot of fun playing, talking and eating!

Have a great day!

I loved every single bit of this fabulous post and I am just green with envy that you were so close to MY TICKET !!:o)...actually I am very glad you went and glad for you to experience something such as this. Probably a once in a lifetime thing....
love, bj


How lucky are you to live so close to the Nell Hill store. I'm so envious.

I love her books. She is so talented.

Have a great weekend.


Good evening, Dana. Thinking of you and wishing you a special weekend filled with lotsa love and smiles! :)


Dana, I'm glad you had such a great experience and shared it with your comments and pics. You absolutely got it right with your last thoughts. God Bless America and all those who fight to keep us free!!!

Wow Dana, how wonderful was that!! McCain/Palin were in the town next to ours last week (Thursday), but with our girls' schedules and my husband's travel I wasn't able to make it to Rally. I would have loved to though. I'm a McCain/Palin supporter.



Dana, this is a wonderful post. I'm so glad your efforts paid off. How exciting.

God bless America.

GREAT JOB with your post, MIL! Loved it! So jealous that you got to touch JMac's right pinkie! :o) I think I just coined a new name for him! I like that! Hopefully it'll catch on!

Love, DIL :o)

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