September 03, 2008


Hi H-ween partner! What an experience...I could not have stayed! I, too, dislike heights but am not fond of concerts and the people that go. The last concert I went to was a Pink Floyd one and we left at intermission because of the pot smell and smoke! I couldn't handle it. Must be showing my age big time!! LOL

Hey Dana- sounds like you and bonnie had a good time even though your seats were less than ideal. I have a hard time with that sort of seat too. I remember going to a Royals game once and we were seated almost at the very top. I never moved till it was time to leave. I get faint a little too ( went up the John Hancock tower in chicago with friends at night when I was in my 20's and got so dizzy i almost passed out!)

You don't need a light stick; nowadays (so I'm told) you use the light from your cell phone.
Sounds like you had a great time; I've not been to Kansas City in about 20 years, I'll bet I wouldn't even recognize it now.

I'm sorry you didn't have great seats but I bet the concert was excellent!! We watched the last season and were rooting for him to win...I am so glad he did. What fun!!

Hi Dana!
WOW that is a beautiful big concert venue!
I saw the Idols Concert after season 4 when my favorite, Bo Bice, came in second that year, and thankfully I had a close seat and actually met him before the concert began. I'm such a fan!
David Cook is wonderful and I'm so happy you and Bonnie got to cheer on a local hero!
Hugs, Pat

Sounds like fun. I love American Idol but I've never gone to one of the tours...I have however drug my poor hubby to 3 tours of "so you think you can dance"! I'm glad you guys had a great time...and the stone rabbit got the ticket stubs!

You are officially a cougar! I'm one too! You're so lucky - I feel like I was there with you.. what a good friend you are :)


I'm not so sure I could have stayed that high up! I have a hard time looking up at tall buildings without feeling woozy! You were very brave! Glad you enjoyed the concert!

whoa Dana, Not sure I would have liked that. I don't have a problem with heights but for some reason don't like high up stadium seats...I think it might be the short steps to get there. Great photos!

Hello to one Cougar from another! :) My family lives in KS, but I had family in KC, MO and I lived there for awhile.. I was just back for a visit to Kansas over 4th of July..it was so fun!

Thanks for visiting..


Oh. My. Gosh! That is TOO high, too crowded, too loud, and impossible to see from those seats. I'm glad you found better seats and that Stone Rabbit understood about the lack of t-shirt purchase. He's a great rabbit friend. :)

Betty in Oklahoma

Oooh, Dana, I feel your pain! Having been to my share of Back Street Boy and Spice Girl concerts (with my girls, of course), I've had more than my share of nose-bleed seating!! Glad you and Bonnie had a great time!!...Donna

Dana,I am such an Idol fan. I think both of the David's were awesome. My choice of Davids did not win but I think they were both winners. I would given about anything if I could have been there. Such is life. You and Bonnie are looking good way up there.

I will say this, I am with you all the way about being so high up. I would have hated it, but I would have endured it for the Davids. smile.

Your post and text as always, is such a good read.
Oh, and I can't wait to be dragged all over Kansas to the antique shops. I WILL have the knees to do it!

Love and hugs, Jeanne

Hi Dana,
I think the flat iron steak, mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus sounds the best.

I'm sure the singing was fantastic, I've never once watched American Idol - but looking at the photo of you made me dizzy, that is so high up, I don't blame you one bit for being nervous. Reminds me of going to see Phantom of the Opera in SF and the man that sat next to me must have been a linebacker from the 49ers - even had his arm part way in my chair. Glad you two ladies found those spare chairs!
Don't look down ;)
Try Ebay for a tee shirt maybe!
It's awfully nice you were a good sport for Bonnie too - that's what friends are for.

good idea about the tee shirts, Dana - especially since the lady at the t-shirt store was so nice to you two ladies.

Hey, that Laura looks pretty tan for being in a "permanent coma" wish I could sit in a chair all day and have that kind of "glow" ;)

Happy weekend to you too!
~Tracie Quartermaine

I really think it's all in Lulu's head (Laura being okay), but I'm still not caught up. Okay - this post was not about GH already.

Happy night!

Lucky!!! I am so jealous you got to see the American Idols. I absolutely loved the David's. Poor thing, being way up high but hey... it was entertaining nonetheless right? Good post once again =]

Oh My! Sounds like a wonderful time. I share your horror of heights and would have been rather green around the gills in those seats! Hug the stone rabbit for me and tell him I hope not to be away so long next time!! xoxo

PS: You asked how I do my graphics. I draw some with pen and paint, then scan them in for my sets, but most of the time I draw them digitally with a Wacom Tablet and pen using Adobe PSCS2 and Adobe Illustrator software. Can you believe when I first started I drew everything in PS with my mouse and a simple mouse pad? I've graduated from those humble beginnings, and of course, my work reflects that. LOL

What a night!
I enjoyed going along with you. I would have wrapped my leg around the railing as well!

And guess what? You're a winner in my drawing!
Email me with your address and I'll send you your prize!
Woo hoo!

What a night!
I enjoyed going along with you. I would have wrapped my leg around the railing as well!

And guess what? You're a winner in my drawing!
Email me with your address and I'll send you your prize!
Woo hoo!

My sister and I went to an AI concert two years ago, gray hair and all. I sat by a fan that sounds a lot like the one you described. She stood up a lot and blocked my view. I was afraid to say anything because she was also kind of mean looking. LOL I would love to have seen David.

I, too, hate sitting that high up (we call it the nosebleed section!) I laughted right out loud when you described wrapping you leg around the railing! I once was so high up in a theater in NYC, that I, too, felt faint but was okay once I sat down! Funny post!

I have been hearing a lot about the Power and Light District but we haven't visited. Love the little seed packs that you won! What a cute idea.

I really wanted to come up to Greenwood, but have to go to a funeral instead! One of these days I will get to come to one of your shows.

Oh I just love American Idol!!! I think both David's were wonderful. I would have loved to have been there with you. You could have steadied yourself right next to me! :) :) I would have been still, but I might have chosen to sing along!

take care,

Ok you are always having fun...I want to go along....Too cool, cherry

What fun!

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