September 17, 2008


Wow two giveaways Dana!! I love them both, and I love how you are sharing your loot with Mr. Stone Rabbit. That book looks intriguing, I love anything French. Thank you for stopping by and the nice compliments. Karen

Ohmygoodness! All of y'all are so clever. Especially that stone rabbit! Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog and giving me a smile this morning.

Hi, Dana! Great to be back at last and catch up with you here...Still, jet lagged, but I'm back--LOL! Congrats on your big wins--such treats! Must say Dawn's gift of Dawn soap and cloth is super! Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))

ROFLOL...you are so funny!!! I won the market bag from Dawn and am getting ready to do the post on it, isn't the Dawn detergent cute (I got one too). Congratulations on the two wins!!! You will definitely have to hide the chocolate from the stone rabbit a little better next time!!!

Darn that rascally rabbit! There must be a stone rabbit lurking around my house, because all my chocolate disappears mysteriously, too!

Congratulations on winning those adorable things. I don't blame the Stone Rabbit one bit for sneaking all of those items. The chocolate would have been the first to go in my house!

OMG! Mr Rabbit did the exact thing my son would have done with that lovely dishcloth! LOL! When I make little candle mats I find them in his room. He will use them to "cover" his head, or his toys, or worse...he'll make Pepper wear them! When I read your post i couldn't help but think of GP; he would really like that dishcloth. LOL!
Now send some luck my way, I want to win some bloggy giveaways too, y'know!

Wonderful stuff Dana and how funny that that cute Dawn included the dish washing liquid. That's funny! I loved it. I have been a lucky duck too this summer winning all kinds of stuff. One I haven't blogged about yet but will...probably for pink saturday. Hope you are doing something fun right now. ~ Lynn

so happy for you!!! what wonderful bloggers!!! isin't Dawn just the best!!!

Lucky, lucky girl! Better go buy a lottery ticket.

You are a sweetheart for posting about your prize! I'm so glad that you and the Stone Rabbit are enjoying your goodies!
And that dishcloth is so pretty!
Give yourself a hug for me!

I love you! I love your posts! You just make me smile and laugh. I swear by the time I'm done reading one of your posts my face is sore from smiling! And I think that lovely gift IS actually a bunny blanket! What wonderful gifts...people here in blogland are soooo generous! Have a marvelous week...I'm gonna miss getting to read your blog for 6 whole days! I'll just have to take a day off from work to catch up on all the stuff I'll miss!!

Never, Never, Never think you can hide choclate from a rabbit! They are very resourceful things. Congrats on winning such wonderful giveaways!

Hi Dana
I'm finally back from vacation and catching up --California was amazing but it's good to be home.

You've been busy and I enjoyed reading about all I missed on your blog. The denture post had me laughing and gagging at the same time ...lol!

Hugs, Pat

Hi Dana, I'm glad everything got to you so quickly!!! You tell the Stone Rabbit that if he needs a blanket to stay warm over the winter to just let me know and I'll happily make him one.

That was quite a haul the mailman brought you. I don't know how long the chocolate would have lasted in my house.

take care,

Well, you've been a lucky girl, Dana. Maybe you should come over to my place today then.

Your one lucky lady Dana.
Love your post again.

I would say that you must have been a very good girl, but I have to ponder that first.

Maybe The Stone Rabbit has the goal of becoming a chocolate bunny.

I love all of your goodies. You are a lucky lady.

Dana, you should write a book yourself...I get such a kick out of your writings.
Great gifts...such generous bloggers.
Happy evening, bj

Too cute and you are a lucky duck..that book looks like a fun read. cherry

Love that stone rabbit, I must have one : )

You lucky lucky girl. I have been meaning to pick up a copy of Becky's book. By the way the teeth in your pink post- too funny. You crazy girl you. Happy pink a few days late.

OH MY WORD!!!! I barely could see to read that post!!!! I am so happy for you and those great prizes but girl and I screaming here!!!! I read down onyour other post and the DENTURES!!!!! Oh lordy help me ... I am crying I am laughing so hard....girl you ain't right!!!! lol lol You better be glad I just came from the bathroom...This is a new frogie I have on & I could have ruined it first thing!!! lol lol Oh my word girl what side of the brain do you sleep on...you need to swap sides of the bed! lol lol Oh my word!!!! I am hurting here! lol lol I can't even see the keyboard! lol lol Love you girl! (Lordy knows somebody needs to! lol )

Those naughty chocolate munching rabbits! The rabbits in my workshop constantly eat all chocolate too (well that is what I tell my husband at least!)

Such wonderful prizes! I am envious of the Stone Rabbit! He looks pretty cozy there!

Thank you for your well wishes! I need to post my pink flamingo in the water. The pumpkins did not float :)

Have a wonderful day! Enjoy your book...if you can get it back from TSR!


Super!!! Congratulations, Dana. :)

That dishcloth is beautiful! I don't think I could use it! Actually I agree with Stone Rabbit...it's a wonderful little blanket for him! You make me laugh every time I read one of your entries!!!!

I love swaps!

Looks like your swap partners were great.

Jill xoo

Dana, I guess your new name should be lucky duck Dana. What a great haul my friend.

It so so much fun to have a surprise package. Love your humor girl but I think the stone rabbit is trying to up stage you. Keep your eye on him. Smile.

Hugs, Jeanne

Congratulations on your wins my friend! Isn't it fun to find them in the mail? I recently bought Becky's book but haven't had time to read it yet. Just think, The Stone Rabbit is going to beat me through the book . . . how sad is that! Gosh I like your line, "Lucky as a flea"! Come on now, send me a nibble of that chocolate! xoxo

Hello again Dana!

I know you are busy getting ready for your show this weekend but go look at my post about my "Day on the town with blog friends!" You'll see what the stone rabbit was up to! It was nice to meet him! :-)

Hugs, Pat

You ARE a lucky duck! Have a happy weekend, Dana! Warmly, Cat ^..^

What a great stock of goodies you received - everything looks so good! I know you and that stone rabbit (lol!) are going to have lots of fun with all of it! You are a lucky gal (and such a nice one too!)

We always leave with a smile every visit here!!! What wonderful goodies...in all the excitement we hope he at least did the dishes with dawn...after he ate the chocolate!!

kari & kijsa

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! Ok, that was a deep belly laugh! I'm used to the stone rabbit's antics on *Pink* Saturday, but was totally unprepared for them in this post!

He looks so handsome in the green dishcloth, it's such a lovely shade for him, he's a naughty boy eating your chocolates!

Margie :)

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