September 25, 2008


Adorable cats! I think animals are better judges of character than we humans, so I always like to do business with people who take their animals to work. It tells me they are probably good people, or the animals wouldn't be there.

Ah, yes those "ordinary days". Looks like you have some great ones!! I absolutely love your new centerpiece...FABULOUS!! I have become the queen of sneaking things in...lol

Beautiful pictures and great post...as all of yours are.

Oh, and by the way, we did not end up going to the theater production of Mamma Mia (conflicting things) but it is finally at our old little movie theater and I am DEFINITELY going to see it!!

Great centerpiece! Funny how our hubbies don't have our vision! The little bench is really cute, what's not to love!?!

This was a great post of ordinary days!

Praying for the crisis too!

Have a great day!

Hi Dana...great finds...your centerpiece turned out lovely and I am anxious to see what you do with the decorative molding.

Hi Dana,
I love ordinary days too. You really snuck some wonderful things into the house. I love the Fall decorations the best. Probably because now I'm waiting for Fall again - too warm here. Your window photo is so pretty (better late than never!).
I have watched GH but I haven't seen yesterday's show yet either (think Sonny & Kate are getting married this week??).
I agree with you, we all need to come together during this rough, scary time and have lots & lots of ordinary days together.

You got that right, Dana! The ordinary days to me are the best days. I don't need theater in my life. Just simple little blooms in my garden; a cup of coffee. Sitting down in my garden room and being thankful for ordinary days such as today.

Thanks for the reminder, by the way - my white car needs an oil change itself ;)
Cute kitties too.

Love the centerpiece idea! It looks like your patio is a wonderfully relaxing place to sit and contemplate.....but don't contemplate the economy too much. It'll just make it hard to enjoy the scenery :)

Wow! I LOVE your centerpiece, it's really beautiful! (it doesn't even need any dentures added to it, it's perfect just the way it is!)

I also love the sign "the flock is in shock" tee hee hee!

My thoughts were running along the same lines as yours this morning. We've been told for so long that we're not even in a recession, now all of a sudden, we could be in a depression tomorrow, that could be worse than the first Great Depression. HUH? So my thoughts were running along the lines of how much I truly enjoy my "ordinary" days, and how my days might change if our country goes into a worse Depression.

Not that any of us were fooled, we're all smart enough to know that we have been in a recession. But it's time to stop all the petty bickering in Washington, get past it, work together, and come up with a solution we can all live with. Enough already!

Count me in among the ordinary day lovers! I really think nothing beats a day of just being happy that all is NOT in chaos and your life is NOT in shambles. It doesn't need to be perfect or full of adventure, it just needs to be ordinary and I am good. Thanks for reminding me of that, Brenda=)

What a gorgeous centerpiece! You have great vision!

What a gorgeous centerpiece! You have great vision!

What a gorgeous centerpiece! You have great vision!

I totally agree with your last paragraph!! Your centerpiece turned out really cute...I was beginning to wonder! LOL

What a wonderful post! And that centerpiece turned into a masterpiece! And the stone bunny looks like he might have been stealing a few sips of that wine!

Hi, Dana!
I stumbled in from Filegirl's site.
I LOVED my visit to your place...this post about an ordinary day was so relaxing! Gotta love 'ordinary' days!!!
I'll be back again!

Hi, Dana!
I stumbled in from Filegirl's site.
I LOVED my visit to your place...this post about an ordinary day was so relaxing! Gotta love 'ordinary' days!!!
I'll be back again!

Hi Dana,
Love this post. Your husband and mine must be brothers. I sneak stuff in too! Do you really think we're fooling them? LOL

Love your centerpiece and what a wonderful ordinary day. The whole nation needs more days like this (and our government should consider shopping at Thrift Stores).
Seriously though - the real problem looming over us is immensely disturbing to me. I have been so worried and concerned this past week but I suppose in a couple of days we will all know the outcome....did I win your Pink giveaway or not???!!! Heart you friend :)Nancy

Dana, you are anything but ordinary...you rock!!!
I love your blog and your bargains!

Those kitties are adorable and what great finds that you picked up.

Hi Dana,

GUESS WHAT??!!?? My daughter and I went last night and saw MAMMA MIA!!! We both LOVED it!! What a fun, feel-good movie!

Hi Dana, Happy Friday and weekend. I love "ordinary" days!! I stared at that photo of the Nifty Thrifty shop of all the white cars wondering if you had doctored up the photo or was it for real, then I read on down to see that it was for real...weird. lol

Just came by to see if you're dressed for The Wedding~ ;) Do you think it's a sign, ravens in the bell tower? I had to share it with you (hope you don't mind...)

Happy Weekend!

Is Miss Izzie a Rat Terrier?

Great post Dana! You have such a creative mind that I just love reading your posts!
On the serious side, I'm with you when you say we need to have things settled in Washington so that we can have many more "ordinary days."

You have the most wonderful creative ability to make something lovely out of next to nothing! What a gift!

Happy pink Saturday, you post was so entertaining! Love you table scape!

I can't believe I missed your ordinary day post. I loved it all. As usual you capture me from the first line. I would say your ordinary day resulted in some extraordinary purchases and photos. I can't wait to see the wood cabinet topper and the bench. Your lantern is just lovely. I don't believe you when you say you are not much at decorating.

Love your ordinary day, I want one too....Hugs, Jeanne

Lovely post Dana! The ordinary days is what life is all about isn't it?

I had root cana l today ...dopn't get more ordinary than that ...lol!! OUCH!!!

But then tonight we got to watch my daughter in law's 3 D sonogram on our computer! What a thrill!
The baby to be looks like my son!
Hugs, [pat

Well those two guard kitties are just too cute! Sounds like a great place to have a car serviced :) I cracked up at the photo of all the white cars/vans because it brought back such a memory! Back when the girls were young, I took them to a Spice Girls concert. But during the Spice Girl's last song of the evening, I dragged the girls out so we could beat the mad rush of cars leaving the concert. However, when we got out to the parking lot, there was a sea of white minivans! I swear, nobody drove anything BUT a white minivan to that concert... Needless to say, we were still walking up and down each aisle looking for OUR white minivan when the concert got out... So much for getting out ahead of the crowd! ha ha...Donna

I found your site by going through Deb Olsen's. I am a stamper and go through her list alphabetically. This time I started at the end of list. I am so pleased I did.
The wheat dishes look like the same design as a set my mother was collecting for me. I remember she got them from a detergent box, I believe was Tide. She collected the entire set for "me". Then one year a family at Church hit some hard times and she asked me to give up my plates to them. She said we could start over collecting them. I really hated the thought of it, but mom had those eyes and so I did. I had forgotten the design, until I saw the photo. The table setting is beautiful!
Thanks for sharing.
P.S. They stopped putting those in boxes and I never did get them "replaced". Paper Doll

Just read your blog about ordinary days. They sure are the best! Your mind must work even when you are sleeping!!!!
Nancy C.from Ole Raytown

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