September 19, 2008


Hello Dana!

Please add me to your fantasic Pink Saturday Starter Kit drawing! Wow, to win something from Stone Rabbit would be a real treat!

Happy Pink Saturday dear!


I would be tickled "pink" if I won!

Count me in....you are so creative!! I just love stopping by here each Saturday!

LOL...girl I keep telling you...you ain't right! lol lol Girl I was laughing all the way thru this post just waiting to get to the part where you were gonna throw in those dentures as part of the prize! lol lol....I thought you might add alittle tube of Poli-grip just in case someone really needed those teeth! lol lol oh Lordy...now you done got me thinking crazy! lol Great post girl! have a great weekend!

Hiya Dana, what a super CUTE post....I LOVE it! And that Pink Starter kit so creative..... I would really love those pink shoes.

Have a great pink day :)

This was an awesome post!!! I was laughing all the way to the end!!! Great story and the starter kit is cute!! Thanks for sharing! Take Care!!


Oh, yes...a chance to win something from the infamous STONE RABBIT !!!!
Please put my name in the rabbit hutch for this amazing prize !!

Happy Pink Saturday Dana-Love the pink ribbon- I can just imagine hogtieing my cats to get it around their necks!

Happy Pink Saturday to our very own Pink Queen. Good luck with your sale today.

I have my fingers crossed for Dot to win. That girl has a severe pink shortage. And, I know just how much she loves pink. ;-)

i would absolutely adore a pink starter kit! i've been having trouble lately too with pink ideas!! tell the stone rabbit to include my name and to have a great pink week!! suesue

Well I was going to enter the giveaway but then I read that my all time favorite pink dentures were not included so I will just let someone else enjoy the sweet pink treats...LOL! I can't believe you're hoarding the dentures...bad rabbit, bad!

Hi! you are amazing! so fun and nice person!




LOL I've just begun Pink Saturdays--this is my 4th--and I already NEED your bag of tricks!

Your Pink Saturday post is soooo...... clever! I enjoyed my visit - the teeth are hilarious.

Dana, Thanks for a great read. It was very entertaining and PINK!!!
BTW, love the pink glasses. Kris

tee hee hee! Well, I know I couldn't possibly be as clever as you with that little *pink* bag of goodies, BUT please enter my name anyway, I MUST try to win those "to die for" *pink* imitation Crocs! I admit I'm a bit upset that you're not including a pair of those *pink* & pearly whites, (I could hear my mama breathing a sigh of relief, thinking I might win my own pair) but the chance at winning those *pink* imitation Crocs makes up for it!

I'm still searching for a pair of those ever so cool *pink* glasses that you wear! Haven't found any yet, but I'm going to keep searching! And I love that card, hubby and I laughed hard at that one this morning!

How lucky you are to have the stone rabbit, he's such a wise little guy!

Have a great *pink* weekend!

Even when you're out of ideas, your posts are hilarious!

Margie :)

Great Kit !! Hee Hee !! Happy Pink Saturday !!

You are the most clever woman! My thanks to you, and that very wise Stone Rabbit that lives with you, for enjoyable chuckles this morning.

Oh, the stone rabbit is so smart! Include me in your drawing...this house is pretty lacking in pink!

Stacey :)

Alright, Dana, count me in! I'm just a little disappointed that I won't be getting any of those teeth.

This is my first time to take part in Pink Saturday, but so far it is loads of fun! Your post just "tickled me pink", funny stuff. Oh, and yes I would love to have a chance at the Pink Saturday starter kit.

Dana, you are so creative and have such a great imagination! I can't wait to get up on Saturdays and run in to the computer and see what you and the Stone Rabbit have come up with this week! It always starts my day with a smile.
Just one question...No pink light bulbs?

Your post is so very entertaining. This is my first pink Saturday and I am enjoying visiting everyones sites. I love the dentures, very clever

Hello Happy Pink sat.I love reading your posts every week they are so interesting and cute!I love your glass where did you get them?I'm due for new glasses and I'd love to get pink ones!
ps cute halloween denture post too!Very Creative Mind!

Stay pink,Jen

Like always very entertaining and amusing post. You must have your thinking cap all the time to come up with all these great ideas. I absolutely love reading your post. You are sooooo funny. Keep making people laugh.
Blessings, Virginia

TA DAHHHHHHHHHH. Brillliant I say. Every week you make me laugh, you make me smile and Mr. Stone Rabbit is such a treat. I loved reflecting back on your imagination feast. Yes, and beginner pink saturday person would adore this. I am especially pleased that you did this today, because my beautiful sister, Susan from One Knit One Purl has added herself to the list of Pink Saturday posts. Happy Pink Saturday Dana. You should write books!!! Karen

Happy Pink Saturday!

This is a very lovely post...and you are a magical PINK decorator!

~ Gabriela ~

LOL, how funny!! I just love crocs!! They are so comfortable. Thanks for sharing:)

I like it! Clever idea. And a review of your "greatest hits", too. That's a smart stone rabbit you have there!

that is just too cool of an idea. count me in and this is a great post. have a wonderful and fun week....

I had to comment that every time I think of you, I think of those pink rollers! But I can't wear crocs; for some reason they are always too big. So I don't need those. Just more of your humor is fine!

Happy Pink Saturday! My sister Karen told me about it and it's my first day participating. Your pink post today is adorable and your blog is gorgeous!


Nice try, Dana. But I remember the Pink Hands that are NOT there!!! And no dentures...well I understand that because they are too cute in your Halloween display. The sponge rollers alone make the whole giveaway totally fabulous so sign me up, Pinkie! Hugs, Nancy

I must admit I was quite disappointed when you said the dentures were not included in this fabulous giveaway.But I would be honored to win any one of those great items! Have a haapy Pink Saturday!

Loved your pink saturday post! Such fun! Thanks for the laugh. This is only my second Pink Saturday post. Add me to the chances for your Pink Saturday starter kit.

Oh, thank heavens! No dentures! LOL I see enough of my mothers. I'd appreciate them much more if they were always in her mouth instead of on the counter half the time. Arghhh
Have a wonderful pink Saturday.

But can't you throw in just one set of dentures? Pretty please?

Happy Pink Saturday!

As always, fun pink post! The stone rabbit is so smart to give you these suggestions!

Love your pink glasses and pink shirt! I always look so forward to your pink posts! And yes, I'd love to be added to your drawing!


I always look forward to seeing what you & the Stone Rabbit have to say each Saturday!! You are too funny!!

Since I have all the pink you & I & about a million other gals could ever use, I'll let you pass this wonderful starter kit on to someone else ~ it is such a clever idea!!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

JUST adorable! Love the PINK start KIT idea!...and dentures for Halloween?! Too Cute!
Happy PINK!

Would love to be entered in your give away...Loved your Flamingo story.(past post)Almost made me want one..You are just so cleaver..Val

Happy Pink Saturday, Dana! You totally rock! You always make me smile. :)

Oh my gosh...you are hilarious! I'm new to Pink Saturday, and I have already thought that I better save back some pink things for the coming weeks. Oh who am I kidding...I'm loaded with pink stuff!!


Oh Dana-- you know I NEED this pink kit as you know I've been compalining I don't have anything pink at all in my house ..... LOL!!!

The phot od you with the light bulb is priceless --- tee hee!
Good luck with your sale!
Hugs, Pat

Hello Dana, I couldn't wait to see what the Stone Rabbit posted for this week's pink saturday! Its great just like all your rest! I am a little disappointed one of the pink dentures is not included in your Pink Saturday raffle kit but if you include your pink glasses I will forgive you!
Love, Ann

Dana, I feel like I am pulling an all nighter. It is so late to comment but since my cousin arrived I have had no computer time. She is my age and has never used a computer. I feel like I would be rude if I was on the computer when she is visiting. sigh.

Now, down to pink business. smile. Put my name in the hat if you are serious about your pink help kit. LOL. You do make me smile and laugh out loud.
I have told my cousin about your post and tomorrow she will see some of them if I have to hog tie her.


that's a really fun post! you are so creative! hahahaha

Dana, add me to that pink drawing. I need some of those pink rollers for my hair...LOL. Really! Nancy

I would love to join in Pink Saturday. I really need the Pink Saturday Starter Kit! Pick me! Pick me! I'm a very new blogger.

You know Dana, I think your pink giveaway will go great with my pink wellies. I could work out in the yard with pink curlers in my head, a pink glass of sweet ice tea or better yet , iced pink lemonade! Pink imitation crocs, in case it gets too hot and I sweat in my wellies. I can always tie ribbon in my hair and in other places and lastly, I will put the card to good use.

But I already commented earlier so don't put me in twice and I would really love a set of dentures too!

Good morning, Dana. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have a great week. :)

Dana, you are just too funny! You and the stone rabbit can always put a smile on my face!! I think our stone rabbits and pink flamingos should get together sometime... Maybe we can take them all to see Mamma Mia!...Donna

Great post and I am so glad you are not including dentures in your starter kit...lol!

Have a great night!

Dana, you are the best...and so thoughful! Count me in on your PINK fun :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Wow... wonderful drawing!!!
Please enter me!!

Thank you for sharing!!
I will be back for more visits!!


Wow... wonderful drawing!!!
Please enter me!!

Thank you for sharing!!
I will be back for more visits!!


see my little pink face....see my sad little pink lips....see the mournful little pink tears dripping down my chubby pink cheeks...I was REALLY hoping for some TEETH!!! I mean...yea its a super nice starter kit and all...but c'mon...no teeth??? A wee bit stingy of you if you don't mind my saying so! BUT I STILL WANT TO WIN!

see my little pink face....see my sad little pink lips....see the mournful little pink tears dripping down my chubby pink cheeks...I was REALLY hoping for some TEETH!!! I mean...yea its a super nice starter kit and all...but c'mon...no teeth??? A wee bit stingy of you if you don't mind my saying so! BUT I STILL WANT TO WIN!

see it was so important I said it twice...yup I did that on purpose...honest!

Good morning Dana, thinking of you this early morning and stopped by to say hello. My cousin is still here and time on my computer has to be early or late, sigh, We are having a nice visit and running the roads quite a bit. I admit to fatigue from it all. Anyway, I hope all is well with you and the stone rabbit.

Hugs, Jeanne


I love those dentures. May I ask where you purchased them? What a great Halloween display. Thanks


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