September 27, 2008


Happy Pink Saturday and Autumn Recipes and Tablescapes, Dana. Whew! That was a mouth full!!!

Congratulations to the winners of the Pink Saturday prizes. I know everyone is going to be pink with envy.

Is The Stone Rabbit autographing his pictures?

Your tablescape looks fantastic. One of my grandmothers had those same dishes.

I could really use a piece of delicious cake to go with my cup of coffee.

I loved your post today.
Your Stone Rabbit is so clever and the one with the rollers cracked me up.
Too funny
Happy PS

Happy Pink Saturday Dana. I just love your Autumn tablescape...it is gorgeous!! I will also be trying out that recipe, it sounds YUMMY!!! You know I think the Pink Rabbit looks stunning in that last picture on the Fall table setting!!!

Oh, Dana...this posting, as usual, is just PRICELESS. You really know how to make us all have such fun on this PINK SATURDAY. So many thanks to you for being such a fun blogging buddy. I look forward to Saturdays now so I can see what you have in store for us.
Your dishes are fabulous..I remember them from long ago, too.
I love your beautiful tablesetting....enjoyed every thing!
love, bj

Well kiss my southern grits...I won! I covet the photo of the stone rabbit with the pink curlers.

Dana, somewhere in the back of my mind I can see wheat themed plates somewhere in my Mom's house. Nest time I visit I will check it out. Love your black candelabra and won't be able to get it out of my mind until I can find one for myself. Happy Pink Saturday. ~ Lynn

Love your post--I remember your sweet wheat dishes--I think they were a grocery store give away.


Happy Pink Saturday!! I remember those dishes!! I think they were in Duz (have no idea if that's right) Detergent and I was collecting them in a cedar chest for me. My mom just didn't go through enough detergent to ever get a set. I have no idea what ever happened to the few I had. I hadn't thought of them in ages, so thanks for the memory.

Congratulations to the winners.
Just think, now there will never be a "Pink Saturday" without pink thanks to you Dana!
I love the dishes and your tablescape looks warm and inviting.

Jill xoo

Congrats to all! Curtiss Ann and I have become good friends, so good for her! You set a lovely table. I'm still looking for those little pumpkins. Haven't hit the stores here apparently.

Your tablesetting is lovely. I always love the goldtones anyways. I believe my grandma had a set of dishes fairly similar.

Happy Pink Saturday!

Fantastic PINK post!
Congratulations Lynn!

~ Gabriela ~

Your tablescape is just gorgeous! Thanks for the pineapple cake recipe. Sounds delicious!



Dana, what fun choosing the Pink Saturday winners. Your friends are so sweet to always play along with your wacky ideas. The truth is your ideas are so original and the most fun of any blogger I have read. Congrats to the winners. I am sure they will all be pleased. Especially Picket (Dot). She will be screaming like a sissy. (her words) smile.

Your tablescapes are so festive and lovely too. Lets face the truth, you are an original girl!

Love and hugs...Jeanne

I can't tell you how disappointed I was not to see my name being pulled from the bag. So many fabulous prizes, I'm sure the winners are celebrating with their friends and families at this very moment!
Your tablescape is just lovely! I would love to go thrifting with you. Happy Pink Saturday!

Happy Pink Saturday and Autumn Recipes and Tablescapes,Wow! Every think is fun, beautiful and Yummy.
You always put smile on my face.
Blessings, Virginia

Good morning Dana!! congratulations to the winners of the Pink Saturday starter kit. where'd you find those hand slappers?

I love your autumn tablescape. Those sheaf of wheat plates look very familiar - I think I must have once had a similar plate but I can't remember when or where.

The recipe looks delicious! It's so nice to think of drifting into autumn.

Of course in Southern California, we're still sunny and hot!

Dana, as always the most entertaining pink post of the day. Congratulations to all the winners and I think that the Stone Rabbit's hair turned out lovely. OMG your table setting for Autumn is gorgeous. That recipe looks really good too. I hope you have a wonderful pink Saturday and Sunday and Monday...until next time.

You Crack me up !! So, how did the " Do" on the bunny turn out ? lol !!

Happy Pink Saturday !! :)

Happy PS!! Love the autumn table setting, too! Stone Rabbit looks quite jaunty in his kerchief!!

I love pineapples ~ need to try that recipe!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

As I recall, those dishes were packed into detergent as a giveaway. My mom collected an entire set. Happy Pink Saturday!

As I recall, those dishes were packed into detergent as a giveaway. My mom collected an entire set. Happy Pink Saturday!

Have I told you lately that I love you! You just make me laugh. The stone rabbit in the pink rollers made me ROLL! Too funny. And when the picture of the wheat plates popped up I whispered in a reverent tone ..."oh my gosh" My mom used those plates while I was growing up!! I haven't seen them in years but boy did it make my heart go all mooshie! Thanks for the Saturday boost with this wonderful post!

happy, P.S. Looks like you and your friends sure have a great item together! I especially like the fall decor and the stone rabbit in rollers!

happy, P.S. Looks like you and your friends sure have a great item together! I especially like the fall decor and the stone rabbit in rollers!

Whooooo-hooo! I'm as happy as a dog with two tails to win the pink Saturday bag. How exciting, and I have to say by the time I read down to the Stone Rabbit with the pink curlers on him, I was laughing out loud!

The dishes-- oh, yes, I remember them! I think, no one quote me, but they came in Duz detergent. They are collectors items now! Your setting is lovely. I may learn to make something if I keep watching you!

PS: Honey, not to offend you or anyone, but do not buy me Crocs. They would be wasted on me. I have a pair of pink Crocs my dh bought me, and my feet are too bony skinny and just sort of flop around and rub in the Crocs. Please share the pink with one who'll do them proud!

Hey Dana, I don't see an email anywhere for you so I can send my address. Can you email me? I remembered where I saw the wheat china now. It's on my childhood china tea set that hangs in the guest room....not at my Mom's at home. How funny!

always, your post is fun!all so cute!
Happy Pink Saturday.
visit me anytime!


Your blog is fun. I always include it in my daily readings.
Just have to ask, are your candles the battery operated ones? If so, where did you find them? Love your table setting.
Not sure, but I think my husband went to school with you.
Keep up the wonderful blog you have.

What a fun lady you are! I can tell that you and your friends have the most wonderful time together.:) Your table looks absolutely lovely... (I LOVE rabbits, too!) Lori

WOW, your table looks gorgeous and your recipe looks to die for, yum!!! :) xo!

Fun, fun, fun, that's what your blog was today. Take care.

Congratulations to your winners. What a fine assortment of gifts they are getting. The pictures of the Stone Rabbit will surely be a collector's item some day!

Your table setting is exquisite! I love all the fall colors.

The cake sounds pretty tasty!!

take care,

Hello again Dana!

Wow two wonderful surprises in one post! Lucky pink winner and rubnners up! Those slappers are fun! LOL

My mother-in-law had some of those dishes! I think they came in soap powder. Seeing them here brought back memories! They are perfect for autumn.... and your very pretty table centerpiece The sheet cake sounds delicious and easy to make! Just perfect!

Hugs, Pat

I remember those dishes, we had them, too. I think they are buried in my parents crawl space way in the back somewhere. You set a lovely table - and I am saving that Pineapple cake recipe. ~ Robyn

I remember those dishes, we had them, too. I think they are buried in my parents crawl space way in the back somewhere. You set a lovely table - and I am saving that Pineapple cake recipe. ~ Robyn

Wow! That was a longggg post. Since I'm recuping from surgery I had to take two stabs at it. Dang, I should have entered that drawing, I really need those pink curlers right now. Am having a bad hair day! Table setting looks great, do you hire out?
Maybe for a friend? Ha Ha

Hi Dana,
congratulations to all the winners!

I love your tablescape! Those wheat dishes are classic arent't they?

I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now and had to break my silence and tell you how much I enjoy it. I can't remember whose blog led me to yours, but I am glad I wandered over. My mind sometimes wander too, but that is another story. ;)

One of my sons just bought a house that came with an upright bunny on the front porch. The bunny's ears are broken off which has led to him being called DB for Deaf Bunny. What would YOU call a deaf bunny? Nothing....he wouldn't hear you call him anyway (groan). I think of your blog every time I see the bunny and find myself thinking pink on Saturdays now too.

Thanks for the fun reading.

Happy Pink Saturday!

What a fun time everyone had. I love the bunny with the pink rollers!

Take care,

Dana, LOVE your post as always!! You and your friends are all so adorable! Your table is gorgeous and Stone Rabbit is the perfect finishing touch... And your mom's cake recipe sounds sooooo good!!!...Donna

I WON..I WON!!!!! I can't believe it...Ohhh this is fantastic girl....I was reading this and when I saw my name I bout fell off my chair and then I started laughing so hard cause I was thinking about those dentures you had everywhere and I was thinking my lucky stars I wasn't gonna get those bestowed upon me!! lol lol So I got so excited trying to choose one of the famous pics of the Stone Bunny himself...I loved the one of him with the pink Flamingos and then....I scrolled on down to read about your tablescape and tears filled my eyes as I was immediately taken back in time to my Aunt Odell's & Uncle James' house....when I was a little girl I use to spend the night with them and my 3 cousins..Uncle James was mama's brother...they both petted me rotten...but Aunt Odell had those very dishes and I ate out of them many a year...oh the wonderful memories I have of being with them...and yes I remember her geting pretty dish towels from washing powder boxes....we lost Uncle James to cancer over 28 yrs ago...but to this day Aunt Odell is like a second mama to me..Oh girl I thank you so for my prize but I double thank you for posting this pic of the dishes for you have no idea how it has flooded my heart with a memory I haven't thought of in years...If it wouldn't be any trouble...could I please have a picture of The Stone Rabbit with those dishes like you have him here...that way I get two treasures in one...a reminder of a dear blogger friend and a reminder of a time gone by but still very much alive in my heart...Thank you girl...I so loved this post!

Hello Dana, I look forward to your Pink Saturday posts every Saturday because I know I will sit here and crack up and my husband thinks I'm weird.
I just love the Stone Rabbit in curlers, how did his hair style come out?
Love, Ann

Another great pink post : ) And love the stone rabbit dressed in his autumn finest.

Good Morning Dana, You have outdone yourself my friend!!! :)...What a wonderfully charming tabe!...First of all, my mother also had very similar "wheat dishes" that she got "free" from a gas station giveaway or something??...Her's were pure white though with silver wheat & rims! So beautiful! I always just LOVED them!!...However, my mother who I love dearly is a bit of a "snob" & always thought they were a bit beneath her!! :)....Your linens, glasses (a dollar?), centerpiece?...Just the prettiest table & atmosphere!!! And your recipe I am trying this week! Oh that looks good!...A sincere thank you for following through in joining me in this exchange of mine. I do appreciate it!...Enjoy your week!...LOve, heidi

Hi Dana. Hope you're having a great weekend! :)

Hi Dana, Gorgeous tablesetting! I love the wheat china, and how neat that they are an heirloom for you! They made a beautiful fall setting! Your centerpiece is amazing too! And the stone rabbit looks quite debonair (probably spelled wrong! LOL!) ...so I better just say he looks pretty handsome in his yellow tie!

Congrats to all your winners! I can hear Dot squealing like a sissy girl from here! LOL! ~Rhonda :)


I love your table setting too! Your candlelabra is so pretty with the candles and ribbon. I questioned my sanity when I was up Friday night ironing my tablecloth at 10:30 - 11:00 p.m. Your weekend sounded busier than mine. I will be back to visit your site soon. I love it.


*sniff* *sniff* excuse me while I go get a tissue, I'm a little upset that I didn't win, pardon me for a moment while I pull myself together.

Ok, I'm over it! Congrats to the ladies who won! I guess I'll just have to run over to Walmart and see if I can buy a pair of those lovely *pink* imitation crocs for myself! tee hee!

I LOVE your tablescape. And I REMEMBER those dishes too! My grandmother had them, I just *gasped* when I saw them, as they brought back instant memories to me too! Hmmmm, I'll have to be on the lookout for those at the antique malls!

Margie :)

Your post is grand! I am in love with pink sponge hair rollers. Hope you have a wonderful new week.

Dana...I love this post! The pink and the beautiful table setting!

I believe those wheat dishes are from soap, but I can't remember which brand. If my head clears, I may remember. Dishes were also given away with cash register receipts. We had some of those too. Ah the anticipation of opening the little box inside the box of soap. We got a lot of towels and wash cloths from soap, too.

L loved your pink post..p.s. did little rabbit get some cake?

Love the table settings, Dana. Can't wait to see what the SB's halloween costume :) Happy Monday, Cat ^..^

LOL....SB is Stone Bunny...should have probably been SR!!! xo Cat

Congratulations to your winners!!!!

Your fall table is beautiful!!!

Hello Sweet Dana!

Congratulations to those who won your Pink Saturday drawing! You are so sweet to have done that Dana!

LOVE your Thanksgiving setting! It is so warm and cozy!

Just got back from a Sisters on the Fly trip and will be posting some more cute trailers this week!


Hi, Dana! Congrats to all your PINK winners! I was so sorry to miss out on those foam rollers especially...better luck next time! ;o) Your autumn table is beautiful and inviting...And many thanks for sharing this delightful recipe...mmm...Happy Days ((HUGS)) Oh, if you get a chance to stop by--I'm having a fun giveaway this week :o)

Hey girl...I just wanted to tell you that you have inspired me and that I have been talking about you on my blog...all good of course!!!!!

My mom got these plates in sacks of flour. We had bowls too. I still have one of the plates and we use it at our Heritage Dinner every year! Loved the post. Dot at Picket's Place led me over here and I'm glad I came!

I must have that rabbit with the pink curlers on it, how flippin cute is that???

I love your tablescape, too, so very pretty!

I came here from Picket's Place, she recommended you, so glad she did!

Glad to meet you and your rabbits!


I came over via Dot at Picket's Place. I am loving your blog here and I can't wait to try the pineapple sheet cake.

Hello Dana, I have a couple of minutes before Dancing With the Stars comes on to tell you I am thinking about you. I just read Dot's response to being one of your winners and of course she is a hoot. The last of my company just left this am. I had company for two solid weeks. sigh. Not that I didn't enjoy them, I did. I am just worn out. Thanks for your email I don't think I'm as tough as you think. Smile.

Take care...Jeanne

Your posts are always so fun!
And that table looks beautiful! Bravo! You've inspired me. I'm going pumpkin shopping tomorrow!

lovely blog, great decorations, and love the adventures of the stone rabbit...too cute!

lovely blog, great decorations, and love the adventures of the stone rabbit...too cute!

lovely blog, great decorations, and love the adventures of the stone rabbit...too cute!

lovely blog, great decorations, and love the adventures of the stone rabbit...too cute!

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