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September 12, 2008


Hey, how about using them for place~card~settings?? You could tell your guest, your served food is something to sink their teeth into :)



My oh my, Dana how you have ignited my passion for decorating with your pink ideas today! My favorite is the cloche filled with that appetizing pinkness (and autumnal sprigs!) A close second are the pink nutcrackers that I am sure your husband will thoroughly enjoy while watching football games! LOL! :-) You sure do have the knack and I am so glad you do 'cause you have made my day!

Oooh, those things are real! I had just seen these in a picture from Round Top Antique Fair - a whole tub of them and wondered what perverse use would someone come up with??? Well, now I KNOW my perverted friend. LOL The really sad thing is...I love them on the pedestal with your crow. Perfect halloween display - I'm sending your picture to the nester - she says everything looks great under a glass dome with real dried stuff. Let's just see how committed to that she is. You topped yourself tonight, Dana. What a hoot. Clever, clever. :)Nancy

How funny, wow you put alot of time in to taking all those pictures, lol. I love your style, but just don't think I can decorate with pink dentures. Thank you for the smiles : )

Omg, where do you come up with these ideas? This was your most hilarious post yet! I am trying so hard to hold back the big belly laugh because my son is asleep here in the same room!

Your's is the first blog I come to now on Pink Saturday!


I was wondering what you would do with the pink dentures. I was amazed. It sure works though for this time of the year. Very effective for Halloween.

Too funny. Now that truely is a case of one man's trash another man's treasure lol

This is the first time I've visited your blog (I'm participating in Pink Saturday for the first time), and I can tell already that I will be coming back! You are one funny lady with great decorating tips! LOL

OMG, you have started my day off with a laugh!!

Good Morning Dana,
Yet another fabulous Pink Saturday post. You are quite the "Diva" of decorating with those dentures, and such a delightful story teller...love that peek of your fall/Halloween decorations!!!!

Have a FABULOUS pink Saturday!

You have the most creative ideas for Pink Saturday. Decorating with Dentures...I think there might be a dentist out there who would like this post! Happy Pink Saturday. Karen

I can not even BEGIN to know how the heck you come up with these goofy but oh, so cute, ideas! And, where, oh, where, did your friend come up with all of these??
AWESOME and FUNNY post....

ahahhahaaaaaaaa!!!!! Fabulous decorating!!!! You have started off my Saturday with a big grin. :D Happy Pink Saturday!

Your blog was so clever and funny. You have so many beautiful things, even with the dentures, they look nice. Have a great day!

For the last couple of weeks I have been truly admiring all the fall blog decorations I have seen in BlogLand. I didn't think I could manage to make anything I do look as lovely. Then, I come here and you put me to shame with your unique, tasteful (get it...teeth, eating, taste!!!) display of beautiful pink dentures. In just about an hour and a half I am heading out to the dentist. I wonder if he has any extras in his office he would offer me! I would love to have a house with such a display as yours! Truly lovely!!

(I've got your package ready to go to the post office this morning.)

take care,

LOL!!!!!!!! We will be chuckling over this for the ENTIRE day!!!! Never, and we must say a big never have we seen such creative fall decor!! Bravo for a funny and fabulous pink Saturday post!!!

We are also having a giveaway to celebrate our one- year of blogging!!! So much fun today!!
kari & kijsa

LOL I enjoyed your decorative post. Happy Pink Saturday!

Hi! Happy pink saturday! you are funny
visit me anytime

OK Dana, I am having trouble typing right now, I am shaking with laughter. I thought the nutcracker was brilliant, next to your lovely mantel, which is my favorite pic. LOL You are so good at thinking up ideas for your posts. The stone rabbit is pretty brilliant as well.

Love you girl...Jeanne

Like always so funny and enjoyable.
Happy Pink Saturday!
Blessings, Virginia

OMG, Dana. This is it, you have done it now. I can't read another word because I am laughing hysterically. I mean it! OMG!!!!

Woman, you have gone over the edge. This is the funniest thing I have seen or read - ever. I have tears rolling down my face.

You are my official Pink Queen - forever!!! ;-)

OMG!!!! I am laughing so hard my children are running from all corners of the house to see what is wrong! Being a former dental assistant, I can truly appreciate your decorating tips. Why have I not thought of decorating with patients discarded dentures before?You are a genius!!!!

Oh Mi God. I laughed out loud when I saw what was in that bag!

And the nutcracker picture? You've made my day.

Dana you are the funniest person!!! I just love visiting your blog.

That is too funny. Aren't friends great!

You are sooooo funny, honey chick!! Who woulda thought??? Love it.....

Hi Dana,
Design is all about innovation and it looks like you may have started a new trend. Ebay is probably going to be swamped today with folks searching out denture sets. Before you know it denture sets will have their own row at HomeGoods. Thanks for letting us in on the ground floor.

That was sooo funny and it did look quite good....what conversation pieces those dentures are~now my question is this are you going to use them throughout the Holidays too LOL~happy Pink Denture Day

Too funny!

Quite sensational, but I fear a 'bite' too far with thr candy corn. Ugh, I'll never quite see cc the same again, this seson, anyway! HAHA! Inventive!

What really goes on in that brain of yours? You are just too funny. You need your own TV show...

Girlfriend, we ought to have to pay to come to your blog!! Such zaniness!! I LOVE it all!
Too cute!

Happy PINK Saturday!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Happy Pink Saturday!

Love your PINK hilarious post! Totally unexpected!

~ Gabriela ~

Happy Pink Saturday!

Love your PINK hilarious post! Totally unexpected!

~ Gabriela ~

You have made my day ! I love your post. My favorite, you might ask - the candy corn photo. I am showing my daughter, whom I call ~Paris~ (her real name is Carolyn), your lovely Victoria Secrets exclusive shopping bag. I know she will be impressed! Have a wonderful day.

Oh this is great!!! I am laughing so hard. Happy Pink Saturday!

Dana, I am breathless from your breathtaking Fall decor!

Another hoot-a-licious Pink Saturday post!

That was too funny! Thanks for the laughs! =)

you have got to be kidding!! How do you know they have not been someone's teeth. Well in any case you have a great imagination as i work for a dentist and do denture repairs some times. hey we could use those!!!!!!

That is freaky!!! If you give out treats this year I'm sure the kids won't reach for too much if they see your decor and you tell them" the tooth fairy brings me those from the greedy children to decorate with on Halloween." Don't let Martha Stewart see your idea- she will steal it for sure! I looked at her blog and she actually had a skull and bones glittered up and sitting on her dining table. EWWW! Thanks for the wonderful laugh!(Did you know I'm a dental assistant? I will have to fight the temptation to steal our patients dentures now)

Dana! you never cease to amaze me. Hey I learned some new things here today. Like what the proper name for that glass domey thingee that I see around decorating gurus displays...Thanks for the education. Love all your fall displays.

Wow, I will be chuckling over this long after I leave here !! lol !! Love the candy corn pic the best. Gosh, I just sold the prettiest old hammered aluminum double tray the other day on my selling blog. It really is pretty !! I would have love to have kept it and started a collection too, but I am afraid I would have to move my sofa out if I started one more collection !! lol ! Happy Pink Saturday !!

I wasn't sure it was even possible to top the "pink hand" post...or the "pink shoes" post....but OH MY FREAKING HECK...I am laughing so hard I think I pulled a muscle. If I fall off this chair I'm gonna never get back up. You are the funniest (and kinda sickest) lady in blogland. That post is definitely the craziest, most disturbing, and wackiest thing I've seen in a long time! You are my new hero!!!!! And I even think the one with the teeth on the martini glasses works for Halloween. Of course little kids will be scared to death of you...but it actually works!!!

you win, you win, this one takes the cake and all the goodies, Happy pink saturday. I love it.

hahahahahahahahaha. :) You are a blast!! =)

Dana, It is now official, YOU ARE CRAZY! And I love it! I almost fell outta my seat laughing when I saw the dentures! I am not ever reading another one of your posts without wearing Depends! And I am definitely not coming to your house trick-or-treating! You are too funny! Where do you get your inspiration? This one even topped the pink rollers!

O.K., so I decided to take a break from painting for the craft show and thought.... I have not looked at Danas
Pink Saturday blog yet. And now I am lol so much, I'm not sure I can go back to work! Only you could come up with something to do with DENTURES!!!! I especially like the tea light holders and the halloween box behind it. It looks kinda of familar.
You missed your calling. Should have been a writer!!!

I had to come by and look at this again. The first time I was at work and couldn't spend the time it deserved. You are freaking me out...but I'm laughing as hard the second time as I did the first! I swear this has to be the best post EVER!

Dana, I bet if there was some way you could stick a denture in the Stone Rabbit you would have...
That post tops them all!


You know how much I admire and respect you...but you're a nutball if you don't realize that YOUR post is the funniest one EVER! I mean the hands were hysterical...and the pink shoes made me laugh hard....but the teeth...OH MY FREAKING HECK...that is an OSCAR WORTHY post if ever I read one!!!!

Oooohh! Hubby and I got side stitches laughing too hard at those teeth! My favorite is the tea light holders, and his is the nut cracker. Yep, he thinks your hubby is pretty lucky to be cracking nuts with those babies while watching football! Somebody better warn my mamma to guard her teeth, else I'll be borrowing them for my decorating! tee hee! (just kidding, of course!)


Dana - Here's the link - you'll probably need to paste it in your browser and scroll down - they're just in an old pan - nothing, nothing like your spectacular display! :)Nancy

I have to hand it to you that by far was the funniest post I have seen in a long time....it just made my day....very clever!!!!
Mo :-)

"Postcards from the Edge" should be the title of your blog. How utterly delightful. Thanks for starting my Sunday off with a big laugh. Sets the tone for the whole day. (It didn't rain as called for yesterday and I found some wonderful treasures.) ~ Lynn

I just about peed my pants!!! Love it.. you always make us laugh out loud. What a perfect time of year for dentures!!!!
Have a wonderful week.. you made my day!!!

Good grief, I'm afraid to see what you send me for our swap!!! Kind of a scary thought really!! You are too funny with your decorating! I love everything except for the dentures!

Dana Dear, LATE last night I saw your Pink Saturday posting! I was laughing so hard & loud, I had to cover my mouth so my hubby wouldn't wake up from his slumber! Oh Dana, you are a hoot and I look so forward to your Pink Saturday postings! I have LOVED them all but this takes the CAKE!

Love ya! Maryjane

Oh my...I have to say teeth are the one thing that gross me out!!! But you are very clever with your uses for them.

You are so funny that if I wore dentures I'd laugh them right out of my mouth!

And this post really had a bite to it.
Ha ha.


You are too funny, and amazingly clever!! Just amazing. Thanks for sharing, and helping to open my boxed mind. :)

I am ROF I'm laughing so hard. This post is so cute...Martha couldn't have done it any better.

You need to go on Sat. night Live with this one!


Hi Dana. I hope you have a splendid day! :)

I have an I Love Your Blog award for you today on my post. Please stop by to pick it up, and know that I really do love your blog.

Hi Dana, I've just discoverd YOU and what a HOOT you are....:)
HOW do you THINK of it all. Your blog is oh os FUN and I loved it...!!!

Hugs to you,

Why, why do I do it? Why do I take a sip of my coffee and then start reading your blog, Dana??? I almost choked when I looked inside your VS bag of dentures. HYSTERICAL!! I already love the friend who gave them to you. Love the vignettes too, you talented little stone-rabbit loving crazy woman you..! xo Cat ^..^

You crack me up!! Have I said that before?

I especially love the dentures in the cloche!

This was hilarious. I am in my office laughing all by myself. Too funny. Thanks for the fun.

Hey Dana, wow, now I think you have hit blogging stardom.
Your post is the talk of the blogging set. LOL

Just stopped to say hello today.

Love, Jeanne

You have left me speechless. Where o where did she find all those dentures? I too hate to see things thrown away. You give a new meaning to thinkin green sista! Aside from that..can I just say..you can decorate! I love that metal crow...and the silver pieces are gorgoeus. cherry

you have brightened my week completely! what a hilarious post!! i love the dentures-your husband must have laughed all night. just what i needed after these last chaotic weeks, thanks soooo much!!

Dana, How far away from Gladstone do you live? My brother-in-law was raised in Independence as well. Maybe I told you that. It is very hard to grow much when there is alot of dampness. Our back yard in FL. was wet like that too. Drain off from our neighbors yard. We were lower. I am looking forward to some time with you and maybe your friends too. We'll have fun I am sure.

Just to brag just a little. I planned all of the landscaping in our yard. My dad had a landscaping business as well as a contractors License. Maybe I have his genes when it comes to landscaping. Smile.


Hi Dana, How far from Gladstone do you live? I am looking forward to our visit.

Our back yard in FL. was wet much of the time. We had drain off from our neighbor's yard. They were higher than we were. Not much grew back there either.

Hugs, Jeanne

oh my! You REALLY have a knack for display! LOL!!!!

Hilirous pink posts..LOL Great pink...Katherinellen

OMG when I stop laughing I might be able to type, oh what the heck, too funny woman just too darn funny I tells Ya...LOL Cheers Debra

LOL! I'm so glad I came through by way of blah, blah, blah blog. This post had me rollin girl!

hehehe - no wonder nikki crumpet linked to this, Dana. A real one-off

greetings from France

hehehe - no wonder nikki crumpet linked to this, Dana. A real one-off

greetings from France

hehehe - no wonder nikki crumpet linked to this, Dana. A real one-off

greetings from France


I don't think I EVER want to eat another piece of candy corn... LMAO... very very cute post.

The Blue Ridge Gal

This entire post makes my teeth chatter... haha

I loved the nut cracker!!!! Besides the teeth, I love love love your house and decorating style!! We have the same taste.(Minus the dentures) So glad Nikki bossed me to come over, I will be back!!!!

I had to click my link and reread this....it is just as funny the second time. I hate to admit it....but my mom is right...YOU ARE FUNNIER than me...dammit!

I am ROFLOL!!!! you rock! :)

HILARIOUS...I just came over via Nikki.

Kathy :)

Nikki sent me - so glad she did!

I'm bookmarking this page so that every time I consider having a snack that's not conducive to my low cal diet, I can come here to loose my appetite. Dentures - ewww.

But surprisingly, it works well for the Halloween motif - job well done!

(love me some Hobby Lobby too!)


OMG - that is hilarious! And to tell you the 'tooth' I do love those dentures?! Mmm.. I bet they would look great on the Christmas tree!

Oh, my Hannah!
That is the most hysterical post I have read in a long time and our two sons are soon to be dentists would get a huge kick out of it!
I loved them in the trick or treat bowl! LOL
Sweet Nikki sure finds the good ones!


Hi, came over from Nikki's. I am KILLING MYSELF over your stunning display of false teeth. Who would have thought so many things could be done with them??? What treasures...I'm sure they'll last a life time! You go girl!

Oh you complete Hootness! How did I miss this? Nikki was blogging about you and this post and I had to come over. Never am I disappointed with your fun,Dana! lol
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Oh. My. God. That is one of the absolutely funniest things I have ever seen!!! My hubby would freak out, he has a weird false teeth aversion since his great-uncle used to take his out and put them in a glass of water at the table after meals.


Stopping in from Nikki's blog to see what's up!

When you done using them for decorating I'm seeing some very practical back scratchers in your future. :)

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