September 30, 2008


Is it wrong to fall in love with a crow? I love him....soooo sweet. I can't wait to see the rest of your goodies...what a fun swap. I am sure whatever she gets will be darnnn good...you have great tastes. I am having a give-away over yonder cherry

Ooooo Dana,
It looks like you had a WONDERFUL swap partner with the couple of little peeks you gave us!! Love the crow and the beads. I always enjoy your photos with your animals in them (oh, and the stone rabbit too). I can't wait to see the big bunch of loot you got....it looks to be fabulous!

That apple pie looks TDF good!!!

I gotta find me one of those crows! Where are the teefees? Are they in the pie?

I love apples. I am glad that the Stone Rabbit & Crow gave their aproval. :D And kitty too!

We are thinking alike today!
That pie has me drooling all over my keyboard! Yum!

We are thinking alike today!
That pie has me drooling all over my keyboard! Yum!

Oh that is the coolest crow. I'm on in the market for a crow with a turned head that is always checking things out!

Hey! I just found you through Dot at Picketsplace. I am so glad that I found you again. Your blog is beautiful and so fun too. I do remember you from a pink saturday a while back (those curlers and rabbit were so funny) and I somehow didn't get your blog saved, so that I could return. Now I do, and I will be back over again! Have a great day!

Love that wheat plate! I haven't made apple pie in sometime either. Mainly because I'm trying to lose weight and having anything baked in the house means I have to eat it (right?). Your's looks delicious and brings back fond memories :-)


You're apple pie looks great. Could you send me a piece? LOL

The pie looks delicious, Dana, and since I've already blown my diet on Cupcake Shots this month I should make one, too. Oh wait - that was last month since today is the first...rats! I keep seeing that cute crow on everyone's blog but mine. I'm sure your swap partner will be thrilled with your package, Ms Creative of 2008! They are pretty addictive, however. Can't wait to see the whole shebang next week! :)Nancy

Look at all your Halloween goodies. The cat is a perfect accessory too :0)
Thanks for visiting my last minute pink. Your pink was fun as usual. I love your October table and the recipe looks really good!!
Have a good week.

Look at all your Halloween goodies. The cat is a perfect accessory too :0)
Thanks for visiting my last minute pink. Your pink was fun as usual. I love your October table and the recipe looks really good!!
Have a good week.


What a fun, fun post! Loved it ~ just what I needed on my "break" today.

Your pie was beautiful! I always enjoy visiting your blog - such fun and great photos. I can hardly wait for next Saturday's Pink Cockroach post. hahaha


Your swap partners spoiled you:)
I love the crow.
That apple pie looks sooo good!

Jill xoo

Hi Dana
WEll that was a fun post! What a delivery you received through your swap...I love that crow! I wish I had one too. It'll be fun to see whats under all those black packages.
Your pie looks sooo oyummy..I hope you had a piece too before it was all gone. The stone rabbit and crow will just have to wait until next time..in 4 years. ...
Have a great fally day.

I always enjoy visiting your blog on Pink Saturday,
But I check must every day, to see if you post anything new.
I loved the post today, …of course! and your pie looks deliciously Yummy!
I’ll be back next Wed., I can't wait to see the rest of your goodies...
Blessings, Virginia

I love deliveries, too. In fact, I am waiting for one now - and I've been waiting for this one for ten weeks. I can hardly stand it.

I was half way to your house for my slice of pie, when what do I read, but it's all gone. I can't believe it!!!

I wish I could bake a pie that looked half that good! I'm anticipating my swap gift. Already sent mine out (I'm always one of those early birds!) Can't wait to see what I get!

I really do like the crow on your hammered aluminum...a perfect fit for him! That apple pie looks so fat and yummy (not fattening, fat with a lot of apples)! I bet The Stone Rabbit and the Glittered Crow would have loved their piece if they would have gotten one. HA
Hugs, Viv

Oh, I can't wait to see the rest of your goodies from the swap! The "tease" looks good so far! But not near as that yummy apple pie! OH MY! :) ~Rhonda

I don't even like apple pie but that looked GOOD! You didn't tell us you were Betty Crocker! And the glitter crow and the stone rabbit look like they have a little magic going on...hmmmm wonder what the offspring would look like? Have a wonderful night!

Your pie looks delicious! What a lucky hubby :) Love the crow....and of course the Stone Rabbit! Cat ^..^

That pie is beautiful! I'm jealous.


Dana, thanks for you sweet comment about the marble story. I so loved the story too. There are good people, we just don't hear about them.

Your post is fun to read as always. I too did the Halloween swap and I am excited about posting everything on Oct. 8th. It was so much fun to open the surprises.

Now, homemade apple pie. Mmmmmm. It looks so good and I would have a problem sharing, even with my husband. Smile. I truly admire the stone rabbit and the glitter crow for giving up the last piece of 'homemade' pie.LOL.

Love and hugs...Jeanne

The pie looks delicious. Organic apples from old farm orchards are the best..."warts and all"!

Can't wait to see the rest of the goodies you received in the swap!

Hello, Dana. Congrats on your packages. They are fun to get. I just got one last week from a blogger friend who made me the most adorable slippers! :)

How fun to be in the swap. Your goodies look nice the way they have been packaged! I'll be sure to come back to see the entire gift selection :).

Oh how I love apple pie myself. I don't make it because I have NO PROBLEM eating it all! I have this great pie crust recipe. You cut the plastic covering and unroll it. It's perfect every time LOL!

take care,

What a wonderful post. I joined a Sweet and Sinister Swap at Artsy Mama and mailed it off yesterday. Such fun for Halloween. Your pie looks yummy too. Great photos too. Karen

I love the crow, he's really cool! If I baked hubby an apple pie, well, you'd have to scrape him up off the floor and call him Gumby! tee hee!


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