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September 06, 2008


hahahahaha...LOVED you PINK shoes story...too cute. Maybe Walmart will get some more in for your SPARE....

Dana you are amazing!! Love this Pink Saturday post!!

Such a funny tale you've spun. I enjoyed every word of it!
Thanks for making me smile!
~xx Barb xx~

TOO CUTE!! I love the tales of hands and feet!

I am again ROFLOL at you and your imitation croc story. You are an amazing story teller!! I am glad you at least have one pair of those comfy shoes. Congrats. on winning some dish towels from Dawn's giveaway!

Now, don't you go thinking about settling for another color. That would just be wrong!

You are such a doer of good deeds. ;-)

Dana, I couldn't wait to check out your post today. As usual it was fun and made me laugh alot. I too love your pink crocs. My daughter calls the imitation ones 'craps.':) I am sure I told you that. She buys them at WalMart too. Smile. After reading your story, I had the BIGGEST laugh when you changed Beverly's name using PINK. I don't think she caught that. I am going to call and razz her a little. Thanks for several minutes of great entertainment.

Have a blessed Sunday my friend.


What a wonderful story teller you are! I have one pair of Crocs and would love to have some in other colors. Too bad we don't have a Walmart near by. I think there may be a pair of pink imitation wings waiting for you for all of your good deed doing spreading the word of the Pink Imitation Crocs.

take care,

Actually, I thought maybe you did it intentionally. And, I thought it was really funny.

Don't worry, they will last forever! I have a pair that are about 4 years old, and still good as new! When they get dirty, throw them in the washing machine, and they come out looking brand spanking new! I wear mine all through the winter, just add some pretty, thick socks and you're all set!

Had to come back to check out your post today. What a talent you have with words. You are great story teller and sooooo funny.
Thanks for the visit.
Blessings, Virginia

I've only ever had one person ask me about my crocs-a man who wanted to know if they would be good for boating. I have pink, brown and bright red (the ones I was wearing the day the boating guy talked to me) When I first bought them my son made me promise not to wear them out of the house. I broke that promise. (shame on me) Now I see them everywhere. LOL

I have 4 pairs of them: pink, purple, black and navy blue and are absolutely the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn, sweet chick rabbit!! It was the only shoe I could wear after a podiatrist cut on these gorgeous feet!! But I get stared all the time and I just "flash" my feet at them. Daughter gave me the first pair of purple and I got the rest at Michaels for $5.00 a pair!!! Yesssssss, 5 buckarinos, sweetpea and absolute LOVE LOVE them. I'm a fashion plate in my town, I tell ya!!! LOL

Walmart should send you 10 pair just for being such a good advertisement!


great fun as always! hope to see you soon-computer is working again. yeah!

That was Brilliant! I LOVE the Adventures of the Pink Imitation Crocs!
Sandra Evertson

As always, you don't disappiont with your Pink posts! They are the first ones I go to now!

So funny seeing all the people in their pink crocs!


Great story!! You are so fun to read.

And I'm so glad I read Beverly's post today to learn about your goof with "How Pink the sound" - because I think it's too cute!

Oh, they say that laughter is so good for the soul. Dana, you made me laugh those huge belly kind of laughs. This post is as Adorable as your wonderful Pink Saturday posts. You are so clever, and so funny and I wish I lived close by too, because I have a feeling we would spend most of the time together laughing. Happy Pink Saturday.
P.S. my favorite pumpkins are Cinderella Pumpkins. It's no wonder that some artist was inspired to create a pumpkin coach looking at this pumpkin.

I could see where that was going....Great post as always! How many times do we do this to ourselves. My husband always likes to add, well, you shoulda....

Just an adorable sweet PINK crock story! Loved It!
Happy PINK...Lorena

tee hee hee! This was worth the extra day's wait, even hubby agreed! (though he was terribly disappointed yesterday!)

Oh such wisdom the stone rabbit has! He's right, I'm sure they will probably last you a very long time. BUT! Just in case, would you like me to check my Walmart for you? Maybe they still have a pair in your size! tee hee hee! I'll get a pair for myself while I'm there!

Cute pink croc....love your story..lol...very cute post...Happy Pink Saturday....have a wonderful weekends Ktherinellen

Dana, you sure know how to spin a humorous tale! You get me every time with your Carol Burnett/Lucille Ball ways! Love your pink crocs!

Nothing better than a comfy pare of shoes and pink too.
Bewt Wishes

I got mine!

LOL, love this post, thank you for the smiles. Happy Pink Saturday!

Just to let you know that, I, too, noticed the PINK in Beverly's blog name but...I thought you did it for kicks and I thought it was soooo cute.
not, really ...but, anyway, just wanted ya to know this!
love, bj

Dana, Beverly and I both agreed we thought your 'Pink' slip on her blog name was hilarious. Your brilliant mind just took over and your natural humor just came out. Smile.
I hope you got everything unloaded. How was your sale. I forgot to ask.

Have a great evening...Jeanne

hahahahaha...you are so funny! :) I wonder if there are any pink crocs at my Walmart here!! Seriously! :)


Very cute Pink Saturday post! I always look forward to a fun read! Maybe Walmart should pay you for advertising for them!


Hi there H'ween partner! You are the best story teller!! I should go and check out my WalMart for those fabulous imitation Crocs!

Always a joy to visit you here...and what is better than a pair of comfy shoes? Unless it is a pair of comfy shoes that are PINK!


Hello Dana, just stopped by to say hello and how are you.
Thank you for you comments on our window wall. We do love living here. Our little piece of heaven.

Have a wonderful day.


Th pink crocs are too cute. I think I'll stop by our WalMart tomorrow and see if they have any left. I loved reading your blog todya and seeing all the photos of the pink shoes!
Hugs, Rhondi

You are such a hoot! Loved the story but sorry you didn't get the extra shoes.

Good morning Dana :)

I loved this story! You made everyone a little pink-er ;)


Just stopping by to say hello.

How did I miss your Pink Sat. post??? I hate wearing crocs but I've got to have a pair of those pink ones just to look at and wear for pictures! Especially since I'm runnning low on pink pics to post. Cute, cute, cute, Dana! :)Nancy

Dana - all I can do is laugh! Oh, I can't believe I want pink crocs after reading your post! I need to go lie down. Surely this moment will pass. (You have a gift - pleeeeeze consider writing children's books!)

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