October 17, 2008


Another great party, Dana!

Oh my gosh, what a fun party and great picture of you and all your friends. And I love the picture of K-mart with the stone rabbit, so sweet. Thank you for the smiles.

Oh, I wish I lived where you live and could join in such a fun party! I loved all the photos and descriptions, and the darling little pink hat at the end. Thanks for sharing. :-) Stacey

Hi Dana! what a pretty witches! and such a cute halloween decoration! I love it!
congrats! so cute post!
Happy pink saturday!
I hope you in my post!

Wow that looks like it was so much fun .Tell Bonnie her house is beutiful.As always I have enjoyes your Saturday Pink Post.

Morning Dana,

You have the MOST FABULOUS group of friends!! What a fun party!!! Bonnie's home is BEAUTIFUL and I LOVE all of her Halloween decorations!!!

What a great post!!!!

What wonderful witches whirl around. You are all quite worldly and beautiful witches. You can be certain I would behave myself with so many witches around.

Tell Bonnie her party was spectacular. You ladies are the best ever.

I'm touched by the friendship shared by all of you - and by K-mart and The Stone Rabbit. They are indeed supportive of a fantastic cause.

What a fun event, great decorations! Happy pink Saturday!!

I want friends like yours! It sounds (and looks) like you all had a wonderful time. Your friend's home is Boo-tiful! Her cats are too! I love reading about all of your adventures!

take care,

You and the Black Hatters look like you have so much fun. All the shoes cast a spell on me!
I love all the food signs!
Can I have some recipes?...Hell Dip sounds like just the fire I need.
Bookmarking you so I can visit often!

You girls really know how to have a good time! What a fabulous party and wonderful post! I might have to steal some of your hostesses ideas :0)
have a great weekend.

Dana, I was reading the looooong list of Halloween partiers and spotted yours. Yeh! I found someone I knew. Bonnie's party was a hoot. I hope I can visit some of your wonderful friends when we go to MO. You all looked, pardon me, so witchy. I am glad you included a cancer survivor. That was a great touch. I especially like the stone rabbit's pink hat. I think he is very proud of his hat. So what if he is a 'boy.' I always enjoy your posts so much. Have a great weekend and thank you for your sweet comments on Friday's post.

Hugs, Jeanne

What a great partaay! I don't know which witch was the most bewitching! I love Bonnie's house and that screen she painted is fab-u-lous! Please tell Bonnie to fly down here and cast a magic spell on my house...HPS to you and all your witchy friends too, Dana.....:)Nancy

Happy Pink Saturday and Halloween!

Love your shoes and hat, what a wonderful post!

~ Gabriela ~

WOW, I would love to have been a "black hatter" too!!! What a truly fabulous PARTY!!! I am envious...Bonnie is so ingenious!! And I love your stone rabbit and the pink hat...too clever! Happy Halloween to all!

You gals sure know how to party! What fun, Dana! Happy Saturday. xo Cat ^..^

And a marvelous time was had by all! That looks like so much fun. You ladies really did it up fine!

I will be sure to call you up to ride in my pink caddy!!
Love your post today. I needed a good laugh and you pulled it off again. Rabbit is so lucky to have you as a mom.
Happy Pink Saturday

I love the Witches party! I'm going to steal, I mean borrow, a few of her ideas for my Witches Tea THIS Friday.
The Stone Rabbit's pink hat is absolutely perfect.

I'm glad your teeth arrived safely! :)

This looks like the most FUN party! What a blast! I am impressed with all those witchy costumes and hats!

Love the pink witches hat for the Stone Bunny! And the M&Ms of course!


OMG- what a hoot! This is one of my fave stops of Vanessa's Blog Party-Goers. Who wouldn't love that pink witches hat for the Stone Rabbit! OMG! And I'm glad K-mart joined the Black Hat Society too! TeeHee! I loved the photo of the pointy shoes and the circle of all of the ladies! *squeals*
I brought some enchanted faerie dust in case there were roaches on Stone Rabbit this time. I couldn't bear the thought so I brought some magikal fae dust to freeze them and give them to a neighbor witchy-poo for her brew she's making!
I truly enjoyed my stop here!
Bibbity bobbity boo.... You've been enchanted!
*sprinkle sprinkle*

What a delightful group of witches! Looks like loads of fun! I love all of the decorations.

If your head is spinning from all of the spells at the various parties, swing by my place for some brain tonic and three witches brew. Vincent Price is waiting to read you a story. Do stop by!

Happy {early} Halloween!

Dana, Somehow you manage to top yourself week after week and keep us all entertained. You ladies make a very fetching group. You are so lucky to have a group of friends like that. Fabulous post Dana. I didn't do Pink Saturday but I did participate in Vanessa's party. Come visit. xo Lynn

What a wonderful party!! You gals look like you were having so much fun!
Happy Hallow E'en!

I love the hats and the treats were just yummy!!

Nice to meet you!!

Happy Halloween

I swear...you and your friends really know how to throw a bash!! I loved this...I was sitting here wishing I had a black hat and could have been a party crasher! And the stone rabbit looks mighty pleased with himself!

What a wonderful, wonderful party. I am in awe of all the details involved the party. I love the witches' shoes! I love their hats! I don't know what else to say. I'm speechless. Happy Pink Saturday.

Happy Pink Saturday and Halloween! What fun!
Blessings, Virginia

You just have a way of making everything so fun with your stone rabbit.
What a great party.

What an enchanting party and what a comely coven! Wait, what's that noise I hear in the sky? Why it must be the Black Hatters swooping in to the Sleepy Hollow Soiree for moonlight madness and dancing under the stars!

I like the photos with the "witches" on !! How great to have fun and get dressed up even you're not kids anymore !!

greetings from belgium


I love this story!!
All the witches, the cat's and spells!!

Thanks for sharing.
come on over to my place and sit a spell..we witches need to stick together!!!

Happy Halloween

What a fabulously fun post! Looks like you all had a blast.

The pink witches hat on Stone Rabbit is adorable.

Happy Pink Saturday!


Wow what a fun and exciting party that looked like. Love all your costumes and the decorations were awesome!

omg! The cat with the hat! The socks and the tombstone food! *stunned*

♥ visit me at www.afiori.com ♥

It looks like it was a simply wonderful party! The food looked great and everyone's outfits were super! What fun and I'm glad TSR had a good time. He looks good in pink!

What a wickedly fun party your ghouls er girls had!! How often do the 10 of you get together? Seems like I've seen those 10 footsies before.....

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Oh Dana Dear, what FUN!!!! Someday your picture of ya gals will be vintage and will end up being a card! LOL! The best!!!!!


And what a wonderful ground of black hatter you seem to be. Your yard is amazing, I love the decorations. And your snacks look delicious.
Happy haunting,

Oh Dana, now I really want to live next door!!! What a great party, decorations and that little stone rabbit stole the show again with that little pink witch hat. I love this post, and I love those SHOES!!! WITCHIE CHOO SHOES, I say! Happy Halloween. Karen

Hi Dana,
You black hat ladies look like you know how to have a great time. It looks like a great party!

Glad to see that the Stone Rabbit was happy!

Hi Dana!
What fun you and your friends have all the time! A witch's party is such a great idea, and Bonnie made everything look so good!
K-Mart is a beautful cat --I'm so happy he survived cancer, and congrats to Laverne for being a 10 year survivor!
Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Halloween party day too!
Hugs, Pat

That was GREAT! I loved every minute of it.
The cat is absolutely adorable!

Happy nightmares,
Daydreamer :)

Hi Dana! I've decided you have more fun than I do! What a fun day you all must have had! Love the group pictures, those kitties and Stone Rabbit in his pink hat!!
Have a beautiful weekend,
Shelia ;)

I love your Witches party! Your pictures look like they are from a magezine...just wonderful!!

oooh! love the witchy shoes and wish i could have been there.. with witchy company de-lish snacks and kitties how can the party not be fun?! thanks for sharing!

Thanks for a great blog of our witches party. With so many wonderful witchy friends, how could our party be anything but super! The picture of K-Mart turned out really good. I think he could pose for a hallmark card. along of course with TSR.


What a fun post! I am "bewitched" and I love this idea! Hope you don't mind if I borrow a few ideas.....Robyn

I am enchanted by your Halloween Party with The Mad Hatters. Looks like you all had a wonderful time.

This looks like such a fun party. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall so many witches in one place. Wherever did you park all of those brooms. LOL Have a great Halloween Deb

Hi Dana,

Oh what a funny party it looks like you and your lovely friends had. Seeing all of your great pictures and reading your lovely post made me feel like I was there enjoying it with you.

Happy Belated Pink Saturday!!

What a great post! Such fun! How sneaky of you to save the pink part for last. I kept wondering what the pink surprise was.

Dana, you all really know how to have a good time. And the decor photos were so inspiring!

What fun treats you have here to share with all of those cute witches! Looks like you had a spooktacular time. Thanks for all the goodies!!

What an absolutely fantastic party you all enjoyed. I was delighted to have had this short visit with you all, but wished I could actually be there in person. It must have been a hoot!

As always, I'm not disappointed. Great post, great party!
enjoy your weekend

Oh My goodness goodness gooodnes!! This is too muchfun!! i wish I had been there!! What a blast, and the kitties too!! i want to join thepointed hat society!!!! I want I want ;) ;) cackle cackle!! Awesome decor too!!

Wonderful photographs. I like the pussycat in the hat! X

Hi Dana :)

You gals just make me smile and laugh. You always have so much fun and it shows :)

Love all the food... yum!! The Stone rabbit's hat is darling on him too.


Looks like a great time was had by all! Such a sweet kitty too! : D


A fabulous Halloween party
featuring the Black Hatters
and kitties! I enjoyed the foodies and decorations! :)

What a wonderful fun time you, the other ladies and Stone Rabbit must have had. He looks well pleased with his friends and the party..

What a Beautiful bunch of witches!
Happy Halloween!

What fun and inspiration...I plan on having a Black Hat Party next year. Wonderful idea and I loved the food picks.
Happy Halloween...Ramona

What a wonderful party, it sure looks like you all had a great time.... and the stone rabbit is beautiful.

Happy early Halloween from Norway

Now that's my kind of party! How lucky for you to have such an amazing group of friend!!
Happy Halloween!

Good morning Dana!
I tagged you to do a Photo Tag! Hope you can join in!
Hugs, Pat

Oh my stars. This looks like the most fantastic party I've ever seen.

What a joyful post! So much fun. The group shot of those lovely ladies is the best, but the kitties are darn cute, too.

Hi Dana,
Wow, looks like fun.....
you have the most fabulous group of friends.....
thanks for sharing Pat H

Dana~Thanks so, so, so much for taking us along!!! Oh what fun friends you have!!! What a blessing!!! I'm so happy for you! I love The Stone Rabbit's pink hat gift!

Have a wonderful night!

Sorry I'm late in dropping by! It's taking me awhile to work myself through the party list!
you have a wonderful blog!
Feel free to stop by to say Hi! I'm having a fun give away!

Good evening, sweet Dana!! :) I love your Halloween items. My favorite is what looks like a tall/skinny chalk board and the witch's shoes....sweet! :) Hope you're having a good week.

Much love to you!

That looks like My Kind of Party!!
When you get a chance, would you mind emailing your address? You were chosen as one of my giveaway winners!

I can't believe you all got to have so much fun at a real witches party - I'm sooooo envious. In a good way of course. You all look fantastic in your party black! I have a three legged kitty too. She lost it shortly after birth and does quite well. Her name is Cosmo but we also call her Tripod.

Hello Dana, I have had trouble all day with posting and commenting. I hope this goes through. Blogger changed their commenting system and what a mess. lol.
I stopped in to tell you I tagged you. If you have done this, ignore it please. I had fun with it. Hope all is well at your end of the world.

Love... Jeanne

Fabulous photos Dana - love the stone rabbit but I think the puddy cat stole the show this time ;-)

I am SOOO late visiting your Halloween party - but it looks like you gals had the BESTEST time ever!! What sweet kitties - and I loved the crow - Stone Rabbit is quite a looker in the pink witch hat - loved it all!!!...Donna

Oh my, I have enjoy this post! I love all the hats! nancy

Hey Dana! It looks like you witches had a great time! LOL! Love the costumes and the shoes are really cute. I love the kitty's with their cute hats too. What a fun post!

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