October 30, 2008


lol...with the bag!!! Your neighborhood looks absolutely WONDERFUL!! BEAUTIFUL homes!!

Wouldn't it be great if our doggies did the whole "pellet poop" thing like a bunny....or better yet didn't have to go at all like the stone rabbit! Have a great evening...I enjoyed the walk!

Our neighborhood is like that, too. Began in the mid 80's and is still developing. Our home was mid 90's (wooden front door); now I see these great glass doors on the new ones, and I'm getting "glass envy", thinking how much light they would let in. Maybe someday I can talk hubby into a change!

what a wonderful walk you took us on...those knockout roses are just breathtaking...and your new trees look great!!
love, bj

Hi Dana, I'm wishing our doggies didn't have to go at ALL, like the Stone Rabbit...that's my vote! LOL! What a beautiful neighborhood! The yards and homes are really pretty! ~Happy Halloween!

PS...What is the Stone Rabbit going to be for Halloween??? LOL! ~Rhonda :)

Thanks for sharing your neighborhood with us. What alovely place to live.

BTW, TAG! You're it! Visit my blog. Further instructions await you there! :)

Hi Dana,
Looks like you live in a wonderful neighborhood! As they say Location, location, location! And I think you have all 3! Great tour!

Hey, I like the first sign posted, not the second and I like the last :)



Hi, Dana!

You asked about the pig in my neighborhood - here's the deal:

Actually, you give me too much credit. Both me and the truck were pulled off the road and parked on the shoulder when I took the photo. I went back and looked at the photos after I read your comment - it does look pretty exciting, but it really wasn't.

It's a 2-lane road going thru our rural community. the property where the pig is was once a small row of stores, but a landslide damaged the building, displacing the businesses. The building was soon demolished. The stub of the sign post remained at the parking lot.

At some point a couple years ago, the flying pig appeared - she wasn't painted so pink (that happened this spring sometime).

the road had a wide shoulder, leftover from the pavement where the old parking lot used to be. I pulled my car over and took my photos - the first photo no one was there but me, but when I was walking back to my car, the hauling truck pulled up.

I know the guy that owns the hauling company - we're a small community - I mean, I know him to say hi to. There was a locked fence penning in part of the lot - he unlocked it, so I assume he probably owns or leases the land now.

Maybe he's responsible for the piggy? His name is Jody. I waved at him, and he waved back, and then I went on my way.

You can email me if you like - check my profile.

Good morning Dana, your neighborhood is lovely. A perfectly beautiful place to live. We used to liv in a lovely neighborhood but now we live in the mountains. Wild on both sides and my sister for my backyard neighbor. I love this but at times I miss the friendshp of neighbors that you learn to care about and say hello to while walking our dog. It is a different life here.
A wonderful life though. We have so much company because everyone wants to visit the mountains. I do love having company and that my friend is a good thing. LOL

We are heading to FL. this am for the Florida/Georgia football game in Jacksonville,FL. Our daughter lives there so we will have a great visit. I will get to spend some time with my g-sons. My first trip since the knee thing.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Hugs, Jeanne

Happy Halloween, Dana! xo Cat ^..^

You live in a lovely neighborhood.

I think you should get a baby carrier so you can take The Stone Rabbit on these walks. I'm sure he wants to see all this beauty.

That 6 car garage house is insane! Wowzers.

Dana- Love your "out and about" pics. I grew up in K.C., so it is a bit like going home!!


A very nice stroll, the pink leash is a very nice touch I must add...
Hmmm...I wonder if that is the use they had in mind for the orange treat bag...whatever works right...lol...and The Stone Rabbit certainly has a raised eyebrow!

Have a Bootiful Halloween, Dana!

Happy Halloween Dana :)

You live in a beautiful neighborhood! The guy with all the garages is a bit too much, but I'll bet Rich would disagree LOL Love all the trees!

Tell the stone Rabbit to look us up when he comes out for the family reunion ;)


Happy Halloween! Thank you for taking us on a tour! I, too, love the fence with the roses! Today, I really enjoyed our beautiful weather, way better than earlier this week with the snow! No jacket weather today :-)

Have a great night!

Your neighborhood looks lovely! Izzy looks like a sweetie pie! How did your sale go?

Hi Dana, loved the walk through your neighorhood and all the McCain/Palin signs! lol! :-) Beautiful new and older homes mixed is a lot like my neighborhood. I've been here 10 years and when I bought my townhouse, the original townhouses had been built 12 years previous, so we have that older/newer look also.


Happy Thanksgiving Dana, from your old pal. I browsed your blog the other day and stopped for more than a minute to admire your "little red-haired girl." How time flies. You know I'm not so much for the crafting, but I'll be checking in on the old blog anyway now and then to see what's happening.

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