October 03, 2008


Happy PInk Saturday. You are totally the funniest thing ever. BTW, Sno BAlls are my favorite dessert.

I have to agree, this is just the cutest post! And SnoBalls are my fav. too. ~ Robyn

Oooooh - now I want pink snowballs! I haven't had them in FOREVER! As always, great post! Some Saturday you'll have to post the little pink cheeks of that sweet granddaughter of yours! Okay, those roaches look way too real... very, very creepy! Just the perfect touch for Halloween!!...Donna

Happy Pink Saturday!

Always a hilarious PINK post!

~ Gabriela ~

Sounds like good learning fun to me : ) Happy Pink Saturday.

Wow, I never knew you could do so much with a pink snoball....I think your grand daughter is going to have a blast!!!

Those roaches though YUCK...they looked too real!! YIKES!!

I haven't thought about Sno Balls in a long time! Who would ever guess they could be so educational!

What a very fun, whimiscal post :) Looks like you had a blast with that The pink Snoball!

Have a grande Pink Saturday.

I loved your pink post. I was wondering how far you were going to get with the snoballs before they got eaten. LOL. Happy Pink Saturday.

What a GREAT Pink post. :) I am tickled pink. Have a wonderful weekend.


I've never had a pink snowball, but now I think I need about 10 for learning time with my kids.

Oh, my! The Stone Rabbit makes me smile! Happy PS!

Oh My!

FUN PINK POST...I can tell you and the Stone Rabbit have a lot of fun with PINK SATURDAY!
love, bj

Good Morning Dana, How do you come up with this stuff??? LOLOL! Every pink post gets better and better! I always rush over here first thing to see what you have for the present PINK Saturday! LOL!

Have a great weekend! ~Rhonda :)

LOL! What an excellent post! Love the whole thing, you are too clever! (found you via Crafty Page).


Dana, no wonder your granddaughter is so smart. She takes after her grandma. I am smiling like a Cheshire cat. I want a bite too. I love those things. Thanks for the great entertainment. I loved it!


What an inventive Grandma you are! And stone rabbit is a wonderful gradrabbit. You both taught ME something, because I'd never seen orange sno-balls; gotta get me some.

Oh, Dana, how funny! I liked the pink snoball critters.

It almost looked like The Stone Rabbit had a pink "accident" up there! He had a kind of sheepish grin.

I must go find out about those roaches!

Happy Pink Saturday - you always have a fun post!


That was the funniest and most creative Pink Saturday post I have seen yet. Thank you for sharing it with us and putting a smile on my face today.


I just love the way your mind works!
You seem to be dropping a lot of hints about coming to California. OK, OK, I can take a hint! I would love for you to visit! :)

That was so funny. I so enjoy reading your blog.
The snowball idea was incredible. I will have to use that one.
I don't think I will paint the cockroach wings tho.
That can be your original.

Humm! I truly was anticipating a cockroach with pink polka-dots, and you made it a reality. Whoever would have guessed that a pink polka-dot cockroach would become a star of Pink Saturday.

And, guess what?! I've never had a sno ball! I think I need to go to the corner store.


On the otherhand, I LOVE snowballs!!

Very fun post. Happy Pink Saturday.


You are too funny! All it took was seeing those buys to remind me that I don't need any pink snow balls.
Have a fun filled pink weekend!

You are absolutely hilarious!!I don't know if I could have take that many picture without eating all of the snowballs.

You never seize to made me laugh every time I visit you. Today Gabriela made me do the twist with Chubby Checker and you made me want a Pink Snow Ball. It won't be long before we have yellow snow our way (you know with all my pooches!!) lol
Have a great weekend Dana

Oh Dana, this is great!!! Happy Pink Saturday!

Oh Dana, this is great!!! Happy Pink Saturday!

Oh Dana, this is great!!! Happy Pink Saturday!

What a pink snowball saturday!!! Love the pink snowball critter. Not the polka dot roaches so much!
You truly have a "ball" doing Pink Saturday"

Your imagination amaze me.
I love snow balls, Yummy!
Have a Happy and Bless weekend,

You have me really laughing...the belly kind!!! Thanks for that!!

Happy Pink Saturday!


You have me really laughing...the belly kind!!! Thanks for that!!

Happy Pink Saturday!


You never cease to amaze and entertain!!
I love all the snowball animals!

Loving those PINK snowballs and all the fun you had with them! LOL! Hugs, Maryjane

I've never heard of SnoBalls before, but love them already :-)

I don't know how you come up with these posts. So adorable, except for the cockroaches...ewe! But darling ideas how to use snowballs to teach and play with your granddaughter. Happy Pink Saturday. Karen

You are absolutely just so much fun. I loved the snoball critters and of course, Stone Rabbit..:)

Again you crack me up...or is that "you're cracking up" I can just imagine what it must be like following you around your house on any given day. Your brain works in....shall we say....interesting ways. But I'm glad for that because you are ALWAYS amusing!!!! I laugh-spit all over my screen when I saw the stone rabbits new face LOL

Your posts are so clever! Happy Pink Saturday!

Ya know, your sweet and beautiful granddaughter's mother may teach her "not to play with her food!!" LOL



Very cute pink Sat. post! You come up with some neat ideas.
sounds like you know quite a bit about teaching young children!

love those snow balls critters. I particularly enjoyed the paper smile and eyes on the stone rabbit! really funny post!

I had so much fun on your blog today. Thanks for making me smile. Very clever.

Cute, cute post again! Happy PS!! Wow, those bugs look REAL!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

I can only imagine what you and the Stone Rabbit are up to this weekend!

I left a gift for you on my blog and I still need your address! Have a great week!


Loved, loved your post. Have a great new week.

Your Pink Saturdays are such a treat, Dana! This was fun!

Oh, Dana! I just loved this blog. The pink sno balls look yummy and what super ideas to use them for! :)

Creative as always, Dana. We need more like you in this world!!

Where to begin??? So fun and so entertaining. Of course I just read a week's worth of posts...just can't keep up. What a lucky little girl - fun and education all wrapped up together. (I agree, she is adorable). I do wonder if you ever sleep - let me know. Hello to Bonnie! Glad you are doing well. Sharleen

Happy Pinkness to you Dana...and I can without a doubt say "you're not right!" LOL Which means you fit my world perfectly..LOL

Pink dotted cockroach thoughts,
Queen of Dreamsz

Oh Dana - those cockroaches are tooo real looking. I'm braver going up against a cockroach than I am a mouse, though. I'd really prefer tangling with one of those pink snowballs - they look yummy and I've never had one either...wish you could give me a few lessons! HPS :)Nancy

Dana, I stopped back on this post to let you know to check back on your energy/Halloween post. I left a comment today as I somehow missed it.

Have a great day.


Oops, forgot to tell you there were 10 items in that picture so you were right on with your observation. smile. I never did find time to post on Sunday. Too much action going on in this house. My knee is doing great and I danced at my niece's wedding.lol


You have a lucky granddaughter! What a creative grandma you are! I bet she would have fun with those ideas! You always have so much fun!

Have a great day!

Whew! You had me at cockroaches in the basket! I would have flipped!
That's a cute concept of education and pink sno balls! I like that idea! I bet she will always love learning with Gramma *winks*

Entertaining us with pink snowballs! How fun is that!
Where do you come up with these ideas - you must keep an "idea book!" Lots of fun on Pink Saturdays at The Stone Rabbit!

Stop by - I have a surprise for you!


You are sooo creative. Hope you are having a pink Week!

PINK Snowballs!! Oh, how I loved those as a kid...still do--LOL! And now they have orange ones for Halloween--super! But so clever to use Snowballs for teaching/learning. This was a very cute post, Dana...Can't stop smiling! :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Wow, that must have taken a lot of time...let alone lots of creativity! Cute!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment about our new bundle of joy! We're very excited! And I promise, no more surprises. :0)


Remember me? Life has been sooooo C-R-A-Z-Y lately...but a good kind of crazy, so I can't complain even though it has kept me from visiting. But...I'm home now...for a week or so anyway. (Even though I'm sick with a cold AND a stomach virus, it's good to be home.)

I've had fun reading all your posts I've missed. I won't comment on each post, but I've loved them all. So much "eye candy"! So much fun!


I just saw these online and thought you should know:


I love the snowball piglets. Are the snowball bunnies going to be the Stone Rabbit's minions?

I loved all the pink snowball lessons Dana! Now I know for sure you were a teacher! :-)) My DIL taught kindergarden last year and would have loved this! She has first grade this year but I'll show it to her just the same ...so cute!
The roaches were ....well...ewww...but funny too!

Hugs, Pat

Can't believe I forgot to comment on this, especially as I go to your blog first! This was hilarious, and I even called my teenage son over and he had a good laugh too! Where do you come up with these ideas? I especially love the paper eyes and mouth on the stone rabbit.


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